Thursday, 7 July 2011

♥ Coords & Mode Gyaru ♥

Found this cheeky photo on my phone from my last dolling up!~

Hey guys! How're you all this lovely evening? ^^

Sorry for not writing my blogs in French much... Nowadays I don't have a lot of time to spend writing a blog in French because it takes a hell of a lot of time - more than half an hour - so I tend to leave it out. Only when I've got loads of time can I write in French 'cause I really wanna keep on practising even though I've finished. So yeaah! ^^

This week hasn't exactly been bright and sunny, so I've been feeling really lazy and keep having to change my coords 'cause of the rain and shizzle. I was, however, able to dress in Mode (something different to what I've done before) and I really like it o_O I chose to do this lil' "theme" with my beautiful Gyaru sis Riverr ^^ Please check out her post here!
So yeaah! Here are some piccies ^^

Zomg I really need some straighteners~ Mine's really crappy as you can kinda tell ;___; 

(Outfit created with some help & inspiration from Emmie)
New Look crochet top, New Look vest, Forever 21 belt, Primark maxi skirt, New Look sandals.

Je dois écrire ce blog très rapidement en français à cause du manque de temps. De nos jours je n’ai pas beaucoup de temps de passer sur l’internet et c’est difficile d’écrire un blog en français au moins d’une demie heure, alors c’était la raison que je n’écris pas en français beaucoup. Mais j’écrirai aujourd’hui ^^
Il ne faisait pas beau cette semaine… Alors je me sens très paresseuse et je dois changer mes vêtements beaucoup de temps à cause du manque du soleil ;__ ; Mais j’ai essaye d’habiller « Mode Gyaru » et je l’aime ! Il y a des photos~

I've also got a piccie from the day before of my outfit 'cause I'm focusing more on my coords now as I need to improve in them~

Blouse from China, Tammy shorts, New look OTK socks and shoes. 

So yeah! Haven't really got much to write for today, but these few pictures ^^

That's all for now,
Lizzie <333


  1. Your both outfits looks great and I like your hair a lot :D
    Moi aussi, je peut practiser le francais, parce que je n'ai pas de francais cette annee..

  2. Awh thanks so much! :D Tehehehe <3
    Aah oui, moi aussi! J'ai fini mes etudes de francais... Quel dommage ;__;

  3. oooooooooooooooh :D
    I like the outfits! <3<3<3 ~so so cute! :D
    I used to love french (=w=) when i lived in Canada haha

  4. @Riv: Nyaa thanks so so so much doll! Tehehehe <3 <3 <3 <3
    Awh bless ya! I still do lawls :P Should get back into it ;D

  5. Wow, both of your outfits are so cute. I gotta get more shoes before I start doing more coords. >n<

  6. @Sia: Awh thanks so much doll! Aha, I've gotta buy some new pair of shoes as well ;____;

    @Okashi: Thanks so much! :D <3

  7. You're so pretty! I love your eyes ^_^ OTK socks, ahhhh, I love them!

  8. You are so pretty, I love your hair! :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. Your hair is so cute♥♥
    OMG I love the shoes in the last pic! I've seen something similiar in Yumetenbo too! (:

  10. you have an amazing eye shape <3 gorgeous.

  11. @Tiara: Awh thank you so much doll! Tehe ^^ Aah me too! I have quite a few pairs lawls :P

    @The Cat Hag: Awh thank you so much! I'm glad you do :D Wanted to go for something new tehe ^^

    @Wen: Nyaa yay, thanks doll! <3 <3
    Ooh you do? I got it from New Look, which is the most amazing of shops in the world <3 Ooh I've never bought anything from Yumentenbo before o_O

    @C: Awh really? Thanks so much! :D <3

  12. @Marjolein: I do? Thank you so so much! :D <33

  13. Hey beb! Sorry I am late in commenting this time Lol. You look gorgeous as usual. I like your outfits here, it suits you, especially the one with the maxi skirt. <33 But I feel like the style looks more bohemian. Check out Ena Matsumoto and Momoko Ogihara for Mode inspirations. Also, check this out: :>

  14. @Doll Gal: Hey doll! Aah no worries, 'tis fine ^^ Thank you so much! :D <33 Oooh okies, thank you! ^^

  15. This Maxi size outfit looks amazing on you girl! ^.^

  16. @La fleur: Nyaa thanks so much! Tehehe~

  17. So pretty :)

    Please check out my cute Forever21 tools & accessories giveaway! -- It's my first one :)

  18. Bon courage pour le français ^^

  19. @Bene: Merci infiniment! J'essaye mon mieux ^^

  20. u look so pretty! very doll-like!

  21. seeeeee lotsa ppl comment on you :>

  22. @Miss Independent: Awh thanks so much doll! :D

    @Doll Gal: Awh yeaah, tehehehe >///<

  23. I love the socks and the shoes!! :)

    ♥, peppie

  24. @Peppie: Awh thanks so much! :D


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