Saturday, 4 June 2011


I have 100 followers.


O n e  h u n d r e d.

fdjgbkdsjgbkjgf thank you so so so much guys! I love you all so much ;___; Thank you thank you thank you! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

Eeeek I'm so happy! ^3^

P.s. I won't be blogging as much until my exams are over~


  1. haha just added you and know this :D haha yeah I am your 100th follower :D
    haha and thanks for following baaack :D

    you are so beautiful :D

  2. @Koneko: Tehehehe yeah, you are my 100th follower! Thank you so much <3
    Nyaa really? Thanks! :D

    @Liya: Awh thanks doll! ^^

  3. You should have a give away and let me win ;D

  4. @Marie: lololol I should shoudln't I? Hmmmm >_> But that would be cheating if I let you win ;D
    Zomg how epic would it be if you did win after saying all of this :P

  5. @Doll Gal: Awh thank you so much! ^^

  6. Well done you! :D Happy for you ^_^ <3 <3

  7. Awh thank yoou so so much sweetie! Tehehe~ <3 <3

  8. haha. I was on tumblr and I was scrolling &I saw your post from this gyaru tumblr. XD

  9. @Sia: Oooh you did? Awesomeness! :D Which gyaru tumblr? ^^

  10. wahhh gratz on 100!!! actually it's 105 now ;) your blog is awesome so u deserve it ;D

  11. Congratulations~~! It's always nice to have the "full number" haha :D You totally deserve this!

  12. Hey! I've also given you an blogger award cause i think you are inspirational <3 Also congrats on 100 followers! you deserve it <33

  13. @Choco: Awh thank you! You're too kind <3 ^^

    @Wen: Awh thank you so much doll! Tehehehe, I'm so happy that people like reading my blog ~ <3 Thank you so much :D

    @Edith: Thank yooou! :D Tehehe~

    @Jelly: Uwaah really? Thank you so so much! I'm so happy that I inspire yoou <3 Thank you! :D


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