Thursday, 24 March 2011

Well, that's a bit of a bummer ;_____;

On Tuesday I had my eye check and found out that I’ve got some things in my eyes were I am short-sighted on horizontal lines rather than vertically, and that I had some stuff in my eyes which wasn’t there two years ago called stigma-something (can't remember it's name >_>) I panicked after hearing this, because it meant that it could affect my driving and that if it gets worse I wouldn’t be able to wear contact lenses anymore as they wouldn’t be able to support it.  
That also means that I can’t wear circle lenses as it might damage my eyesight even more that… Well, let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a good thing if that happened as my eyes are already as bad as they could be >_<” It’s a shame really because most Gyarus wear circle lenses, but I’ve heard that not all of them do.
I was so excited as well to be able to buy them, but I didn’t know that my eyes were that bad ;_________; So looks like that’s gone down the drain >_<”
So do you know of any Gyarus that don’t wear circle lenses? Or do you have pictures? I’m trying to find some atm but I can’t really find any, which is kind of making me depressed as I wanna still be a Gyaru without lenses ;__________;

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