Saturday, 23 July 2011

♥ Is it Autumn already or something? ♥

Yeppers, the weather has been pretty shitty recently -_- Eurgh, sooo annoying. It feels like autumn already and we're only in July! D:

Aherm, aaaanyways...
I've been meaning to post this aaaages ago but just got carried away with my post about the Delight meet last Saturday, so I might as well just post it now ;D

I tried doing a different hairstyle to my usual curls but it didn't turn out so well ;___; I wanted to do something like this:

And mine turned out like this:

All in all, this hairstyle didn't really go so well... I think I might just hunt down for some more tutorials on Youtube, but the people on there just make everything look so easy D: djgfbkfgdkj. Sucks bum. I think I might need to invest in some new straighteners AND curlers at the same time ;___; Sigh, Gyaru is so so expensive... What curlers & straighteners do you gals use? ^^


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

♥ Review - Claire's Eye Glitter ♥

This is not a sponsored review! n_n~ Everything is done by me and with only my own opinion on the product. 

So whilst I was with my gal friends I spotted this glitter palette in Claire's. It reminded me of the ones they do at Urban Decay, and so bought it straight away.
I was, however, really disappointed.

Let's start with the photos first~


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

General Discussion ~ Is being Gyaru a lil' lonely?

A couple of weeks ago there was a post on g_s about gyarus and gyaru-os being lonely and, actually, it's quite true.

Most of the stuff I do that are Gyaru related are based on the internet; I use tumblr to search for photos, blogspot to post blogs & also find other gyarus, and then there's fb and msn where I can chat to Gyarus...
But outside the internet I don't do much.

Which is why I'm really grateful that I know and meet up with some Gyarus even though it's once a month. Every time I see one of my gal friends I feel really happy 'cause they actually made an effort to see me, and I do my best to put all of my effort in to look gal~ but apart from my gal friends my other friends don't really notice. I love Gyaru, I really do, but is there any point dressing it when others don't take notice of the amount of effort you put in to do your hair and make? They never say anything about it, and it kinda upsets me ;__; The only people that comments on these kinda things are the ones on my blog...

Which leads back to the post: Gyaru life is pretty lonely.

I just wish that Gyaru was more well-known so that others who don't dress it can at least appreciate the effort that we put in and not just raise an eyebrow because we're different. Gyaru is such a lovely fashion, and I really enjoy being one >3< Which is why I'll still soldier on to make it un-lonely! Starting off with going to more meets tehehehehe ;D I think that if I dress as a Gyaru more and more it might increase awareness~ How do you increase awareness for Gyaru? 

Sooo what do you think of this? Do you, as a Gyaru/o, feel lonely? What would you do to make yourself un-lonely? ^^ 

Btw, this post is all my personal opinion, and I'll be happy to hear yours! ^^ This is a discussion post after all ;D

Sunday, 17 July 2011

♥ Delight Meet! ♥ {Lots of piccies!} ♥

Yesterday I went to a Delight Meet with my boyf <3 to see my beautiful gals! I had an amaaazing time, and took lots of piccies tehe~ Although 99% of our pictures was of us pulling faces lololol ;D

I haven't got any piccies of me on my own before I went 'cause the plan was that they would do my makeup there to help me improve! They are so kind <3 And no outfit posts either, sorry ;___; But you could kinda see what I wore in the piccies :P

The plan was to meet at 12am but me and le boyf were a bit late 'cause of traffic and it was a bitch to find a parking space D: But it was okay, 'cause on the way we met up with Amelie, Marie, Emmie and Jada! So we were just in time lawls :P And then we met up Elizabeth who took the train there ^^ Her nails were so pretty! Makes me wanna get some lawls :P
The gals were so so pretty *__* And jeez, Emmie's litas were gorgeous! I couldn't believe how high they were o_O So so pretty~ Seeing Amelie and Marie wearing stuff from Yumentebo, TutuHA and W♥C makes me wanna buy some clothes off there lolol >///<"

After they had dolled me up at Starbucks we headed to this really nice Chinese resturant (although I can't remember the name of it OTL) and we had a buffet! Jeez I ate quite a bit, and was still kinda hungry a couple of hours later :P 
Jada & Amelie

Elizabeth, Marie & Emmie (who couldn't resist pulling a face :P)

And it started to rain. Typical -_-

Me, Marie & Emmie

Sneaky photo of us gals! <3

At the Chinese resturant~ Took lots of funny photos tehee~


Thursday, 14 July 2011

♥ New Gyaru themes! n_n~ Short notice ♥

I really miss doing a weekly challenge, so I've decided to bring it back but with slight changes ^^ First of all, it wouldn't be a weekly thing but more of a whenever-I-feel-like-it thing ;D Aaaand my "themes" will be of the different subcultures of Gyaru! n_n

I've already done some like sweet rokku, but I'm gonna do them again to make them even better! It'll also help boost my confidence as well tehe :P

So here are the different subcultures of Gyaru:
♡ Gyaru-kei (Mode, rokku, Amekaji, Bohemian, Saike, haady)
♡ Kogyaru
♡ Manba & Banba (Idk if I'll do this 'cause... They're scary lawls :P)
♡ Himegyaru
♡  Hime kaji
♡ Oraora
♡ Oneegyaru
♡ Shiro Gyaru
♡ Agejo
♡ Tsuyome
♡ B-gal

That's all for now! ^^
Lizzie <333

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

♥ Hazy Summer Days ♥

For some reason all of my pictures seem a lil' hazy o_O Idk whether it's because of the sunlight but whatever, I think it looks cool :3
Over the past couple of days it's been kinda hot and rainy, but yesterday it was beautiful. It was warm, sunny, with a lil' bit of a breeze; a perfect summer's day. It was even more perfect with my boyf who I spent most of the day with ^3^

I've changed my layout a lil' bit because I wanted a change and got bored with my old one :P The header image is still the same though as I like it ^^ Idk if I'll change it anytime soon :P

I can't wait until I go on holiday, which will be in the next couple of weeks~ So if I suddenly stop posting, you'll know why :P Just thought I'd warn you now instead of later (as I might forget lawls :P) Where are yoou gals going for the holidays? Somewhere nice and hot, or somewhere much cooler because you're fed up of the heat? :P 

My recent buys~ I've been trying to spend less on clothes and shizzle to save up for the Delight Meet this Saturday! I really can't wait 'cause I'll get to see near enough everyone in Delight ^3^

I've finally got a new bikini! It's somewhat different to my old ones as this one is more grown-up (all of my other ones had polka dots or flowers lawls :P) so I'm in love with it ^3^
And I know that it's a bit hot but I really liked this cropped crochet jumper~ Even though it's summer I still worry on what to wear for the winter ;___;


Thursday, 7 July 2011

♥ Coords & Mode Gyaru ♥

Found this cheeky photo on my phone from my last dolling up!~

Hey guys! How're you all this lovely evening? ^^

Sorry for not writing my blogs in French much... Nowadays I don't have a lot of time to spend writing a blog in French because it takes a hell of a lot of time - more than half an hour - so I tend to leave it out. Only when I've got loads of time can I write in French 'cause I really wanna keep on practising even though I've finished. So yeaah! ^^

This week hasn't exactly been bright and sunny, so I've been feeling really lazy and keep having to change my coords 'cause of the rain and shizzle. I was, however, able to dress in Mode (something different to what I've done before) and I really like it o_O I chose to do this lil' "theme" with my beautiful Gyaru sis Riverr ^^ Please check out her post here!
So yeaah! Here are some piccies ^^

Zomg I really need some straighteners~ Mine's really crappy as you can kinda tell ;___; 

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