Saturday, 12 March 2011

Weekly Gyaru theme~

Just thought that I'd post a quick blog before I go and have my shower tehe~
Me and Katie have decided to do this thing where we choose a Gyaru picture every week and imitate it i.e do different styles of hair and makeup every week! We've already chosen a few of our photos already, and so that I wouldn't forget I'll post them up on here ^_^

2. (The bottom model)
4. Hair curled by using braids instead of heaters

The top left one ^^
So yeah! That's all for this post right now, I'll upload some more pictures later ^_^
I'm really excited in starting this because not only will it be fun but it'll help me improve as a Gyaru :D I might do different themes like rokku, hime, kogal as well so that I could have experience in the different subcategories of Gyaru ^_^

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