Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Hey guys!
I haven't been shopping in absolutely AGES but on Sunday I decided to treat myself tehe~ I've also bought a few things online including my BeautyUK blusher! :D

This was what the packaging looked like~ It was an A4 envelope, and the blusher was covered in bubblewrap! Was so awesome, and nicely wrapped I must say ^^ I also got a voucher for 10% discount from my next buy :D

Lookin' good, ne~? I've been wearing it in my last two posts :D

 The other things I bought on Sunday! :D

(This dress was a killer o_e £35?! Is worth it though)

Zomg I almost missed this but luckily I spotted it as I was walking out of the shop! It was the last one too tehehehe~ 

That's all for now ^^
Lizzie <333


One year anniversary~

Hey Guys!
Yeppers, it was mine and my boyfriend's one year anni! <3 I was soo happy, and decided to doll up for him tehe ^^ My sis did my hair (and I stupidly didn't take a photo of it ;______; ) which was all in different sections, twirled, and then pinned down if yoou get what I mean?
Anyways, because of the clothes I wore I decided to do a kinda smokey eye thing ^^

Outfit rundown:
Dress - West One
Necklace (which I didn't wear in this photo OTL) - Muse
Leggings - New Look
Shoes - Zomg I've forgotten o_O

Me and the boyf! <3

The place we were going to was a surprise! He didn't tell me where we were gonna' go so on the way there I tried to guess (and failed) and was soo surprised and amazed when we arrived! We went to this nice countryside pub~ It's such a beautiful place, and is right by a river with a mill and... Was so amazing *___* The food was gorgeous! Definitely wanna go there again tehe ;D

So what would you guys normally do on a romantic night out? Or what places would you like to visit? ^^
Lizzie <333


Monday, 28 March 2011


Just like to say thank you so much for following me! I know that it is a small number compared to you guys with 1000000000+ followers but it means a lot to me ^3^ I hope to improve as a Gyaru, and to learn many new things from yoou guys! ^_^
I'm going to start posting weekly posts on inspirational coords which'll hopefully that'll help me gather ideas (as I suck at coords OTL) and might do fact files of famous Gyaru models (which I'll need your help on :P)
Oooh and also, I'm going to try and put up some art stuff but they'll mostly be on my tumblrrr n_n

What cha think? Shall I do weekly inspirational posts and factfiles on Gyaru?  ^^~


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Well, that's a bit of a bummer ;_____;

On Tuesday I had my eye check and found out that I’ve got some things in my eyes were I am short-sighted on horizontal lines rather than vertically, and that I had some stuff in my eyes which wasn’t there two years ago called stigma-something (can't remember it's name >_>) I panicked after hearing this, because it meant that it could affect my driving and that if it gets worse I wouldn’t be able to wear contact lenses anymore as they wouldn’t be able to support it.  
That also means that I can’t wear circle lenses as it might damage my eyesight even more that… Well, let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a good thing if that happened as my eyes are already as bad as they could be >_<” It’s a shame really because most Gyarus wear circle lenses, but I’ve heard that not all of them do.
I was so excited as well to be able to buy them, but I didn’t know that my eyes were that bad ;_________; So looks like that’s gone down the drain >_<”
So do you know of any Gyarus that don’t wear circle lenses? Or do you have pictures? I’m trying to find some atm but I can’t really find any, which is kind of making me depressed as I wanna still be a Gyaru without lenses ;__________;

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mori Mori giveaway~

Just thought I'd enter this giveaway because her items are so so adorable! *___*
Please click on the picture to be directed to her blog post~

Gyaru theme with Katie~ Week one!

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that I'll be doing a weekly theme with Katie-san, and yesterday I dolled myself up for it :D The tutorial that me and Katie decided to use for the first week was this one:

Although instead of using green I used blue

Sooo... *drumroll* Here is my make! :D
What I used:
Gold & light blue & dark blue eyeshadow
Liquid eye liner
Pencil eyeliner for the waterline
Brown eyeshadow to fill my brows
Pink lippy
False lashes
FCUK bronzer for contouring
Bourjois for highlighting
Compact powder

And here's my outfit! I've blurred out my surroundings 'cause I don't really want people to see what I've got in my room lawls

I really can't wait to do more of these posts! Because then hopefully I would be able to improve as a Gyaru and learn different make up techniques :D I'm also doing this task that Amelie has set me where I take pictures of my clothes and create a coord with them, inspired by the Gyaru fashion ^^ 

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Gyaru Rokku~ Take two!

Because my last Gyaru rokku outfit & make didn't go as well as I had planned I decided to have a go at it again. I made a collage of what I was going to wear beforehand, and when I manage to take a photo of each item of clothing I'll upload it onto here ^_^ Or I might just create a new blog of a collection of collages >_>

Outfit rundown:
Top - New Look
Necklace - Primark (or was it Claires? Can't remember >_<")
Sweater - West One
Skirt - Top Shop
OTK socks - Peacocks
Boots - New Look

Oh and you might wonder why I'm always in my sister's room? It's because she's so lazy that she doesn't want to take a picture of my outfit anywhere else :P

As you know, I wasn't happy with my eye makeup that much, so I decided to go for another style of it. My black eyeshadow didn't work very well at all in my last one, so I used a different colour from this duo palette that I got for Xmas aaages ago, but never really wore it :P
I also looked at Amelie's tutorial on how to contour, and instead of using the usual matte thing I used my sister's FCUK bronzer that was in a dark brown and.. It worked o_O It actually worked. Yay! :D My blusher STILL doesn't show up that much though >_<" And because of my points I could actually get it. Soon. When I get money that is. So many not so soon.
Tada! :D I am showing two pictures so that you could bask in the light of my, eurgh, highlights and contouring? :3

Soo... What do yoou think? ^_^

Caramel Coffee giveaway

So Caramel Coffee is doing an absolutely gorgeous giveaway, including many cute items! I've never entered a giveaway before but methinks that I might just give this one a go as her stuff that she's giving away is so pretty *___*
Just a lil' picture of the stuff she'll be giving away:

Cute, ne~?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Circle lenses wishlist

Geo nudy blue 
Beaucon shimmer blue 
Geo beauty blue 
Geo tricolor violet 
Beaucon shimmer violet 
Dueba puffy 3 tone violet 
Neo princess chocolate color brown 
Super pinky hazel 
Neo sunflower aqua
Hyper color brown
Geo hurricane swirl brown

This is just to keep track of all of the beautiful lenses that I wanna buy when I get the money ^_^~

My new dress! :D

On Tuesday I went to town with my mum and sis to get some stuff done - which ended up not being done so I have to go again soon >_<" - and I came across a beautiful dress in the Miss Selfridge section! As soon as I laid eyes upon it I knew that I had to get it, although it was marked £40 >_<" Luckily there was a woman nearby who worked there and she told me that it was now reduced to £20 :D It reminded me so much of the clothes from Liz Lisa that I was so grateful when my mum said that she'd buy it for me <3

Sorry for the crappy picture quality >_<" But from now on I'm going to try my best to take pictures on my camera ^_^ It's just that it doesn't really show up some stuff very well >_<"

I can't think of what colour OTK socks to wear with this dress, 'cause obviously as it's still gonna be a bit nippy during spring I wanna be able to wear socks with it. When it's summer I'll wear nothing (ooer) ;D
And seeing as I'm so crap with coords I've decided to take pictures of my clothes and create collabs for different possible outfits :D I'll be posting one very soon - possibly in about my new post - so keep an eye out for them please :D Tehehehehe ^_^

I'm doing very well with my points system! I am now able to buy (when I next go into town that is :P) eyeshadow, a hello kitty keyring and rollers ^_^ But now I'm back on 15 points ;________;

Sunday, 13 March 2011

General Discussion ~ What would you do if someone was imitating you?

During the past couple of years I've had friends come up to me asking for advice because they feel as if their friend's/relative's copying them. It's normal that in everyday life there would be someone who would admire you, but then there is a point where they just cross the line and it seems as if you're looking into a mirror. I've had these experiences and I believe I still have so I thought that I might write a blog on how to deal with this kinda thing~

I am not going to go along with the typical and say 'talk to them to tell them how you feel' because in my experience I know that that either a) doesn't work which makes the person angry with you or b) one is too nervous in talking to them. What I'd do instead is *tell* them, but not in the way that it's obvious... I think the best word to use here is to hint it ;D Say something like, "Hey, it's as if we're like twins or something" Because then they'll probably realise that yeah you are starting to look like twins, and then they'll back off a little. I mean, I'd HATE to look/dress/be exactly like someone because I would want to be my own person. I don't want to be a clone. I want to be noticed! I wanna be ME!

If this doesn't work then I'd suggest just acting normal and ignoring it, because then they might just get bored. PLEASE DON'T TRY AND MAKE A HUGE FUSS ABOUT IT! It might work if you get into an argument with them about it but then it could have the completely opposite effect.

So, what are your thoughts? What would you do if someone was copying your style/favourite hobby *thing*/look?

Points chart~ A great idea for procrastinators~

I saw this post by Graziella and thought that it was a brilliant idea and decided to adapt it ;D I am one of the laziest people in the world that always procrastinates so I think that this 'task list' would enable me to become a better person and student ^_^
I've linked these tasks to my New Years Resolutions so sorry if it seems to be a little long :P
Basically for every task I do I put how much it'll be, and when I reach to a certain target I could buy myself a certain item! (Most of these items link with Gyaru tehehehe~) My boyf helped me to figure out how many points each prize/reward would be the equivalent of and will be helping me keep to this ^_^ This is what it looks like:

Seeing as the quality of the picture is so crap I uploaded another one for ya :P

And I've already got 75 points! :D Am sooo happy, 'cause then I could buy many beautiful things without worrying whether or not I deserve them ^_^ Plus it's a great way for me not to procrastinate, which is a bonus (Y) I also plan on being healthier so yoou could see some of the essentials like drinking water and eating fruit&veg being added here ^_^

Show Lo - 獨一無二 Only You

On Friday I was just on the computer with the sound of the TV in the background (as my grandad was watching his Chinese programme) when a song started playing that I really liked. Thing is, my grandad didn't know the name of the song nor the artist so for two days I was on youtube just typing random things to try and find it and...
I found it! :D

Tehehehe, I feel like a ninja >:]


Gyaru Rokku~

Thought that I'd try a different style of Gyaru rather than the usual cute-and-girly look that I always adopted, and with Amelie's help in aiding me with what kinda clothes I would need to wear I finally came up with a Rokku coord and make! ^_^

This time I put LOADS of blusher in, 'cause I got tired of it never showing up and.. It actually showed up! o_O

(After taking these photos I realised that I put my lashes a bit too high up on my left eye >_<" D'oh!)

Also, does anyone like to recommend me a good brand of straighteners that I could easily buy from the UK? 'cause my straighteners took around half an hour to properly heat up >_<" they still work, but I just want one that won't take as long >_>

And this was my coord ^_^
Btw, before you ask, this was taken in my sister's room. I am not in love with Justin Beiber -_-

All in all, I don't really think that this style suits me ;________; Even though I liked wearing the clothes I didn't really like the makeup that much >_<" I think that there's a lot of room for improvements, so I'm open for any advice :D

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Weekly Gyaru theme~

Just thought that I'd post a quick blog before I go and have my shower tehe~
Me and Katie have decided to do this thing where we choose a Gyaru picture every week and imitate it i.e do different styles of hair and makeup every week! We've already chosen a few of our photos already, and so that I wouldn't forget I'll post them up on here ^_^

2. (The bottom model)
4. Hair curled by using braids instead of heaters

The top left one ^^
So yeah! That's all for this post right now, I'll upload some more pictures later ^_^
I'm really excited in starting this because not only will it be fun but it'll help me improve as a Gyaru :D I might do different themes like rokku, hime, kogal as well so that I could have experience in the different subcategories of Gyaru ^_^

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shopping list~

Hey guys!
Because it's a Tuesday and I'm extremely bored at home doing basically nothing I decided to make a shopping list of all the things that I want/need~
Hopefully this will help me know what to save up for and shizzle as I has no moneys ;_____; I'll keep on adding to it as I find more and more things to buy ^_^
[EDIT= I've updated my list seeing as I was able to purchase some things ;D]
New Look Ditsy Floral Cardigan (maybe) - £19.99

10 PairsThick False Eyelashes Lashes ★Natural &Fringe★ - £2.38 w/o shipping

Popteen Mag - £9.00 w/o shipping

Dollywink Dolly Sweet lashes - £9.90 w/o shipping
Dollywink Eyelash Storage Case - £3.99 w/o shipping
Tights from New Look - ~£4.99
1, 2, 3, 4

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