Friday, 29 April 2011

General Discussion ~ Circle lenses help

Hey guys! How're yoou today? ^^

So I was just scrolling down on this page in Gyaru_secrets (which I don't usually go on but I was just bored) and I came across that post. 

I really want to be called a Gyaru, although with this condition in my eyes called astigmatism it’s very hard for me to be one. It’s quite moderate meaning that I would have to wear Toric lenses OR I could just wear prescription ones but very rarely in case it damages my sight even further. Toric lenses cost around $70 excluding shipping and what not, which is really expensive for me as I only work once a week >_<"

I phoned my optician up two days ago asking about Circle lenses, and he didn’t like the idea at all. When I made it clear that I wanted to buy them he wouldn’t give me my details because, “You’re on your own now. If you want to get them on your own head be it”. It kind of surprised me, but I understand that he didn’t want me to get them because he had patients before that had tried these kinda things and messed up their eyes.

Can a girl be gal without circle lenses if she managed to focus a lot on her makeup and hair? Because I really want to be gal, but I'm just wary of getting circle lenses. Even though the picture states that with natural makeup you'd have to wear lenses, what about dramatic makeup? 

What do you think? 


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gyaru improvement meme! How can I improve?~

Hey guys! ^^

Lately I've been thinking that I want to improve a lil' more to be recognised as a gyaru. To help me I've decided to create a meme to show my improvement since I first started dressing Gyaru~ ^^ I think that it's a great way to see whether or not you've moved forward, or even took lil' steps back. When I gathered all of my pictures I felt really happy to see my development ^^
Pour m'aider, j’ai décidé créer (a meme?) pour montre mon développement depuis je commence habiller comme une Gyaru ^^ Je pense qu’il est un moyen génial a voire si j’ai amélioré. J’étais très heureuse en voyant mon développement lorsque j’ai mets tous mes photos dans un article.  

If yoou wanna download and have a lil' go at it, just send me an email and I'll send yoou the PSD file at
OR you can just click on the picture for a larger size and save it :D

Rules of usage:
  • You MUST credit me and comment on this post if you've used it! I wanna see your development tehe~ To credit me just put my blogspot URL in your post ^^
  • You have to use only your best pictures in order for this to work properly
  • PLEASE KEEP MY SIGNATURE ON IT! I don't want someone else to take credit of this off me ;_____; 
And now for my version of it! ^^ I've changed the months for mine 'cause I started as a Gyaru in December last year, sooo I wanted to see my development from then instead of from just this year ^^ As you can see it's not completed, but every couple of months I shall add to it and shizzle! ^^

Methinks that I've definitely improved since December ^^

What tips/advice could you give me to help me to improve? I am forever looking for help, but I want to see your opinion ^^ What should I change? What should I improve on? Please also leave links to any useful tutorials you have :D

That's all for now, 
Lizzie <333

So so happy!~

Hey guys! How're yoou today? ^^

Guess what guys? I've been accepted into the most wonderful circle in the whole world, Delight! :D I was so happy to be accepted, because it was my dream circle tehehehe >///< The people are really really nice and I'm glad that I get on with them so well! :D
It's all thanks to Amelie who introduced me to her circle and from her I learnt how to improve as a Gyaru ^^
J’avais eu accepte dans le plus génial Gyaru-sa dans tout le monde, Delight! :D J’etais tres heureuse parce que j’avais espoir d’être un membre de Delight pour un long temps tehehehe. Les gens sont très sympas et je suis heureuse que je m’entende bien avec eux ! :D
C’est tout grâce à Amelie qui m’introduit de son groupe et elle m’aide d’améliorer ^^
Also, I'd like to show yoou my look today ^^ This time I wanted to try out sweet rokku, and used this dramatic eye tutorial by Mint ^^ Although I think that it looks a bit plain... Might try out a long beaded necklace or something~
I decided to go for straight hair because I'm getting so sick and tired of having to curl my hair (which takes an AGE btw). Yesterday I tried using these Allura rollers but they didn't work, and I tried tiny plaits but they made me hair look really... crazy o_O So has anyone got any other ideas for curling hair? ^^

Camwhore time lawls~

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day in Birmingham!~

Hey guys! How're yoou today? ^^

Today me and le boyf went to Birmingham 'cause every holiday we like treating ourselves 'cause it's a brilliant place to shop. Srsly, there's MILLIONS of shops that I nearly always come back home having hardly bought anything 'cause I didn't know what to buy lololol.
Aherm, anyways, today was also the day that I met Amelie, Marie and Eri for the first time!
Aujourd’hui moi et Stef sont allés a Birmingham parce que chaque vacances nous voulons acheter beaucoup de choses pour nous plaisir! Mon dieu, il y a beaucoup de magasins ! Alors je suis toujours retournée sans beaucoup de choses car je ne sais pas quelles choses je voudrais acheter lololol.  
Alors, aujourd‘hui je suis rencontrée avec Amelie, Marie et Eri pour la premiere temps  aussi! ^^ 

I was so so so nervous when waiting to meet them, 'cause I was worried that they wouldn't like me, I didn't look gyaru enough as I didn't do my make as they were gonna do it etc etc but when I did... It was awesome! :D I could stop grinning 'cause I was so happy to finally meet Gyarus! ^3^ We talked mostly about Gyaru things and it was so nice to be able to talk about something that I love! >///< I kept worrying about my boyf being left out and shizz but he seemed to be getting on fine with them too ^^
After we had something to eat Amelie and Marie did a makeover on me, and I looked so... Wow at the end of it o_O Marie showed me her Dollywink gel liner and eyelash glue and I was sitting there marvelling at it (and kept saying "It's real! Aah that's so awesome!" lolol)
Eri (or Elizabeth, or Liz... Idk I'm just calling her Eri for now 'cause that's her blog name lawls :P) has the most amaazing deco nails, and I was really scared of touching them 'cause I was worried that I'd break them ;____; Kinda made me cringe though when she tapped her nails 'cause I was waiting for it to break lawls :L I really want false nails now! Tehehehe >:]
Je suis très très nerveuse car je m’inquiète qu’elles ne m’aiment pas, que je ne suis pas assez Gyaru car je n'ai fait pas mon maquillage, mais quand nous sommes rencontrées… C’était génial ! Je n’hésitai pas sourire et je suis très heureuse  parce que j’ai finalement rencontrée les Gyarus! ^3^ Nous avons parle presque tous les temps au sujet de Gyaru et c’était très bien que je peux parler avec les jeunes qui ont les même gouts ^^>///< Je m’inquiétais beaucoup de Stef mais il est d’accord avec les autres ^^
Apres nous avons mange Amelie et Marie font mon maquillage, et… c’était incroyable! Marie m’a montré sa (dolly wink eyeliner  and eyelash glue?) et ils sont très cool ^^

And this is where I gave up with doing anymore French lawls :P  

Anyways, enough rambling about how amazingly awesome the meet was, let's get onto the photos! :D I've put a sig on all of them but girls, if yoou want the piccies without them just ask and I'll send them to yoou ^^ (This is only to Amelie, Marie and Eri btw :P)

Eri, Marie, Amelie & Me! n_n


Tuesday, 19 April 2011


So basically I didn't know that when I deleted my comments, it actually deleted them.


Aherm, anyways, now that that was 15 minutes ago when I posted this blog I thought I'd write a more detailed post about what happened.
Basically when deleting my comments I thought that I was just deleting them from my inbox, but it seems that I've actually deleted them from my blog.
So if you see that I've got 0 comments or only one... You know what happened >_<"
I hope you'll be understanding, because I'm really upset about this as I received so many helpful and wonderful comments from you all ;__________;

Monday, 18 April 2011

Meet with Annie!~

Hey guys!
Eeek I can't believe a week has gone already... Meaning that I'll be in school next well OTL ;_____; Eurgh, haven't done a lot of school work at all, and I really need to pick that back up again >_<"

Je ne crois pas que c’est presque la fin des vacances! Je vais allée au lycée la semaine prochaine ;_____ ; Et j’ai beaucoup de devoirs que je doit faire mais je n’ai pas les temps >_< 
So this week mine and Katie's theme was this hairstyle that I found on May's issue of Ageha. Srsly, that magazine has AMAZING hairstyles that are so incredibly hard to do ;______;

Alors cette semaine le thème est qu’un style de cheveux que je trouve sur les pages d’Ageha. Il ya beaucoup de beaux styles de cheveux mais ils sont très difficile ! ;______;
The model's absolutely gorgeous *__*

It was really sunny today but still a lil' chilly so I had to wear my jeans and a light coat >_<" Aaah wells, I'm not complaining seeing as we had horrid weather for the past couple of months :P (Sorry that the picture may seem a bit blurry, my camera wasn't working very well >_<")
Another reason I dolled up today was that I was meeting Annie! I haven't seen her in AGES and she's interested in Gyaru & Ulzzang ^^ The photos of me & her were taken on her lovely camera~ But I've placed my signature on them 'cause I'm kinda protective of the photos of me and my friends :P

Il y a plein du soleil aujourd’hui mais un peu froid alors j’ai du habiller mes jeans. C’est genial parce que j’adore le soleil et il n’y a pas beaucoup d’en pour les derniers mois (Je suis désolée si les photos ne sont pas bonne… Mon appareil photo n’est pas marche >_<")Une autre raison pour faire le maquillage Gyaru est que j’ai rencontré Annie aujourd’hui ! Je ne la vois pas pour un long temps et elle s’est intéresse dans la mode de Gyaru ^^

Warning: MAJOR camewhore time lawls :P
Attention: Il y a beaucoup de photos! :P

Annie and me! ^3^


Friday, 15 April 2011


Because of my up-coming exams in the next couple of months I'll be blogging less; I've been slacking in revising ever since I started blogging So I aim to post once every week - on a Sunday - so that I could concentrate more on my school work and revision.

Sorry that I have to abandon you all, mes cheries, but I won't be fully abandoning you! I'll still be here, just not as much

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Miu's first giveaway! ^^

Miu aka pureelegance is hosting her first ever giveaway, and it's got tons of beautiful items *___*

I really hope that I win tehe
To enter please click here! ^^

Aspirations and Dreams~

Hey guys! ^^
I've decided that I wanted to look back at my old post on LJ where I jotted down my new years resolutions and to see whether or not I've actually kept to them ^^

B e  a  b e t t e r   G y a r u:
Okay I have to say that I've definitely improved from when I first started, although there are loads of things missing:
Circle lenses - I would love to wear them but I'm going to avoid wearing them because of the conditions of my eyes. I've heard that there are lenses specifically for astigmatism but I just don't want to take any risks... I don't want to destroy my eyes ;__;
Wigs & extensions -  I would love to try them out but I'm not good with choosing those kinda things (please help me?). I don't know how to care for them either and I don't want to buy some that are a completely different shade to my hair (on about extensions here) >_< I've seen some in Claire's but... I don't know ;__; Could someone give me advice about extensions please?
Coords -  the thing that always bugs me >_<" But Amelie is helping me by letting me draw up coords inspired by other Gyarus ^^ I just wish that places like Liz Lisa would ship overseas 'cause I've got millions of things that I wanna buy from there D: I have to say that I'm getting better at coords but I still have a long way to go.
Lashes - I want to buy things like Dollywink or Diamond Lash lashes, y'know, things that are actually from Japan
Makeup - I want to find new techniques for the eyes! Anyone got any ideas? ^^
Completed?: Not quite, still halfway there

R e v i s e   m o r e   a n d   s t u d y   h a r d: 
I've definitely started doing this one, spending at least an hour every night (if possible) to do each subject. It's more easier to do with maths 'cause I could just go through papers, but for French it's harder. Last week I emailed my French teacher and we're gonna work together to improve my French ^^ For design I'm just working through my folder, and once that's done I can start revising for the exam~
Completed?: Yes 

G e t   m y   p o r t f o l i o   d o n e   a n d    d u s t e d - G e t t i n g   o f f e r s  f r o m   U n i:
Yesh! Even though I haven't done that much work lately I've got offers from Unis to study Graphic Design. Woop woop! :D I still need to do more drawings though to boost it a lil~
Completed?: Yes

S t o p   t h i n k i n g   n e g a t i v e l y   a n d   b e i n g    d e p r e s s e d:
Right, now this one isn't going so well... Because of exams I've been very stressed and thinking that I'm going to fail, whereas I'm supposed to be thinking positively and working hard to beat those negative thoughts away! D:
Completed?: Nope >_<"

T o  b e  i n  a  G y a r u - s a:
I just love how there can be a group of people who have the same interest, and I really admire Gyaru-sas for actually making events where all can meet together! It just sounds so amazing to be involved in that kind of group, and to have those kind of friends... (Because none of my friends are into Gyaru and Japanese things ;___;)

T o   b e   a   g o o d   g i r l f  r i e n d:
I can't really assess this one 'cause it's all down to le boyf... So I'll leave this one to him ^^
Completed?: n/a

D o   s o m e   e x e r c i s e:
Completed?: Definitely not

B l o g   m o r e:
Definitely doing this one tehehehe ;D
Completed?: Yesh!

Aaanyways, methinks that's all for now tehe ^^

Monday, 11 April 2011

Inspirational Gyarus~ Yui Kanno!

It's time for the second week of Inspirational Gyarus, and for this week it's... Yui Kanno! :D

Name: Yui Kanno
Age: 24
Occupation: Model, one of the main ones of Liz Lisa (the most beautiful brand ever!), and also has her own makeup brand called Melliesh ^^
Why I love her: She is one of the most natural-looking Gyaru model that I've ever seen! She doesn't overload her makeup like some others that I've seen, and her image is always elegant and natural (zomg I've used that word a lot now o_e) and she has a sweet image! She wasn't very confident in her image at first, and it took her 6 years to build it up! She's definitely a good role model ^^
Any tutorials inspired or done by Yui Kanno?:

And now for some piccies :D

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Such beautiful weather! ^^~

Hey guys!
Zomg the weather is just getting more and more beautiful every day *__* It's a shame that as soon as the weather is nice that I'm banned from going out until my theory test is over ;______;

C’était très beau pendant les jours derniers ; il y avait plein du soleil, un peu du vent… Mais chaud au même temps ^^ C’est stupide parce que je ne peux pas sortir a cause de mes examens… ;___ ;
The shoes and socks that I ordered a couple of days ago arrived yesterday, and I was so excited in getting them that I wore virtually no makeup at all :P Tehehehe. You see, yesterday I was having a lazy day... But today I decided to doll up for it! ^^

Les chausseurs et chaussettes que j’ai acheté sont arrivés hier, et je suis très heureuse et n’ai porte pas du maquillage :P Tehehe.  C’est parce que je suis paresseuse hier et je n’ai pas voulu porter du maquillage, mais aujourd’hui c'est diffèrent! ^^

Me and Katie decided that instead of using curlers all of the time we were going to try different hairstyles, and today was using a method to curl our hair but without using heat :D We just make some french plaits while our hair was wet and sleep on it, and then it'll be done in the morning! ^^ (Although 'cause I fail epicly I did my hair in plaits instead lawls :P)
But... It didn't go so well >_<" my hair looks like a cat being put into a tumble dryer or something; all fluffy and ... Eurgh D: So I decided to straighten it ^^

Au lieu d’utiliser les (curlers ?) pour tous les temps moi et Katie ont décidé que nous ferrons des nouvelles techniques sans le chauffage!  Nous faisons de tresses françaises quand les cheveux sont (How do you say when the hair was wet ? >_< ) Mais je ne peux pas les faires alors je fait les tresses normale :P

Outfit rundown:
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Socks & Shoes: New Look

And now for some camwhoring! ;D Mint told me that I should camwhore a lil' more, and so I just went crazy tehe ^^
Hope you like ^^
Lizzie <333


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Should I change my name?~

{Edit} I've decided to keep my name, 'cause people will only get confused and plus I laaike my name tehe ;D

Hey guys!
I was just browsing around and randomly decided to go onto this name generator, and I got this one:

My japanese name is 村上Murakami (above the village) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child)

So I was thinking... Should I make my Gyaru name as that? 'cause then it'll be kinda as if I'm a new person... Idk >_> It's such a pretty name *_* And I'm kinda now attached to it lawls :P
What do yoou guys think? ^^


What?! We’re not allowed to wear shorts?!~

Today I learnt that in the summer the Sixth Formers – including me – will not be allowed to wear shorts. It’s ridiculous ‘cause it’s going to be hot in the summer and the boys will have to wear jeans o_O They’re not allowed to even wear those really long shorts or anything.

Aujourd’hui j’apprends que tout le monde (les étudiants de mon âge) incluant moi ne peuvent pas habiller les courts. C’est stupide parce qu’il ferrait très chaud en été et les garçons devraient habiller les jeans o_O Ils ne peuvent pas habiller les courts très longues o_O  
What’s also really annoying is that, in my opinion, shorts are less revealing then skirts. It’s not that I’m complaining about wearing skirts ‘cause I LOVE wearing them but I really really like wearing shorts! They cause less hassle, especially when it’s really windy AND hot >_> Plus it means that I have to buy new skirts because I have only a few and they’re not enough to make lots of coords >_<”

C’est énervant aussi que – a mon avis – les courts sont moins révèlent que les jupes. J’adore habiller les jupes mais j’adore habiller les courts aussi ! Il y a moins de problèmes, particulièrement quand il y a du vent et chaud >_> Cela signifie aussi que je doit acheter des nouvelles jupes car j’ai seulement quelques jupes et il n y a pas assez pour plein de tenues >_< 
Sooo… Just means that I’ve got an excuse to go shopping now ;D Tehehehe. Just need the money which I have really got atm ;___;
Alors… J’ai un excuse pour faire du shopping ;D Tehehehe. J’ai seulement besoin d’argent mais je ne l’ai pas maintenant ;____ ;
Aaanyways, moving on from my rant... I bought a pair of shoes and some OTK socks that I wanted :D Can't wait for them to arrive (which should take 3 days at the max.) 'cause then I could finally wear my new dresses!
Alors… J’ai acheté les chausseurs et chaussettes que je veux :D Je ne peux pas attendre pour eux à arriver car je peux finalement habiller mes nouvelles robes !

Just a lil' picture to recap on what dresses I'm talking about~
Un photo pour souvenir~
Tehehe, I'm sooo excited! 'cause then that'll leave me with two coords that are inspired by the most beautiful fashion brand of all time; Liz Lisa.
Je suis très heureux car je peux habiller deux tenues qui sont inspirer par la plus belle marque dans le monde ; Liz Lisa. Et je ne peux pas écrire en français plus.. Je suis très fatigue ;____ ; désolée.
< The coord here will probably look more like Liz Lisa then my other one, 'cause of the floral prints and flowy-ness~
Wouldn't these look wonderful together? *___*
You see, I was worried about whether or not the shoes would go with this dress... I bought the darker ones just in case 'cause methinks that white might be too bright for it >_<"
Oooh also, I'm going to be updating this blog (i.e. changing the look of it) when my theory test is done and dusted, 'cause I'm getting bored of the style :P It won't be major changes but enough to make me feel brand new ^^

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tutorial ~ Gyaru lingo!

Hey gals!

I was just browsing on tumblr when I came across a post that I'd like to share with yoou all ^^ ~
J'ai trouvé un article sur Tumblr que je veux partager avec tu ^^

Gyaru lingo! I'll just paste it onto here to save me from writing it all lawls :P
C'est la langue de Gyaru! Je le mettrai ici alors je ne doit pas l'ecrire déjà :P

"Uzai!\ you r annoying うざい
Erokawaii\ erotic and cute エロかわいい
Ogyaru\ filthy, dirty Gyaru\ (part of the fashion) 汚ギャル
OD\ Onara Deru\ I’m gonna fartBK\ Bari Kimoi\gross! おならでる
PK\ Pantsu Kuikonderu\your pants are too tight ぱんつくいこんでる
Ibesaa\ event cyrcle イベサー
Okeru\Going to Karaoke オケる
Majide!?\U serious!? まじで!?
Hapiba!\Happy birthday! はぴば
Kyun Shini\ I love you to death it’s like as if my heart got squeezed. キュン死に
Chou Ukeru!\ That’s so funny! チョーウケル
TU\Chou Yuumei\ Very Famous チョー有名
No Pro\ No problem のーぷろ
Wara\ “Laughing” \ It’s like “lol” but for Gyaru ワラ!
Yaru\ have sex ヤる
Utu\ Have sex 打つ
Apiru\ appeal アピる
Andoroido\ Android\ (person with no Emotion) アンドロイド
Yabai\ uh oh, omg ヤバい


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day mum! n_n~

(P.s. Today I've decided that I will write my blog posts in French to improve 'cause I am nearing my exams and I'm crap at translating >_<" I won't be using a translator so please forgive me for my mistakes! ^^
Aujourd'hui j'ai decidé que j'écrirai en francais pour m’améliorer sans l’utilisation d’un tranducteur, alors je suis désolé s'il y a beaucoup de problèmes à cause des accents, mon français etc. )
It's Mothers Day today! So what have yoou guys done/bought for your mum? Anything nice? ^^ I bought her a card and a Peppa Pig toy ('cause she luuurves Piglet so me and my sis decided to get her something different) and made her a naaice cup of tea in the morning. I also taught her how to use fb lawls! :P Although then she had to go to work which kinda sucks ;_______;

C’est la fête de mères aujourd’hui! Quelles choses as-tu acheté pour ta mère ? Les choses belles ? ^^ J’ai acheté une carte et un jeu ‘Peppa Pig’ pour ma mère (car elle adore Piglet alors moi et ma sœur ont décidé acheter quelque chose diffèrent) et j’ai lui fais un thé ce matin. J’ai lui apprend le moyen d’utiliser fb aussi ! :P Mais puis elle doit aller au travail ;______ ;  
During the morning of Mother's day I decided to doll up for the weekly Gyaru theme, using for the first time my new bottom lashes! n_n
This was the theme picture me and Katie are doing for this week's theme~

Pendant ce matin j’ai décidé à faire mon maquillage de Gyaru pour le thème avec Katie, en utilisant mes nouveaux faux cils ! n_n
Et voila la photo que moi et Katie faisons pour cette semaine~
I really loved the models hair, and wanted to try it out tehe~ 
J’adore les cheveux de ce mannequin, et j’ai voulu essayer ce style

And this is me n_n
Et moi! n_n

Warning: Camewhore overload lawls! :P
Attention: Beaucoup des images! :P


Inspirational Gyarus ~ Tsubasa Masuwaka!

I thought that I'd start my first post on my new weekly theme, inspirational Gyarus, on Tsubasa Masuwaka! The model that (kinda) drew me to the Gyaru fashion ^^

Name: Tsubasa Masuwaka
Age: 25
Occupation: Model, sang a few songs so Idk whether or not to call her a singer :P, and owns the fashion line Liz Lisa <3 She also owns Candy Doll! ^^
Why I love her: Because in every picture she takes she ALWAYS looks so so cute! I also love the fact that she's both young and successful, which just proves that your future can suddenly change with the click of one's fingers. She is also a favourite in Popteen, and I really like the outfits she wears because I feel as if I could come up with several similar coords too tehe~
Any tutorials inspired or done by Tsubasa?: Yeppers!
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
There's millions more on youtube too! ^^

And now for some piccies :D

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Weekly Gyaru themes - week two!

Hey guys! ^^
Today I decided to upload a picture of what I did for week two of this Gyaru theme that I do with Katie, and looking back I noticed that I could've done waaay better or taken better pictures >_<"
This week's one was:

And this is what I did ^^ I forgot to take a piccie of my outfit though ;________;

(I look horrible o_e)
I couldn't take a decent picture of me wearing my new Sleek contouring kit, but I do think that it's very good! ^^ the higlighter is slightly glittery which picks up the light reall well :)

I'm getting slightly fed up of curling my hair all of the time... Anyone got any hair ideas that doesn't concern curling one's hair? ^^

That's all for today <3
Lizzie <333
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