Thursday, 5 May 2011

Inspirational Gyaru~ Nonoka Iwata!

Sorry that I've been neglecting this topic for a while... I completely forgot about doing it this week ;_______; Decided to do a post today instead of Sunday tehe~

This week's inspirational Gyaru is... Nonoka Iwata! ^^

Name: Nonoka Iwata
Age: 18
Occupation: Model, although we don't see her much in magazines ;____; I think I've seen her once or twice in EGG, but most of the time she's on tumblr ^^
Why I love her: Her eye makeup is absolutely amazing. She has some really dramatic ones that makes her eyes look huge! I also like the fact that she has her own signature style which is mixing gothic clothing with Gyaru <3 Even though I probably wouldn't wear similar clothes I still admire her for that <3
Any tutorials inspired or done by Nonoka Iwata?:
Nonoka Iwata inspired makeup tutorial
And now for some piccies :D



  1. Aaw she's so pretty!! I love her makeup *3* I should try that tutorial some day~! Thanks for sharing :3

  2. @Wen: She really is isn't she? And so young o_O Tehehehe me too <3 You're welcome doll! ^^

  3. Thankyou for your comment! I'm new to blogger but I have (finally) managed to work out how to add the follow button, silly me :) Hope you have a lovely day! xx


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