Sunday, 13 March 2011

Points chart~ A great idea for procrastinators~

I saw this post by Graziella and thought that it was a brilliant idea and decided to adapt it ;D I am one of the laziest people in the world that always procrastinates so I think that this 'task list' would enable me to become a better person and student ^_^
I've linked these tasks to my New Years Resolutions so sorry if it seems to be a little long :P
Basically for every task I do I put how much it'll be, and when I reach to a certain target I could buy myself a certain item! (Most of these items link with Gyaru tehehehe~) My boyf helped me to figure out how many points each prize/reward would be the equivalent of and will be helping me keep to this ^_^ This is what it looks like:

Seeing as the quality of the picture is so crap I uploaded another one for ya :P

And I've already got 75 points! :D Am sooo happy, 'cause then I could buy many beautiful things without worrying whether or not I deserve them ^_^ Plus it's a great way for me not to procrastinate, which is a bonus (Y) I also plan on being healthier so yoou could see some of the essentials like drinking water and eating fruit&veg being added here ^_^

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