Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shopping list~

Hey guys!
Because it's a Tuesday and I'm extremely bored at home doing basically nothing I decided to make a shopping list of all the things that I want/need~
Hopefully this will help me know what to save up for and shizzle as I has no moneys ;_____; I'll keep on adding to it as I find more and more things to buy ^_^
[EDIT= I've updated my list seeing as I was able to purchase some things ;D]
New Look Ditsy Floral Cardigan (maybe) - £19.99

10 PairsThick False Eyelashes Lashes ★Natural &Fringe★ - £2.38 w/o shipping

Popteen Mag - £9.00 w/o shipping

Dollywink Dolly Sweet lashes - £9.90 w/o shipping
Dollywink Eyelash Storage Case - £3.99 w/o shipping
Tights from New Look - ~£4.99
1, 2, 3, 4


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