Saturday, 25 June 2011

♥ Happy International Gyaru day! n_n ♥

Hey guys and gals! How're yoou all? ^^

Happy International Gyaru Day everyone! I was really looking forward today, 'cause I got to meet the lovely Amelie and my boyf is also sleeping round tehe <3 What did yoou all do for International Gyaru Day? ^^

It was my first time styling short hair, and it took longer than expected o_O I think I might just have to invest in new curlers ;______; Sigh, so much to buy with so little money D:

Aaaand my outfit for today! Had a lil' bit of help from Amelie and Marie so that I could get some ideas and shizzle ^^

Today I went to meet the lovely Amelie and we had a lil' catch up and went shopping! Zomg NEVER EVER go with me and Amelie on a shopping trip, we will make you buy the stuff you want despite the lack of money lawls~ She's the devil on my shoulder tehe ^^ I had so much fun meeting her <3 She's a really awhsum person ^3^

Us two just messin' around tehe~

She's so cuute! ^3^ 

A sneaky photo in Forever 21~ So lucky that we weren't spotted :P

What I bought today~ I also received my order from New Look too! n_n
Two vest tops from New Look

I wanted to buy like a crochet sweater like the ones I saw in gal mags, but I couldn't find any so settled for this one~ From New Look as well ^^

Also from New Look! Found this in the clearance today ^^

Maybelline gel liner, and lash curlers with a blusher brush from Forever 21

I got this from one of those machine-thingies where you put £1 in and twist it, and get a lil' goodie ^^

And a piccie of me and the boyf <3

That's all for now guys!
Lizzie <333


  1. D'awww Lizzie you look so pretty! The retro style definitely suits you and you've improved so much <3

  2. hi cutie♥
    first of all thanks for your comment!
    then, i really love your face, the shape of your face is so cute♥
    and thanks ^^ yeas i think we can pass the practical test too haha :) wish you also luck♥
    and you can come with me to japan! would be so fun i think-but my english sucks! haha

    and i have to say: you are so skinny girl, please never loose more weight><
    your legs are so thin? (;-;)

    oh P.S: love your curls♥ ;)


  4. Happy Gyaru Day!! Awww I wish I knew about it, I would've UPed the makeup today! At least I put on falsies LOL! You look SO lovely in all your piccies!

    OMG I want to steal those shoes!! I'd explode if I found those in a clearance bin... they're too cute to stay there long!! :P

  5. YAY! GYARU DAY! :D haha ~ <3
    you look so damn cute girl! >:3
    That little elephant phone charm is adroable :')

  6. I really think short hair suits you so much better than long hair!! <3

  7. So cute!!!!!!!! *_______* You're beautiful with short hair too!!! and your outfit is totally feminine!! I love it!!

  8. you look so beautiful *-*
    you and your boyfriend make a great couple ^__^

  9. ah~ Your legs look super long. *0*

  10. @Daniela: Awh thank you so much! It does? Oooh, think I might just try it more often ;D I'll most likely do it more now that it's summer ^^ Awh thank yoou! <3

    @みえーちゃん: Hey doll! <3
    Aha, you're welcome doll! Tehehe, I like commenting on your blog ^^
    Zomg yesh! It'll be my goal for the summer tehe~ And good luck to yoou too! ^^
    fdgkjbfdgkjfb that would be so awhsum! Tehehehe <3 That would be fine ;D

    Awh, don't worry, I won't! I'll try and put on more tehe~ ^^

    Thank yoou so much doll! <3

    @KzZ: Tehehe yeah me toooo! Wanted them for ages :) Happy Gal Day! :D

    @yumii: Thank yoou! :)

    @Katie: Happy gal day! :D Awh bless ;______; There was an event on fb about it ^^ Awh, thank yoou! :)
    Ikr? I've been waiting for them for ages tehe >:] Awh yeah, that's true. But there were a few with similar designers in the sale too ^^

    @Rivriv: HAPPY GYARU DAY! :D <3
    Awh thank yoou so so much doll! Can't wait to see your vid ^3^
    Ikr? ;D Although I can't have phone charms on my phone, haven't got the hole thingy for it ;___;

    @lovepirate: Wowie really? Thank yooou! :) <3

    @Nenacho: Uwaah, thank yoou so so much >////< Tehehe, thank yooou! :)

    @Asuka: Thank yoou *__* Tehehehe yesh, we do >///< Luurve him lots <3

    @Sia: Awh thankies! :D

    @Danna: Happy Gyaru day! n_n~

  11. pretty! i like your outfit! :]

  12. Your hair looks really cute curled >w< Kawaii~

  13. @Doll Gal: Awh thank you! :)

    @Marion: Awh thank yoou so much! Tehehe~ <3

  14. short hair suits you alot! looks very cute and playful :)

  15. Awh thanks so much! Tehehe, I'm getting used to it now :P


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