Thursday, 23 June 2011

♥ New hair style & FREEDOM! ♥

Hey guys! How're ya'? ^^

I had my last exam today~ It was really horrible but I just couldn't wait until it was over.. So yesh, I am now free from horrible exams! Seriously, I really didn't like them but I tried my best and studied extremely hard~ Hopefully it all pays off ;___; At least now I don't have to do anything like revision and shizzle, and I can now try to be healthy as I lost of a lot of weight because of stress ;___;

I can concentrate on important things like spending time with my boyf and friends, and also improve as a Gyaru! n_n I'm also gonna post more frequently to make up for lost time~ Tehehe, I missed dolling up so much! <3

Mon examen était très horrible mais… ca fini ! J’ai essayé mon mieux et j’espère que je recevrai des bonnes notes n_n Je ne dois pas faire plus d’examens ! Je n’ai pas besoin de faire beaucoup de devoirs et je peux améliorer ma sante parce que j’ai perdu beaucoup de pois ;__ ;
Je peux focaliser aussi sur les choses plus importantes comme mon petit ami, mes copain et le style de Gyaru ! J’écrirai plus d'articles sur mon blog aussi~  

I've had my hair cut! It's shorter than I wanted it to be but it feels so light and... Really easy to wash lawls :P But because of my short(er) hair, I have to look for some new Gyaru hair tutorials and piccies. I miss my long hair so much ;___; (Sorry if my hair's messy, I had only just washed it in the piccie lawls :P) Aanyways, here are some pictures of Gyaru hairstyles that I really like:

Does anyone know how to do these kinda hairstyles? 

Sorry that I haven't wrote in French in my past couple of blog posts... Didn't feel very inspired to do so ;__; But I will try my best now tehe~ Even though French is now over for me, and I'll never take any more lessons, I still like the language n_n

J’ai un nouveau style de cheveux ! C’est trop court mais cela m’était égal ^^  Mais a cause de mes cheveux courts je dois trouver des nouveaux styles de cheveux Gyaru D :
Je suis désolée que je n’ai pas fait beaucoup de mes articles en français, mais je ferrai plus d’attention sur la langue parce que je l’aime <3 

My goals for the summer:

♥ To try to new styles 

♥ To improve as a Gal even more

♥ To take & pass my driving test! ^^

♥ To make new Gal friends <3

♥ To get a sponsor~ 



  1. WEll done on completing your exams! I hope you can have a nice shill out for a while :D

  2. @Sami: Awh thanks doll! Tehe, I'm SO relieved! Was really excited at the end of my last one because I was near freedom ;D Thank yoou :)

  3. I think it's really cute!! FREEDOM!!!!

  4. Good luck on your driving test, and I can't wait for your upcoming posts! :]

  5. I love short hair >w< I think you'd look great on those gyaru styles!

  6. OMG Your hair looks so different!<3 I like it! The style with the ends curled inward is pretty easy to do, all you have to do is turn your straightener inward whilst doing the ends.

    I desperately need a hair cut, I'm thinking of getting my full fringe back, I'm also dying my hair more of a chocolatey brown.

    I can't wait to see you experiment with this hair length, it has the potential to be super cute~

  7. hi <3
    i just wanted to say thank you for your comments always on my blog !! im always so happy about it!
    so i will write comments back to you always till now!
    your blog is always so cute and i love your "short" hair ( in my opinion its not short haha :)
    my hair is more shoerter than yours^^
    you want long hair again now? i think it will also matches you <3

    have a nice day

  8. My hair is like the first picture ( blond girl) ^^ and I comb my hair like her, wave and tease

  9. @Choco: Nyaa thanks so much doll! I look extremely young though lawls~

    @Doll Gal: Thank yooou! :D I haven't even booked it yet 'cause Idk if I'm ready for it ;___;

    @Marion: Awh really? Thank you so so much :D I can't wait to try them out tehe~

  10. @Kimiko: Ikr? Jeesh, when it was done I was like, "Holy shizza o_O" But I'm really glad that yoou like it <3 Oooh okies then! :D I shall have to use my sister's straighteners for that then lawls ;D Can't wait to try it out! ^^
    Oooh that would be awhsum! Will yoou be trying Palty again then? ^^
    Awh thank yooou :D I can't wait to see yoou in our next meet! <3

    みえーちゃん: Awh you're so cute! Thank you so so much <3 I really find your blog interesting, so I love reading it and shizzle :D <3
    Tehehe, thank yoou! It's gonna take me a while to get used to though :P Ooh really? I thought it was longer tehe~
    Yeah, I want my long hair back now ;___; Aah wells, it'll grow ^^
    Thank you! And the same to you <3

    @Kirara: Oooh awesomeness! I'll try my best to do that then tehe~ ^^


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