Tuesday, 28 June 2011

♥ What kinda stuff should I blog about? ♥

I want to improve on my blogging abilities over the summer to make it more lively and interesting. Most of the time I'm just rambling from the top of my head whilst others I don't really have anything to write about.

What do you guys want to see on this blog? Make up tutorials? Reviews? Inspirational Gyaru posts? Should I write long posts every week or short posts every couple of days? Should I have more pictures or text? Please comment to let me know what yoou think n_n~

Lizzie <333


  1. I guess its totally up to you :D
    It depends what direction you want your blog to go, I still dont really know mine :S haha
    But as for Inspirtation posts, if theyre focussed on a key element I think thats ok, but sometimes I see Spam image posts and I just feel thats what Tumblr is for, but thats just my opinion :)
    Good luck!

  2. Ugh I never know what to write about T___T
    I always post new pictures of w/e crap I've been doing :'D hahaha
    but tutorials sound goood ;D

  3. There is nothing wrong with rambling since its your own blog. Besides, I quite enjoy reading it ;3

  4. @Sami: That's true... But I just want my blog to be enjoyable to read if yoou know what I mean? ^^
    Yeah, that's why I think I should stop doing them really 'cause all I do is write a bit about them and then SPAM WITH LOTS OF TEH PICCEHS! Lolol ;D Thanks! ^^

    @Riv: Eurgh, it sucks doesn't it? ;_____; Okidos! :D I might do a makeup tut when I've improved more as a gal ^^

    @Doll: OKIDOS! ;D

    @Juri: Lolol but it might bore some people lawls :P Glad you enjoy it though ^^

  5. I guess nobody wants to read long notes, so it's better to use emoji (then text looks more colorful and is lighter). Just write what u like. When u want to do a review, do it. There's no point in doing f.e. tutorials, when u don't feel like doing it :3

  6. Honestly, just be yourself. Pay attention to comments, because that helps to tailor your blog. Post photos of your life, funny things, interesting things. Reviews and tutorials help, but do it honestly. If you like it, tells us, if you don't, you can tell us too. But ultimately, do what you do best and that's just be you <3

    We read because we recognize with you. Don't be afraid to say anything. Ever :D


  7. @Miyako: Oooh okies! I shall try and make my blog more colourful with emoji in it ^^ I never thought of that before... I shall highlight and use different colours then :D Thank you very much! ^^

    @Emi: Oooh okies then! I think people enjoy seeing lots of pictures rather than lots of text, so I'll do that ^^ I'm totally honest with this blog, but will be careful not to hurt anyone 'cause I don't want that ^^ Thank you so much sweetie <3
    You're too kind! Lubble <333


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