Monday, 2 May 2011

Yay it's May! ^^~

Hey guys! How're you all today? ^^

For this week I decided to wear my new "ripped" leggings! I really wanted to buy a pair of jeans and rip them, but buying ripped leggings was just so much cheaper as there's no such thing as cheap jeans (I don't think?)

Righties, well here's my outfit! ^^
Outfit rundown:
Hoodie: Online
Vest: Next
Legging: Reveal
Shoes: Brantano?

I'm trying my best to take into account all those things that people said I needed to improve in one of my previous posts ^^ I hope that I've improved as a Gyaru! ^^ Also I'd like to thank all of those lovely people who commented on my circle lens post and gave me advice on that ^^
I made it so that my contouring shadows were darker so that they could be seen easily by my camera~ Did it work? ^^ I also tried out a new style of doing my eyes; the droopy style that is often adopted by Okarie ^^ I was about to do her pigtailed hairstyle as well but it didn't really go with the sweet rokku theme D:

Sorry if the picture is a bit blurry, but that is what my eye makeup looked like ^^
My hand shook a lot when I was doing the bottom line so sorry if it's a bit wobbly ;_______; I'll try better next time ^^ I wore dark&light lbrown eyeshadow as well as black ^^ I should've taken another picture D:

Onto the pictures! ^^

I realised when taking these pictures I didn't really do any new poses, so I searched on tumblr for some new ones ^^ I'll put it on another post 'cause I wanna collect loooads~

That's all for now folks ^^
Lizzie <3

Also, as of today I'm doing my own themes as well as the one with Katie ^^


  1. Hey~ missed the chance to drop a comment on last post when i read it yesterday but i just want to let you know that i think personally i would listen to your doctor and play it safe. Remember that you are so pretty with gorgeous features! Try an alternative way... enhance your eye makeup instead? I can see from your current post your top lashes are lovely i think you just need to fix the eyeshadow shading/lash on the lower part of the eye (just my opinion)^^ You can do it! I look forward to your next update~

  2. You look adorable, I love the outfit in the second picture, it's cute. I like how you're water marking all of your photos now too hahah!

  3. you look pretty...
    i lvoe that jacket too
    you good with that make up, i hope have that eye color...^^

  4. Nyaa, you're so beautiful! *___* And adorably cute too ^_^
    Lovvin' the leggings as well :D <3 <3

  5. @Jelly: N'aww thanks so much for the advice and compliments <3
    I'm thinking of just leaving it for now and concentrate on the other aspects on Gyaru fashion like the lashes and shizzle ^^ Awh thanks! Tehehe :D <3 So yeah, I'll do like yoou said and focus on my eyemakeup and coords ^^
    Yeah I knew that I didn't do as well as I wanted this time, and shall try my best to improve ^^ Thank yooou!

    @Loki: Thanks duuude ^^ Glad yoou like it. Aah I've always have been watermarking my piccies :P

    @Camilla: N'aww thank yooou! 'tis one of my fave jackets tehe <3 Thank yoou! :D 'tis my natural eye colour (I've never worn lenses or anything lololol)

    @Stef: Nyaaa thank yoou so so much sweetie *__* Tehehehehehe >////< Ooh yay! Shall wear them the next time I see yooou ^^ <3 <3

  6. You're very welcome gorgeous :D <3
    Yayay! That'll be naice >//< Thank you ^_^ <3 <3

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  8. You're so cute~!! I absolutely love how you do your makeup, too~ it flatters your features so well!

    I know I said it before, but I'm madly in love with your eyes~ haha! <3

  9. Definite improvement on your makeup I really like it! You look more and more gal every time you post<3

  10. @華 ♡°・.。: Nyaaa thank yoou so much! :D I'm glad that you think so ^^ I'm trying my best to experiment with new styles, and I'm glad that I was successful
    Awh really? You're too kind! *_*

    @Marie: Nyaa yayayayayayayayayay! That's really really good to hear :D Thank yoou so so much! :D <3

  11. Yes, you're contouring is visible. The eyemake isn't really droopy, but it still looks great! I have a hard time doing droopy eyes as well. And I told ya, you don't even need lenses. Just thought I say it again lol. ^_^ Just the same advice, I want to see accessories. If you are going for a sweet-rokku style, maybe try doing a more dramatic eyeliner and pointed lashes. That's just for variety if you want different looks, but your makeup looks great!

  12. i like your eye makeup ^__^ your eye color is actually really pretty :O !

    & sexy leggings ;)

  13. hi cutie :)
    thanks for your comment on one of my blog posts!

    your pcture looks gorgerous and i really love your smile and also your make up!! keep going your a goood inspiraton! <3

    have a nice day (´3`)

  14. @The Doll Gal: Heya! ^^ Yeaaah, I knew it was a bit of a fail when my hand just shook ;___; So will try better next time ^^ Nyaa yay! That's good to hear :D Shall try my best to accessorize <3 and I did wear spikey lashes lawls ^^"

    @Sandy: Nyaa thank yoou so much doll! :D
    Tehehehe Ikr? ;D Love them <3

    @みえーちゃん: Hey!
    You're welcome doll ^^ I really really like reading your blog so thought I'd make a comment and follow yooou~
    Nyaa thank yoou so so much! That really made my day >///< Tehehe thank yoou! :D <3
    And the same to yoou ^^

  15. I HAVE THE SAME HOODIE!! but I gave it to my friend :3 :3 :3

  16. @Mint: Zomg really? Awh, we could've done matching coords or something lolol ;D


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