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General Discussion ~ Circle lenses help

Hey guys! How're yoou today? ^^

So I was just scrolling down on this page in Gyaru_secrets (which I don't usually go on but I was just bored) and I came across that post. 

I really want to be called a Gyaru, although with this condition in my eyes called astigmatism it’s very hard for me to be one. It’s quite moderate meaning that I would have to wear Toric lenses OR I could just wear prescription ones but very rarely in case it damages my sight even further. Toric lenses cost around $70 excluding shipping and what not, which is really expensive for me as I only work once a week >_<"

I phoned my optician up two days ago asking about Circle lenses, and he didn’t like the idea at all. When I made it clear that I wanted to buy them he wouldn’t give me my details because, “You’re on your own now. If you want to get them on your own head be it”. It kind of surprised me, but I understand that he didn’t want me to get them because he had patients before that had tried these kinda things and messed up their eyes.

Can a girl be gal without circle lenses if she managed to focus a lot on her makeup and hair? Because I really want to be gal, but I'm just wary of getting circle lenses. Even though the picture states that with natural makeup you'd have to wear lenses, what about dramatic makeup? 

What do you think? 



  1. I think you can rock it love~ just do your best (:

  2. Uwaaah thank yoou so so much doll *__* I'll do my best! :D

  3. Natural style makeup you pretty much have to wear lenses because its "natural" the Lenses are what make it stand out more as Gyaru. A few Ageha models with the more dramatic makeup don't wear lenses but only a few but I still think they look pretty Gal without them XD so it's a case of just finding a makeup style you can wear that still makes you look gal

    (also I don't know where you were looking for Toric lenses and it came to $70 o.o I've seen them some places for only $40)

  4. I find it rediculous that there has to be so many "rules" for Gyaru style. Your eyes are big and beautiful without circle lenses and so you really do not need them to look pretty or to look "more Gyaru".

    Also, if your doctor says it is not a good idea, then you should probably listen. Being able to see with your eyes is ALOT more important than just the overall appearance (Just my opinion).

    Any whooo, you are very beautiful already, so don't sweat it! ^_^I

  5. I think you can be a gal without circle lens.
    ^ ^

    I'm not sure but I don't think all mori girls wear circle lens, since their look is so natural and a forest feel to it.

  6. I do agree with the secret in a way. Looking at that photo, I wouldn't automatically think "gyaru" if she weren't wearing those lenses. Of course, she is wearing a more casual outfit, too.

    Here's an article from the NY Times, there are lots of links within the article that might be informative:

    I think circle lenses will eventually make it to North America (like, bought and sold here). Circle lenses are a new, unknown thing and I think people freak out about it simply because it is new. Doctors, of course, hate it because you can get them without a prescription. They are the same about buying prescription drugs from other countries.

    Obviously, only do what you are comfortable with but I think there is a lot of unfounded fear surrounding circle lenses.

  7. Girl you don't even need them. You look great and like a gal so do not worry too much. Do not fret about all the rules you see in Gyaru comms because what matters most is your confidence and satisfaction with your style. Just give it your best shot when you dress up and put your makeup on. <3 If you are really bothered about it, just wear those pointed lashes. I didn't have circle lenses before either but I didn't think it made my style incomplete. Work with what you got. Plus, your iris are bigger than mine, I've seen a lot of your closeup pics. And just btw, my left eye has blurred vision now. Idk if the lenses did it. >_<

  8. Yeah~ I was thinking the same thing! ^^
    Except I can wear them~ it's just they're banned at my school (but then so are false eyelashes xD) so I can't wear them most of the time~ so I didn't think it was something I needed to rush into buying~~ I think you look fine without them though! ^^ <3 <3

  9. Oh. We don't have to believe everything on g_s. It's usually just pathentic anonymous bitching. You look great without circle lens~! <: And of course you can call yourself gyaru. I hate it when especially western ppl make so hard rules for being gyaru..! Because if someone who doesn't look Perfectly Perfect calls herself a gyaru it's possible that someone starts bithing on gyaru_secrets. It's a vicious circle. ._. At least I have learned to not care what other people think about me :) But sometimes I think the same thing~!

  10. @Amelie: Yeah that’s true I suppose, ‘cause when I do natural kind of looking makeup I don’t feel as Gyaru as when I do the really dramatic stuff. So yeah, I’ll just follow that and look at Ageha for makeup tutorials as they do have pretty dramatic ones to make me look as gal as possible without lenses ^^
    Idk which site it was but they were around that price, although I don’t think it was a really popular site… There was this other one but they said that it would take them 30 days to order, and another 10 days to ship depending on where you lived D:

    @Starlen: Yeah it really really sucks, ‘cause such ‘rules’ as this makes me feel a bit depressed because I feel as if I’m not a gal if I don’t follow them strictly ;_____; Nyaa thank you so so much! I’m so happy that you think so ^^
    I was thinking the same thing, because he seemed to be really strongly against them. What I’d do is just wait to gather more information about them or something ^^
    Awh thank you so so much! :D <3

    @Osiao: You do? Yayayayayay! That’s good then ^^
    Oooh okies then, thank you very much for that :D I shall try my best to achieve that look ^^~

    @Bouncybrown: Yeah that’s true I suppose >_<” But what about if I had dramatic makeup or something? ^^
    I think that there is a lot of unfounded fear about them ‘cause they aren’t very well known yet, particularly in Western Countries. So yesh I’d agree with you that people freak out because it’s a very new thing, and the same with other new designs and products~
    Thanks for the link for the article! I have read it although it doesn’t really mention anything about the things it’ll do if you wear them too often or for people with astigmatism ;____; I’ll try to look for some more though, thank you! :D
    That is true, but I also think – linking back to what I previously said – is that they don’t like them because they fear what they’ll do to their clients eyes, and so ask them to avoid them ^^
    Thank yoou! :D

    @TheDollGal: Awh thank you so much doll! That really made my day tehe <3 was starting to stress about circle lenses as everyone just seemed to be wearing them and I felt left out ;______;
    But yeah, I feel really confident with myself without them ‘cause I don’t have to worry about the dangers or anything ^^ I shall try my best to focus on my makeup and style to make up for the lack of circle lenses! ^^
    Awh thank you :D I didn’t know they were big until someone told me lawls :P Srsly? That’s really bad ;_______;

    @Katie: Aah I’m so glad that I’m not the only one! ^^
    Awh you’re so so lucky that you can wear them ;_____; Zomg your school knows about circle lenses? That’s pretty awesome, but a shame that they’ve banned them D: That’s a very good thought there! Tehe ^^ Awh thanks so so much doll! :D <3

    @Wen: Yeah… That’s why I tend to avoid that site but I was just bored and decided to have a look at their new post. Wish I didn’t really tbh >_<” Nyaa really? Yoou think so? Thank you so so much! ^3^ Tehehehe. Ikr? I’ve kind of noticed that actually that Western gals are pretty strict with the style… But isn’t the main focus about confidence? Argh D: Yeah that’s why I was worried about posting pictures of myself as I don’t want to be bitched about ;___; Awh that’s a good thought there! :D Go you! *woop woop* Tehehehe :D <3

  11. girl you dont need circle lense to look good, and for a natural gal look circle lense isnt a "must", alot of false lashes, but no circle lense, your eyes are way more important than some make up look~~~

    Btw im holding a giveaway at may 3rd, but b4 that i need your help with one simple Question answer it and you'll get an extra entry to my giveaway (and follow me of course), there are alot of great prizes, hope you can help me out here ^_^


  12. Surely if you're a gal, you're a gal; makeup/clothes/hair on or off. Lenses look nice and yes they can enhance the whole look, but surely they should only be an accessory?
    Tbh I only really notice lenses on the asian gals. You already have big, beautiful eyes! You don't need to cover them with lenses! If you could wear lenses comfortably then wear them, but if there are risks involved then it's better safe than sorry.

  13. @Mojexox: Yesh I think the same way too, but the majority of people think that Gyaru is a fashion and not a lifestyle and therefore a gal isn't a gal without all of her hair&makeup&coord done etc... It's crazy but it true ;____; Tbh I kinda agree with those kinda people who think that, 'cause I wouldn't think a person is a gal without those things.
    I do agree with yoou on the circle lenses being an accessory though, 'cause it - in my opinion - is only something to enhance your look.
    Yeah same! I think it's because of their eyeshape being different to Western girls? Awh thank yoou so so much <3 But yeah, I think I'll avoid them for now and think about it ^^

  14. Honestly, hon, your pupils are so large you don't need them~ Most Japanese girls have to wear them to look gal simply because of eyeshape, and because, genetically, they tend to have smaller pupils than a lot of girls in the West. Don't sweat it!! :)

    People are going to recognize you as gal because of the way you're styled, not because of some freaking contact lenses! I would say wear some dramatic makeup (like you've been doing), and be sure to excentuate your eyes with some eyeshadow or liner on the bottom, because it makes your pupils look larger anyway. :)

    Aside from that, just pump up the hair and rock the clothing, chicka! You've got NOTHING to fret~ <3

  15. @華 ♡°・.。: Nyaa yay! That's really good to hear <3 Thank you so much :D
    And yeah, I've also noticed that they've got really dark brown eyes so they might also like to change their eye colour to look more Western? ^^
    Yeah I'm gonna concentrate on everything else to make me appear gal ^^
    Awh that's really nice of yoou to say :D <3 Thank you so much! <3

  16. aww.. its alright!
    your eye colors are nice!!!!
    i guess no contact lens wouldnt be a big deal since you have a nice color! >__<

    dont give up because of a pair of lanses!!!!!!!

  17. @Fey: Awh really? Thank yooou! ^^ You're too kind <3
    Don't worry, nothing's gonna make me give up :D <3

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