Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gyaru is influencing local shops?! Wow!

Today I found out whilst checking through my mail that New Look have launched a new array of gorgeous clothes and they look like the ones that Tsubasa wears and other Gyarus. 


It definitely seems that I'll be shopping sometime soon ;D
There's also a sale in New Look, 50% off the original prices! Now THAT'S a good deal o_O Argh, why can't I have money right now? I wanna buy new clothes ;______;

Anyways, from the picture above I have selected a few items that looks Gyaru (using the reference of the mail sent to me lolol~)

Striped Cricket Jumper- £19.99

Button Denim Skirt- £21.99

Gingham Spotty Socks - £1.99

Shame that the overall cost for the outfit would be loads and loads of £s ;_________________; 

Lizzie <333

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