Sunday, 24 April 2011

So so happy!~

Hey guys! How're yoou today? ^^

Guess what guys? I've been accepted into the most wonderful circle in the whole world, Delight! :D I was so happy to be accepted, because it was my dream circle tehehehe >///< The people are really really nice and I'm glad that I get on with them so well! :D
It's all thanks to Amelie who introduced me to her circle and from her I learnt how to improve as a Gyaru ^^
J’avais eu accepte dans le plus génial Gyaru-sa dans tout le monde, Delight! :D J’etais tres heureuse parce que j’avais espoir d’être un membre de Delight pour un long temps tehehehe. Les gens sont très sympas et je suis heureuse que je m’entende bien avec eux ! :D
C’est tout grâce à Amelie qui m’introduit de son groupe et elle m’aide d’améliorer ^^
Also, I'd like to show yoou my look today ^^ This time I wanted to try out sweet rokku, and used this dramatic eye tutorial by Mint ^^ Although I think that it looks a bit plain... Might try out a long beaded necklace or something~
I decided to go for straight hair because I'm getting so sick and tired of having to curl my hair (which takes an AGE btw). Yesterday I tried using these Allura rollers but they didn't work, and I tried tiny plaits but they made me hair look really... crazy o_O So has anyone got any other ideas for curling hair? ^^

Camwhore time lawls~

Wanna know why I take my photos in my bathroom?
It's 'cause it has the perfect lighting needed for makeup shots. When looking at my posts I thought that you may be wondering why I do this, and there's your answer ^^

Outfit rundown:
Necklace: Claires
Top: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Socks: this stall somewhere >_>
Shoes: Brantano (?)

That's all for today my lovelies~
Lizzie <333


  1. I love straight hair on you! your skirt is cute! just accessorize more because the pink tank top is too plain. layer if you will, and mix different textures ^_^ but you look so cute! and congrats on being a part of delight!

  2. Congrats on being accepted! ^____^~
    First off, i like the cross choker!! <3

    Well, since i have shoulder lenght hair I use small curling iron 17mm O.o gives me really good volume ^_^~
    Your hair looks so healthy btw! And youuuu're so thin :D loving those long legs <3

  3. You look amazing, and I really like the eye makeup! :D The outfit is really cute too ^_^
    And congrats on getting into Delight sweetie ^^ Happy for yoou <3 <3

  4. @Hime: Awh really? Thank yoou! :D Am glad yoou do, it's so much easier to do then curling :P
    Yeah I thought it was a wee bit plain... When I next go shopping I'm going to buy this long beaded necklace thing ^^
    Awh thank you! :D I'm so so happy ^^

    @Yapo: Nyaa thanks doll! :D <3 I'm really happy tehehe~
    Oooh really? I shall have a wee lookie ;D I have a curling iron but it just takes aaages to curl my hair as it's really long and thick ;____;
    Awh thanks! It's 'cause I don't dye it and shizzle ^^ Have just started using heat protection spray as well :D Thank yooou! :D <3

  5. @Stef: Nya thank yoou so much sweetie! :D I'm rather happy with it ^^ But will need to buy black eyeshadow 'cause the one I've got is crap ;____;
    Nyaaaaaa! I'm so so happy! :D <3 <3

  6. You're very welcome gorgeous :D You should be, coz it's brilliant ^_^ Ooh okay, bummer ;_____; Next time in town you could buy it? ;D
    Tehehe, yay! :D <3 <3

  7. YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!
    Congratulations on getting into your dream circle ^-^

  8. -round of applause- Stunning.

  9. your eyes are sooo pretty congrats for getting in delight! the beaded necklace idea is good but maybe aswell go for some bracelets or bangles to

  10. @Stef: N'aww thanks! And yeah, might just do that ;D Gonna put it on my points system lawls :P <3 <3

    @Daniela: Awh thank you so much! :D Tehehehe, I'm so happy ^^ Thank yoou!

    @Loki: Why thank yoou ^^

    @Amy: Uwaaah, really? Thank yoou so much *___* That's why I don't wanna wear circle lenses lawls :P Thank you! :D I'm so so so happy <3 Oooh okies then! Shall try my best ^^

  11. I FINALLY GOT ON A REAL COMPUTER SO I CAN COMMENT ; o ; it looks so nice on you!! is that your natural eye color? to make your eyes even bigger try some crazy circles!!

  12. I have a trick that I always do: When I sport straight hair (which is almost all the time), I usually just put a hair bow, or whatever hair accessories. You can also try braiding them or doing a half ponytail in a bun. and then, clip a bow onto the bun so it stand upright! Or use one of those ruffly hair scrunchies. ^___^

  13. @Mint: YAYAYAYAYAY! :D Tehehehehe. N'aww thank yoou so much! ^3^ You should do more tutorials tehe~ And yeppers indeedy :D Although it looks a different colour in these photos o_O Strange times lawls.
    I really wanna wear circles but.. I've got astigmatism which is really bad as I have to wear correction lenses ;_____;

    @Hime: Oooh! I used to wear loads of hair accessories but then I got bored :P Will go back into doing it though! ^^


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