Sunday, 22 May 2011

A lil' announcement~

Hey guys!
I have a lil' announcement to make... 

I haven't made a leap in improving recently, and because of this I'm not satsfied with how I look. I use very similar eye makeup techniques that I'm getting a little bit bored of it.

So I'm going to take a little time off dolling up to spend some time researching on other dramatic eye makeup, just so that I could make a big step in improving as a Gyaru. Do you know of any eye tutorials that are slightly dramatic? I'd love it if you could help me out >//< I want to pick themes back up again but this time not just focusing on one aspect but hair, clothes and makeup ^^ Right now I'm searching for different coord ideas as I'm not very good at them, and also gathering pictures of my clothes to form a little collage of ideas.

During the meantime I'm also going to be improving the way I blog as well to make my posts more enjoyable to read ^^~ And I might als change my layout and shizzle as I've got a bit of time on my hands now ^^

Righties, onto the piccies of today~

Top: H&M
Necklace: Claire's
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
Leggings: Tammy
Shoes: Brantano

I decided to add a photo of my eyemake ^^

That's all for today my lovelies~
Lizzie <333


  1. I love this eye on you! for me I think some lower lashes would of totally made the look!

  2. @Amy: Thanks doll! ^^ Tehe I have got some on, but because of my ninja powers they blend in well tehe ;D
    Or because of the fact they're crap ;___;

  3. your eyes <3 <3 <3
    I pick up on Re:No from Kera Magazine's eye make, its really dramatic with not a lot of eyeshadow to it, if im explaining myself correctly :3 I think they offer tutorials in the magazine for it.

  4. You have really nice eyes! You should blog about some eye makeup tutorials yourself. I'm sure you read Ageha, that has loads of eye makeup tutorials in it.

    I saw this on Aya Suzuki's blog. It's furthur down the page.
    Kinda like the eye makeup you do at the moment but adding colour in instead of dark colour/eyeliner, with just a little eyeliner and the waterline rimmed. I'm sure colour would make things a little bit more dramatic?

  5. @Daniela: Awh thanks! :D
    Oooh I've heard of Kera but never actually read it... Might just have to download it one day ;D Thank you so much for the tip :D

    @Mojexox: Awh really? Thank yoou! :D I think I might do when I'm more experienced with it ^^ Zomg I love Ageha! :D
    Oh wow she's gorgeous! Thank you so much! Her makeup is amazing <3 Thank you :)

  6. Just cake on the black. Thats what I used to do LOL!! But ironically I'm not fond of gal make-up . - .

  7. lower lashes?
    Or rather, the illusion of lower lashes?xD
    Like, dot on the eyeliner on your lower lash line, if done properly it gives of quite a dolly but dramatic effect
    I dont know if you follow nana, but this post is definitely helpful!

  8. @Mint: Yesh! I need to buy new eyeshadow 'cause my black one's crap D: Oooh? How come? ^^

    @Grace: I have got lowers on ;______; I've uploaded a piccie so that yoou can see it ^^
    Wowie, that's so awesome o_O Wonder if I can get away with normal eyeliner? :P

  9. goodness you are gorgeous liz! maybe try bright eyeshadow colors since it's almost summer now you know. :)

  10. Lizzieee I love your eyes!


  11. you look really cute~ i think your makeup looks great! but if you want more dramatic makeup, try using darker eyeshadows, it makes quite a difference ^^

  12. @The Doll Gal: Nyaaa thank yoou so so much doll! Tehehe~ I missed you! Where have you been girley? :P Lawls. Ooh okies yeah, think I might just do that ^^

    @Emy: Nyaa thanks so much doll! :D xox

    @Emi: Uwaah really? Thank yooou! >///< Tehehe. Yeah I think I might buy colours like purple 'cause my black eyeshadow is crap ;_____; Thanks for the advice :D

  13. Woooaaah you're so cute already! Your eyes are amazing! If you want to go for something more dramatic, try using dark eyeshadows + more black eyeliner + dramatic falsies! Oh and I saw you speak French? You're pretty good at it I think!
    I'm glad I discovered your blog. ~~

  14. @Oreri: Awh thank you so so much! You're too kind <3 Ooh yesh I think I might just do that, and will buy some black eyeshadow 'cause mine's really crap ;_______; And yesh I do indeedy tehe~ I'm learning French at A Level ^^ Thank you so much! :D


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