Sunday, 17 September 2017

Basic Witch

onee gyaru, rokku gyaru, alternative fashion, nu goth
Dress from Tobi*

There's a time in everyone's life where they dabbled in a bit of magic. I was just starting out in secondary school (so around 13 years old) when a sparkly blue cover caught the corner of my eye, and upon pulling it out from where it was crammed on the library shelf I discovered that it was a beginner's guide to white magic (aka Wicca). It didn't take me long to check it out and for several months after I was obsessed with it when, like the typical teenager I was, I got bored and it was left to gather dust on my bookshelf.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Crazy, Stupid Owl

owl experience day
When you got the proper glove on but it lands on your arm instead

I feel like this should be a somewhat poetic post or something that resonates with you but really I just wanted to write a post about how much I love owls. I could pretend to be a better blogger by then delving deep into the philosophy behind this feeling; Is it because I love the way their soft feathers brush against my skin even though I cannot myself touch them? Or does it go even deeper and draws a connection with how I love the moonlight and how mysterious it can be?

Nope, I just love owls because they’re stupid.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Whimsical Wandering: Himeji Castle & Hello Kitty Café

Himeji castle

Most castles in England are in ruins, so you could imagine what it was like for me to see a fully-formed and beautiful Himeji castle in Japan. It was a real building - all standing proud on top of a hill, and it looked amazing. I had seen photos of it before but it didn't really do it justice... The only downfall was that the cherry blossoms hadn't bloomed yet, but nevertheless it was so pretty.

But Himeji castle was quite far out, so after some research I discovered that there was a Hello Kitty cafe not too far away (thank you, the cat you and us!). Pretty castles and a Hello Kitty cafe?! What could be better!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Fear of Becoming Boring

ane agejo

When I first started agejo I didn't think I'd love it. Sure, it looked cool and sexy, but was it really the style for me? I was in that stage where I wanted to try out as many substyles of gyaru as possible, but sure enough I fell head over heels in love with agejo.

Many years down the line I still love wearing it, but I've now grown into the style as an ane agejo (which is basically the more mature version of it). While I was on the fashion show at Hyper Japan, though, I couldn't help but feel incredibly boring. In previous years I would've gone over-the-top and have massive hair with so many accessories, but now? I'm not too sure...

This had been on my mind quite a lot recently as I noticed that my engagement with others in the community were dwindling. I know that numbers aren't everything, but I was getting a lot less likes and views and I'm worried that even my blog was suffering. What was wrong with me? I got so upset that I just stopped posting on social media for a while apart from on Twitter, because I just didn't want to face the fact that I was getting boring.