Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review: 10X Thick False Lashes Eyelashes Winged & Fringe by anne-1978 on Ebay

So I bought a set of false eyelashes from a Top-rated Ebay seller, anne-1978, and thought that I'd post a review about her lashes~

This is what the lashes look like on her website:

And this is what the real thing look like:

Quality: As it said in the advert, these lashes were VERY thick, and so I was happy of how accurate she described them. But because of their thickness it was really hard to put them on so that they bent to your eyeshape, and I had to cut off a bit on the ends to make them shorter so that they would bend more. I also had to put on a bit of eyeliner to cover the black line that goes across them as well, and only realised until now that I had to do that (so several pictures taken of my previously had one falsey nearly dangling off >_<) They have a little plastic feel to them, but really strong as I have been wearing one pair multiple times.
Quality rating: 3.5/5

Delivery: These lashes arrived in three days after I purchased them, which is really really quick. I was impressed how quick that she was able to dispatch them o_O
Delivery rating: 5/5

Accuracy to the description: She was very accurate and described these lashes perfectly.
Accuracy: 5/5

Overall, these lashes are very good when you cut them off a little and reapply some glue on the inner corners so that they stick properly. The ones I'm wearing now I've been wearing for over 9 hours and they haven't even shown any sign of coming off! The quality is very good for it's price and I'm very pleased with them. Just need to get some thinner ones now ;D

What it looks like worn:

Thanks for reading <3

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