Sunday, 8 May 2011

A boring weekend

Hey guys! How're you all? ^^

It's the last weekend before my French exam - which I'm SO not prepared for D: - so I wasn't allowed to go out... But this didn't stop me from dolling up tehe~

Was inspired by Okarie's makeup and hair ^^

And this is me! ^^

I quite liked this look but not so much the hair... Idk why but I just think that it doesn't suit me D: The makeup I think isn't dramatic enough and even though I really like the sweet/natural style I really like the dramatic look.
Aah wells, at least I've tried something new ^^ Does anyone know of any dramatic eye makeup tutorials?

Outfit rundown:
Top: New Look
Leggings: Reveal
Shoes: Brantano
Jewellery: Can't remember :P

That's all for now my lovelies~
Lizzie <333


  1. aww the pigtails are cute Love the eyelashes too!

  2. I thought I recognized that top, I have it. XD Usually I wear it under dressesm or I have this cute green floaty top I wear it under.

    Pigtails don't suit me at all, but I think they look cute on you, and I really like the colour of your blusher!

  3. Ah! Your eye color is so pretty! I really like the curls in the pigtails. > u <

  4. Stunning! *__* The pigtails are uber cute ^_^ Very beautiful >//< <3 <3

  5. @Amy: Nyaa thanks doll! Tehehehe :D So do they suit me then? ^^

    @Eri: Lawls really? That's pretty awesomeness ^^ Tehe. I just wear it like that :P
    Nyaa really? Thank yoou so much doll! ^^

    @Sia: Uwaah thank yooou! :D Tehehehehe ^^

    @MissKatv: Thank yoou! :D

    @Stef: Uwaaah, thank yoou so so much >////< Tehehehehe *__* <3 <3

  6. you look really cute in pigtails!! and i love how you've worn accessories too! yay!! <3

  7. @Doll Gal: Nyaa really? Thank yoou so so much! Teheh ^^ Yeah tried harder with accessories this time :P

  8. I also think that you look sweet with pigtails~! ^w^ And your accessories look good with the outfit! (: Seems like you have a great sense of fashion~<3

  9. @Wen: Nyaa yay! Thank yoou very much ^^ Yay! I've tried hard in my accessories this time~ Thanks doll! :D <3

  10. Okarie is soooo cute! I love your makeup you look so cute!

  11. Heyy! I sent you an award~ :D You can check it out in my blog~ ;D

  12. @Emy: Ikr? I think she's adorable ^^ I really like her style :D Uwaah thank yoou so much! ^^

    @Wen: dgkjbdgkfjbskdjg really?! Thank yoou so so much doll! :D Thank yoou! <3


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