Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What's in my makeup bag?

Hey guys! ^^
Thought I'd do a post on this 'cause the last time I did it was before I was a Gyaru, and things have changed since then :P
I didn't label my pictures OTL so sorry if it's hard to understand ;____; I'll just say what I have from left to right ^^ I'll try my best to explain every shop that I got all my stuff from! ^^

Eyeshadow palette from Claire's, Miss sporty black eyeshadow, eyeshadow palette from Bodycare, grey eyeshadow from the market, and FCUK white eyeshadow

Pink & nude colour lipstick from the market, the gloss from... I can't remember ;___; 

MaxFactor mascara, Primark liquid eyeliner (which is crap so will buy a new one >_>), Rimmel pencil liner, and BarryM white eyeliner

Sleek face contouring pack, Boujois highlighter, pink blusher, BeautyUK dolly pink blush, and BC compact powder

Scissors, No7 concealer, sharpener, tweezers, eyeshadow brush, powder brush, another smaller eyeshadow brush, and this spot thingy

And my falsies! The glue's from the pair I got from Eylure ^^ The lashes are from online~

A lil' closeup so that yoou can see the bottom lashes as well ^^
(Yeppers, I accidently ripped one of my lashes in half -_-") 
I've just ordered some lashes from Diamond Lash so they'll be added to this list when I get them ;D Does anyone know of any eyelash storage case that I could buy? 

That's all for now my darlings,
Lizzie <333


  1. You can buy the dollywink box but I think its kind of pricey for a plastic box U_U

  2. You could search for small storage containers used for beads/eyelashes and whatever on ebay. they don't cost a lot and don't look too flash but they do the job. but if it bothers you, there is always deco :P

  3. Ooooh what Diamond lashes did you buy?

  4. @Mint: Yeah, I was thinking of getting it but.. then all of the lashes would be jumbled up ;______;

    @Juri: Oooh! Thank you very much :D Can't believe that I didn't think of that o_O Will give me an excuse to deco something tehe ;D Thank you ^^

    @Marie: Hey doll! I bought the Glamourous ones and also the Feminine bottom lash~

  5. What a nice post ~<3 I can't wait to see your Diamond Lashes! ;D I think Dolly Wink lash cases are cute but quite small (and expensive..)

  6. Hey nice blog *3*
    Follow you >////<

  7. @Wen: N'aww thanks doll! :D <3 Tehehe me neither, I'm so excited >///< Yeah they are... Kinda sucks D:

    @桜 の 歌: Awh thank you! :)


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