Tuesday, 19 April 2011


So basically I didn't know that when I deleted my comments, it actually deleted them.


Aherm, anyways, now that that was 15 minutes ago when I posted this blog I thought I'd write a more detailed post about what happened.
Basically when deleting my comments I thought that I was just deleting them from my inbox, but it seems that I've actually deleted them from my blog.
So if you see that I've got 0 comments or only one... You know what happened >_<"
I hope you'll be understanding, because I'm really upset about this as I received so many helpful and wonderful comments from you all ;__________;


  1. That's a bummer ;________; <3 <3

  2. Yeah ;____; Sucks bum D: Aah wells, I'll just move on and not delete my comments ever again :P

  3. You should message the owners of the website and say to them that it's incredibly misleading. If you delete the messages in your inbox, it shouldn't delete them from the blogs, as the ones in the inbox are just notifications. :)
    I hope it'll all be good though. :)
    Em xx

  4. I think I might do.. It's not exactly called an inbox, it just says "comments" but it's viewed like an email if yoou get what I mean? D: But Idk if they'll help me get back my comments >_<"
    Thanks Em :D xx

  5. Oh NO~ ... well now u know.. =)

    (really? that’s good! I don’t know if I ever laughed out loud in my dream~ I know I screamed for sure.. haha I haven’t met a lot of ppl who dream EVERYDAY like me.~ =) good 2 know i’m not the only one!)

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. aww hugs lizzie! i'll fill your blog with lots of comments again lol :D

  7. @Hitomi: Yeah... Next time I won't delete people's comments by accident >_<"
    Lawls well my sister said I did for a bit, but not recently :P Tehehe yeah! :D

    @Hime: N'aww thanks doll! :D <3 That means so much to me >///<

  8. Aha~ would you like us all to go back and reply to all your posts again then yeah? ^^ keke~~ <3 <3

  9. @Katie: Awh, well I really don't mind tehehehe :D It's up to yoou 'cause it'll take up some of your time >_<" :D <3


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