Monday, 18 April 2011

Meet with Annie!~

Hey guys!
Eeek I can't believe a week has gone already... Meaning that I'll be in school next well OTL ;_____; Eurgh, haven't done a lot of school work at all, and I really need to pick that back up again >_<"

Je ne crois pas que c’est presque la fin des vacances! Je vais allée au lycée la semaine prochaine ;_____ ; Et j’ai beaucoup de devoirs que je doit faire mais je n’ai pas les temps >_< 
So this week mine and Katie's theme was this hairstyle that I found on May's issue of Ageha. Srsly, that magazine has AMAZING hairstyles that are so incredibly hard to do ;______;

Alors cette semaine le thème est qu’un style de cheveux que je trouve sur les pages d’Ageha. Il ya beaucoup de beaux styles de cheveux mais ils sont très difficile ! ;______;
The model's absolutely gorgeous *__*

It was really sunny today but still a lil' chilly so I had to wear my jeans and a light coat >_<" Aaah wells, I'm not complaining seeing as we had horrid weather for the past couple of months :P (Sorry that the picture may seem a bit blurry, my camera wasn't working very well >_<")
Another reason I dolled up today was that I was meeting Annie! I haven't seen her in AGES and she's interested in Gyaru & Ulzzang ^^ The photos of me & her were taken on her lovely camera~ But I've placed my signature on them 'cause I'm kinda protective of the photos of me and my friends :P

Il y a plein du soleil aujourd’hui mais un peu froid alors j’ai du habiller mes jeans. C’est genial parce que j’adore le soleil et il n’y a pas beaucoup d’en pour les derniers mois (Je suis désolée si les photos ne sont pas bonne… Mon appareil photo n’est pas marche >_<")Une autre raison pour faire le maquillage Gyaru est que j’ai rencontré Annie aujourd’hui ! Je ne la vois pas pour un long temps et elle s’est intéresse dans la mode de Gyaru ^^

Warning: MAJOR camewhore time lawls :P
Attention: Il y a beaucoup de photos! :P

Annie and me! ^3^

This is what my hairstyle looked like from the top~ Am rather pleased with it! ^^ 

Outfit rundown:
Coat: from China
Top: from China
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Primark

That's all for now!~
Lizzie <333



  1. Comments that were on here before I stupidly deleted them:

    Angelina: ny'aw it was lovely meeting up with you!! Want to do it againn >:D
    Hopefully by then I will of worked on my look~ I'm such a newbie =w=
    Your hair was lovely today! Even if it wasn't suitable for hat wearing lolz ;3

    @ Annie: Tehehehe yesh me too! Was so awesome :3 Kinda made me depressed when I couldn't buy anything though LAWLS! :P I wanna buy that dungaree we saw *___*
    Awh well don't worry about that, 'tis fine with me ^^ I'll do my best to help yooou :D If you want I could write yoou a list of what Gyaru makeup includes? ^^

    Lily: Hi! Cool makeup! I dont blog about makeup or beauty things now, but do about sth kawaii stuff you may like! So plz check it out and you are more welcome if you subscribe it! thanX!

    Osiao: Your hair is very cute. ^0^
    Is french your native language?

    Angelina: haha I knowww we need moneyss >D
    and those dungarees were the love <3
    ah yeah sure that'd be good :D >w<

    The Doll Gal: girl you dont even need circle lenses :)

    Mint: You look more like an antique doll! I would really like to see you with some straight across bangs and purple lipstick [cuz dem hot ass russian girls do that and i love russian chicks LOLOL]

    @Lily: Awh thank you very much! ^^

    @Osiao: Awh thanks doll! :D Took me nearly an hour to do >_<" Might have to look for other ways to curl my hair apart from braiding >_>
    Nope, I'm just learning it at A Level and thought that writing French on my blog might be a good way to practise ^^

    @Annie: Most definitely! Sucks that I only work once a week so only get £20 ;_____;
    I really want those dungarees now D:
    Tehehehehehe <3 xxx

    @Hime: Awh really? Thank yoou! :D That made me feel a lot better than before ^^

    @Mint:An antique doll? Awesome! I'll take that as a compliment lawls ;D Hmm I used to have straight bangs but they were such a pain in the bum >_<"

    Wen: Girl, you look so awesome cutee~ ❤ I agree with The Doll Gal, you look great even without circle lens~! I don't use circle lens either and I feel quite satisfied. (:

    @Wen: Awh thank yoou so much sweet! <3 I do? N'aww thank yoou so much :D Tehehe, I'm so happy that I'm not the only one ^^

  2. You look so beautiful <3 And am glad you got to meet up with Annie and had a good time :D Was nice bumping into you as well ;D Tehehe <3 <3

  3. Nyaaa thank yoou so much duuude >////< Tehehe me tooo! :D Had lots of fun ^^ And lawls yesh, that was a wonderful surprise ^^ <3 <3

  4. You're welcome ^_^ Tehehe :D That's good to hear. And yesh indeed ^^ <3 <3

  5. you look sooo pretty and elegant <3
    light colors suit you alot, just like a porcellain doll or something

  6. Nyaaa thank yoou so much doll! >///< <3
    Awh, you're so kind! :D


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