Saturday, 28 May 2011

♥ I can't view my followers ;__; ♥

Hey pretties! How're you all today? 

As the title says, my web browser isn't loading up my followers tab so I can't see you beautiful people that followed me ;_____; So sorry if I don't follow back, I'll try to do so as soon as possible! n_n~

Today I went to a friend of mine's birthday party, and decided to try on my new Diamond Lashes! I received them on Wednesday and ever since had been itching to try them out~ I made a review about them in my previous post ^^ I know that I said I'll take a break, but I really will as I still need to do some more research on Gyaru ^^

Also, all of my future gyaru posts will be under the Weekly Gyaru theme 'cause I dress as a Gyaru weekly and I don't always have the referenced tutorials on me~ n_n So they are themes but not that obvious ;D

My post will be short and sweet today (because I can't think of what to write lolol)

Lizzie <333



  1. Omigush, why u so pretty?!( *o*)/ xD

    You're hair looks freaking amazing too! :3

  2. Uwaah, thank yoou so so much *___*
    Yayayayay! But zomg you don't know how long it takes to style lawls :P It's so thick o_e

  3. really looooove what you did with your eyemake. the eyeliner style looks so fierce! suits you well.

  4. The eyeliner around your inner-corners make your eyes stand out more. I don't know why I never realized before, but your eye colour is so pretty! but it made me realize you don't wear circle lens which does make a big difference to eye make-up.. :P

  5. your eye-make is great!!! i love the new lashes on you <3

  6. Your hair is so adorable! ^^ I wish that I could mine like that! <333 I really love those lashes too... maybe I'll go buy some!

  7. @The Doll Gal: Awh thanks doll! ^^

    @Juri: Nyaaa yay! I'm glad to hear it ^^ I really like that technique lawls, but I'm always open to new ideas ^^ Nyaa thank yoou so so much! ^^ Tehe. Yeah Idk whether to get them or not 'cause Idk if they'd make such a difference wearing them? ^^"

    @Daniela: Awh thanks doll! :D <3

    @みか☆ちゃん: Awh yayayayayay! You don't know how long it took me to style it o_e Thank yoou :D <3333 And yesh you should! ^^

  8. GAH THE LASHES LOOK SO GOOD! You look so gorgeous bby<3

    Do you now see the difference Japanese lashes make? :D

  9. Oh pretty gal, I love your makeup and hair in this <3 *3* Strange, I had problems with seeing my followers too,.. O.o

  10. you look so pretty ^^
    *found you through everyday_gyaru*

    I'm going to follow you! ;D

  11. @Marie: NYAAAAA YAYAYAYAYAY! Thank you so much sweetie <3
    Yeppers, I definitely do! Thank yoou for pushing me in buying them :P It's all thanks to yoou and Amelie that I bought them <3

    @Wen: Nyaa thanks doll! You're too kind <3 Tehehehe. Wowie really? I'm so glad that I'm not the only one >_<"

    @Shinibana: Awh thank you so much! :D I shall follow yoou too ^^

  12. Your hair and make-up is gorgeous!!

  13. @Bloomzy: Awh thanks so much doll! :D

  14. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! And don't worry, I think you're doing a great job with your makeup and hair. Being a Gyaru is about owning the style, and not trying to be something you're not so don't worry if you think you look different, because that's YOU! Just be yourself, and everything will shine through :P 
    I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  15. @Eimi: Nyaa thanks doll! ^^ Yeah that it true. I'm trying to add my own twist but I need to experiment more lawls :P
    Okay sure :)

  16. hey! im a new follower! loving your blog so far!!

    those lashes look gooood!!!
    and your hair is so pretty! and so is ure dress!!!


  17. @Moda: Heya! Awh, thanks so much doll ^^

    @Rui: Thanks duuude! :D

  18. You look so pretty!! :D

    I think blogger has been having some technical issues with followers lately....

    Btw I love your blog! Will follow ^^

  19. @Chococcuro: Awh thank yoou! :D
    Yeah I think so too >_<" But now I can see my followers tehe <3 Thank you so much! :D

  20. Prettyyyyyyy~~~ ♡

    I love your coordinate and your hair and makeup turned out so well! *___*

  21. @華 ♡°・.。 : Awh thank yoou so much doll! <3
    Yayayay! I'm glad to hear it :D

  22. I love your blog ! You're gorgeous :D Is that your real hair color?

    P.S. Please check out my blog if you have time :)


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