Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Aspirations and Dreams~

Hey guys! ^^
I've decided that I wanted to look back at my old post on LJ where I jotted down my new years resolutions and to see whether or not I've actually kept to them ^^

B e  a  b e t t e r   G y a r u:
Okay I have to say that I've definitely improved from when I first started, although there are loads of things missing:
Circle lenses - I would love to wear them but I'm going to avoid wearing them because of the conditions of my eyes. I've heard that there are lenses specifically for astigmatism but I just don't want to take any risks... I don't want to destroy my eyes ;__;
Wigs & extensions -  I would love to try them out but I'm not good with choosing those kinda things (please help me?). I don't know how to care for them either and I don't want to buy some that are a completely different shade to my hair (on about extensions here) >_< I've seen some in Claire's but... I don't know ;__; Could someone give me advice about extensions please?
Coords -  the thing that always bugs me >_<" But Amelie is helping me by letting me draw up coords inspired by other Gyarus ^^ I just wish that places like Liz Lisa would ship overseas 'cause I've got millions of things that I wanna buy from there D: I have to say that I'm getting better at coords but I still have a long way to go.
Lashes - I want to buy things like Dollywink or Diamond Lash lashes, y'know, things that are actually from Japan
Makeup - I want to find new techniques for the eyes! Anyone got any ideas? ^^
Completed?: Not quite, still halfway there

R e v i s e   m o r e   a n d   s t u d y   h a r d: 
I've definitely started doing this one, spending at least an hour every night (if possible) to do each subject. It's more easier to do with maths 'cause I could just go through papers, but for French it's harder. Last week I emailed my French teacher and we're gonna work together to improve my French ^^ For design I'm just working through my folder, and once that's done I can start revising for the exam~
Completed?: Yes 

G e t   m y   p o r t f o l i o   d o n e   a n d    d u s t e d - G e t t i n g   o f f e r s  f r o m   U n i:
Yesh! Even though I haven't done that much work lately I've got offers from Unis to study Graphic Design. Woop woop! :D I still need to do more drawings though to boost it a lil~
Completed?: Yes

S t o p   t h i n k i n g   n e g a t i v e l y   a n d   b e i n g    d e p r e s s e d:
Right, now this one isn't going so well... Because of exams I've been very stressed and thinking that I'm going to fail, whereas I'm supposed to be thinking positively and working hard to beat those negative thoughts away! D:
Completed?: Nope >_<"

T o  b e  i n  a  G y a r u - s a:
I just love how there can be a group of people who have the same interest, and I really admire Gyaru-sas for actually making events where all can meet together! It just sounds so amazing to be involved in that kind of group, and to have those kind of friends... (Because none of my friends are into Gyaru and Japanese things ;___;)

T o   b e   a   g o o d   g i r l f  r i e n d:
I can't really assess this one 'cause it's all down to le boyf... So I'll leave this one to him ^^
Completed?: n/a

D o   s o m e   e x e r c i s e:
Completed?: Definitely not

B l o g   m o r e:
Definitely doing this one tehehehe ;D
Completed?: Yesh!

Aaanyways, methinks that's all for now tehe ^^


  1. Comments that were here before I stupidly deleted them:

    Wen: Good luck with your goals~~! ☆ Btw, this new layout is awesome *--*

    Angelina: *sends the luck wave* You can accomplish these, I'm sure you can :P
    And we should still meet up during this holiday! I'm into Japanese stuffs ;)

    Amy: its great to right a goal list gooooodddd luck <3

    The Doll Gal: Good luck! And yes, please blog more with more pics! Good luck in uni~ Education is important! (Gosh, saying that makes me feel old) LOLOL

    About the lenses, ask your optician about it. :)

    @all: Awh thank yoou so much guys! Really appreciate it a lot :D <3

    @Wen: Nyaa yayayayay! I'm glad you too :D Took an age o_e anything that I could improve on? ^^

    @Annie: OOOOOOOH!!!!!! When're yoou free? (I'll message yoou on fb actually ;D)

    @Amy: Thanks doll! :D <3

    Hime: Okidos, will do ^^ Tehehehe. I'll try and dress Gyaru more often ^^ Lawls n'aww bless ya :P I've got an interview tomorrow D:
    I have, and he's never even heard of them >_<"

    The Doll Gal: Lots of luck on your interview!! <3

    Try doing to an optical shop and ask around. Usually they don't carry circle lenses, but there should be some.

    And aren't there circle lenses online where you can choose a degree? I don't really know if that's different from astigmatism case sry :/

    Jesslin: geosupplier.blogspot.com ships internationally, there are some lenses with astigma, but rather expensive!

    Too lazy to login =P

    Kryptic Dust: You've been an amazing girlfriend and will always be an amazing girlfriend <3
    Completed: Yes
    :D <3 <3

    @ Hime: Awh thanks doll! :D <3
    Yeah... I'm going to think about it, 'cause Idk if I want to wear circle lenses or not >_<"
    There are but they won't be good enough and would have to specialise in astigmatism D: Which are expensive >_<"

    @Jess: Oooh thank you very much! :D I'll have a wee think about it, 'cause as I said to Hime Idk whether or not to get them D:

    @Stef: Uwaaah, thank yoou so so so much *___* You're too kind >//////< :D :D <3 <3

    HitomiNeko: ahh I agree with u with many things~!!!

    circle lenses also.. I been wanting them but I have bad eyes too~~~ So I think I rather not take the risk!

    kawaii blog. i’m following~ plz follow back ! <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

    @ Hitomi: Thank you so much :D
    I'm glad that I'm not the only person that has bad eyesight. Thought that I was the only one ;__;
    N'aww thanks doll! :D But I can't find a way to follow yoou back... It seems that you don't have a blog and only an account >_<"

  2. You're very welcome gorgeous :D <3
    And it's already nearly been another month! :D :D Yayayayay ^_^ <3 <3


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