Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day in Birmingham!~

Hey guys! How're yoou today? ^^

Today me and le boyf went to Birmingham 'cause every holiday we like treating ourselves 'cause it's a brilliant place to shop. Srsly, there's MILLIONS of shops that I nearly always come back home having hardly bought anything 'cause I didn't know what to buy lololol.
Aherm, anyways, today was also the day that I met Amelie, Marie and Eri for the first time!
Aujourd’hui moi et Stef sont allés a Birmingham parce que chaque vacances nous voulons acheter beaucoup de choses pour nous plaisir! Mon dieu, il y a beaucoup de magasins ! Alors je suis toujours retournée sans beaucoup de choses car je ne sais pas quelles choses je voudrais acheter lololol.  
Alors, aujourd‘hui je suis rencontrée avec Amelie, Marie et Eri pour la premiere temps  aussi! ^^ 

I was so so so nervous when waiting to meet them, 'cause I was worried that they wouldn't like me, I didn't look gyaru enough as I didn't do my make as they were gonna do it etc etc but when I did... It was awesome! :D I could stop grinning 'cause I was so happy to finally meet Gyarus! ^3^ We talked mostly about Gyaru things and it was so nice to be able to talk about something that I love! >///< I kept worrying about my boyf being left out and shizz but he seemed to be getting on fine with them too ^^
After we had something to eat Amelie and Marie did a makeover on me, and I looked so... Wow at the end of it o_O Marie showed me her Dollywink gel liner and eyelash glue and I was sitting there marvelling at it (and kept saying "It's real! Aah that's so awesome!" lolol)
Eri (or Elizabeth, or Liz... Idk I'm just calling her Eri for now 'cause that's her blog name lawls :P) has the most amaazing deco nails, and I was really scared of touching them 'cause I was worried that I'd break them ;____; Kinda made me cringe though when she tapped her nails 'cause I was waiting for it to break lawls :L I really want false nails now! Tehehehe >:]
Je suis très très nerveuse car je m’inquiète qu’elles ne m’aiment pas, que je ne suis pas assez Gyaru car je n'ai fait pas mon maquillage, mais quand nous sommes rencontrées… C’était génial ! Je n’hésitai pas sourire et je suis très heureuse  parce que j’ai finalement rencontrée les Gyarus! ^3^ Nous avons parle presque tous les temps au sujet de Gyaru et c’était très bien que je peux parler avec les jeunes qui ont les même gouts ^^>///< Je m’inquiétais beaucoup de Stef mais il est d’accord avec les autres ^^
Apres nous avons mange Amelie et Marie font mon maquillage, et… c’était incroyable! Marie m’a montré sa (dolly wink eyeliner  and eyelash glue?) et ils sont très cool ^^

And this is where I gave up with doing anymore French lawls :P  

Anyways, enough rambling about how amazingly awesome the meet was, let's get onto the photos! :D I've put a sig on all of them but girls, if yoou want the piccies without them just ask and I'll send them to yoou ^^ (This is only to Amelie, Marie and Eri btw :P)

Eri, Marie, Amelie & Me! n_n

Eri & Marie

Amelie & Me

And again

Marie & Me

Eri & Me

Marie & Amelie pulling silly faces tehe~

The group again! :D 

My outfit rundown:
Hat: New Look (recently purchased mwahahaha)
Top: Primark
Skirt: West One
Shoes: New Look

And a close up of my make! This was after my trip and on the way home, so my makeup's kinda gone off... This picture doesn't do the makeup any justice ;__; Amelie & Marie did such a good job! ^^

And, of course, a picture of what I bought. Couldn't go shopping in Birmingham without actually buying anything now could I? Although when I was there I kept forgetting what I wanted to get, so am gonna get some more stuff tomorrow when I meet Charli! ^^ Also, I'm gonna be making a new shopping list 'cause I've got nearly everything that I wanted :P 

That's all for now foilks,
Lizzie <333



  1. Nyaa yayayayay! :D <3 It was really nice today ^_^ I enjoyed it. And the makeover was awesome too! :D
    You looked beautiful and cute *___* And I'm liking the new hat too ;D <3 <3

  2. Tehehehehe! :D <3 Nyaaa it was wasn't it? And the weather was brilliant as well! :D
    Tehehe what was it like for you to watch me having the makeover? :P
    Nyaa thank yoou so much >/////< Lawls me too ;D Idk what to wear with it though ;___;
    ALNAGSLJBFDGJKB I need to sort out what to wear tomorrow! D: <3 <3

  3. aww you look good as usual i wish we can meet someday too~ :)

  4. Awh thank yoou so much doll! :D And that would be pretty awesome ^^ But I'm from England ;___;

  5. awww you all look soo pretty <3

  6. You all look so lovely~♥ I wish I could have been there D;

  7. @Amy: Awh thanks! :D Methinks that the girls looked absolutely amaaazing :D

    @Rei: Nyaa thanks doll! <3 Awh ~*huggles* next time maybe? ;D

  8. LOL I do plan to travel so if I ever get the chance.... ^_^ Lol and I thought you live in France haha

  9. @Hime: Oooh that'll be awesome! :D Maybe when I'm older I could travel over to yoou ;D Nope, am from England ^^ I just write some blogs in French to practise :D

  10. you are very pretty and the group looks lovely gaah x)

  11. @Ria: Awh thank you so much doll! :D <3 Tehehehe yesh they looked gorgeous! ^^

  12. Ooh~! You sure had fun there~<3 I love your coords! *3* We have quite similiar styles hehe~ It would be nice to meet you someday!

  13. @Wen: Teheheh I did indeedy! :D <3 Nyaa really? Thank yoou so so much *__* Yesh we do don't we? 'tis pretty awesome~ Zomg yesh! That would be so awesome :D

  14. Yes, definitely! Vancouver is lovely! I am planning to take up some french lessons soon. If I do, I could practice by talking to you. Lol!


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