Tuesday, 28 June 2011

♥ What kinda stuff should I blog about? ♥

I want to improve on my blogging abilities over the summer to make it more lively and interesting. Most of the time I'm just rambling from the top of my head whilst others I don't really have anything to write about.

What do you guys want to see on this blog? Make up tutorials? Reviews? Inspirational Gyaru posts? Should I write long posts every week or short posts every couple of days? Should I have more pictures or text? Please comment to let me know what yoou think n_n~

Lizzie <333

Monday, 27 June 2011

♥ I can't believe it; it actually feels like summer?! ♥

Hey guys! How're you all today? ^^

Yesterday it was boiling. Seriously, I was so hot that I had to change my outfit because of it!
After International Gyaru Day my boyf slept round mine with my sis and one of my best friends, and we had lots of fun! (Well, I'm sure my sis and friend did anyways ;D) We drank a lil' bit, and my sis thought it would be fun to experiment by mixing drinks... Yeah well that didn't go so well for her :P Still, it tasted so nice! I didn't take any photos 'cause a) it might get her into trouble and b) mine and le boyf's ass would be kicked :P

The day after we went on a walk to this really really nice place that I can't remember the name of OTL. Shall edit this post when I find out where it was n_n But yeah, the weather was gorgeous! But too hot for walking ;______; I had to take off my lower lashes as they were irritating me so much D:
Some pictures of the walk~


Saturday, 25 June 2011

♥ Happy International Gyaru day! n_n ♥

Hey guys and gals! How're yoou all? ^^

Happy International Gyaru Day everyone! I was really looking forward today, 'cause I got to meet the lovely Amelie and my boyf is also sleeping round tehe <3 What did yoou all do for International Gyaru Day? ^^

It was my first time styling short hair, and it took longer than expected o_O I think I might just have to invest in new curlers ;______; Sigh, so much to buy with so little money D:

Aaaand my outfit for today! Had a lil' bit of help from Amelie and Marie so that I could get some ideas and shizzle ^^


Thursday, 23 June 2011

♥ New hair style & FREEDOM! ♥

Hey guys! How're ya'? ^^

I had my last exam today~ It was really horrible but I just couldn't wait until it was over.. So yesh, I am now free from horrible exams! Seriously, I really didn't like them but I tried my best and studied extremely hard~ Hopefully it all pays off ;___; At least now I don't have to do anything like revision and shizzle, and I can now try to be healthy as I lost of a lot of weight because of stress ;___;

I can concentrate on important things like spending time with my boyf and friends, and also improve as a Gyaru! n_n I'm also gonna post more frequently to make up for lost time~ Tehehe, I missed dolling up so much! <3

Mon examen était très horrible mais… ca fini ! J’ai essayé mon mieux et j’espère que je recevrai des bonnes notes n_n Je ne dois pas faire plus d’examens ! Je n’ai pas besoin de faire beaucoup de devoirs et je peux améliorer ma sante parce que j’ai perdu beaucoup de pois ;__ ;
Je peux focaliser aussi sur les choses plus importantes comme mon petit ami, mes copain et le style de Gyaru ! J’écrirai plus d'articles sur mon blog aussi~  

I've had my hair cut! It's shorter than I wanted it to be but it feels so light and... Really easy to wash lawls :P But because of my short(er) hair, I have to look for some new Gyaru hair tutorials and piccies. I miss my long hair so much ;___; (Sorry if my hair's messy, I had only just washed it in the piccie lawls :P) Aanyways, here are some pictures of Gyaru hairstyles that I really like:


Saturday, 18 June 2011

♥ Lifestyle, secrets & Delight ♥

Seeing as it's now June I thought that I'd post a recent post of my Gyaru Improvement Meme to see if I have improved during the last couple of months~
And I think I have! ^^ My eyes are so much more dramatic, so what just needs to be improved on are my coords and my hair~ Got any ideas? ^^

To do this meme please visit my meme post! n_n~

I'm trying to adapt to the Gyaru lifestyle because IMO Gyaru can be a lifestyle as well as a fashion~ Because of my exams I haven't really been able to do this, but I've decided that I'm gonna try and do my gal make every day for a week to see how it all works ^^ I'm also trying to learn some Para Para (and failing epicly lololol) and yeaaah.
How do you guys 'live' in the Gyaru lifestyle? ^^ Below I've written a list of things that makes me feel more gal~ 'tis my own personal opinion so please don't eat me ;__; 

* Doing Para Para
* Hanging out with my Delight gals <3
* Dolling up (doing my hair, makeup, creating a coord etc)
* Wearing false nails
* Reading through magazines (gonna buy one soon! n_n)

Also, I'd like to thank the two wonderful people who posted a secret about me in Gyaru secrets~ 
Thank you so much! It really made my day seeing these posts ^^ Whoever you are, you're so awesome ! >3< I'm really happy that you think I look gal <3 tehehehe! <3

Saturday, 4 June 2011


I have 100 followers.


O n e  h u n d r e d.

fdjgbkdsjgbkjgf thank you so so so much guys! I love you all so much ;___; Thank you thank you thank you! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

Eeeek I'm so happy! ^3^

P.s. I won't be blogging as much until my exams are over~

♥ False Nails Review ~ Eri ♥

This is not a sponsored review! n_n

This was the first time that I've ever purchased false nails, and I have to say that it worked out quite well. I commissioned Eri to do me a set of false nails to match with one of my outfits and she was more than happy to take my offer ^^
C’est le premier temps ce que j’ai des faux ongles, et je dois dire qu’ils sont beaux ! J’ai demandé à Eri de faire mes faux ongles pour que je puisse les habiller avec ma tenue ^^ 

Came wrapped in a lil' plastic case inside an envelope ~ 

Also included a card! ~ 

And nail glue! n_n

The final result~

Design ♥♥♥♥♥
It took only a couple of hours after seeing my photo for her to draw up some designs onto her computer, and it was so hard for me to choose because I really liked all of them! I finally settled for these pink & black chequered ones because I felt they would go with my outfit best. I was very surprised how quick she managed to draw up some really good designs~

Time taken to do the nails ♥♥♥♥♥
Almost as soon as I decided on the design she worked on the nails, and finished them during the next day! Wow!

Postage ♥♥♥♥♥
Because I had some paypal problems it was just over a week until I received the nails, but she sent the nails the day after she received the payment. I then received the nails 4 days later (because of the bank holiday)

Packaging ♥♥♥♥♥
They were placed in a bubble-wrapped envelope as long as a little plastic case to keep them intact. She was very sweet and included a card and nail glue as well! So cute <3

Sizing ♥♥♥
Okay so there was a slight problem with the width of the nails as some of them were too wide for me. I quickly messaged Eri about this and she suggested filing them down of which I did~ I think they were too wide because I had measured them incorrectly as the pinky, thumb and fourth finger were fine. Unfortunately I only realised this after she made them -_-"

Although there was a slight mishap with the sizing of the nails everything else went perfectly smoothly! I'd definitely recommend her to you all because she charges a very good price as well :) Please contact Eri if you would like to commission her for a set~

Le processus de faire ces faux ongles a été très vite après elle a vu ma tenue, et c’était très dur pour moi de choisir un dessin parce qu’ils sont tous beaux ! Finalement, j’ai décidé d’avoir ces rose et noirs (chequered ?) parce que je me sens plus mieux avec ce dessin. Je suis très étonné car Eri a attiré ces dessins et a fait les faux ongles très vite aussi ^^ Elle a fini le lendemain ! ^^ Ils sont tous échappé parfaitement (elle est trop mignonne d’inclure une carte aussi) mais il y avait un problème avec les tailles parce que quelques faux ongles sont trop grand. Alors, j’ai du les faire plus petits.
Même s’il y a un petit problème avec les tailles des faux ongles, je pense qu’Eri était magnifique avec eux ! J’adore ces faux ongles par elle <3
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