Tuesday, 12 July 2011

♥ Hazy Summer Days ♥

For some reason all of my pictures seem a lil' hazy o_O Idk whether it's because of the sunlight but whatever, I think it looks cool :3
Over the past couple of days it's been kinda hot and rainy, but yesterday it was beautiful. It was warm, sunny, with a lil' bit of a breeze; a perfect summer's day. It was even more perfect with my boyf who I spent most of the day with ^3^

I've changed my layout a lil' bit because I wanted a change and got bored with my old one :P The header image is still the same though as I like it ^^ Idk if I'll change it anytime soon :P

I can't wait until I go on holiday, which will be in the next couple of weeks~ So if I suddenly stop posting, you'll know why :P Just thought I'd warn you now instead of later (as I might forget lawls :P) Where are yoou gals going for the holidays? Somewhere nice and hot, or somewhere much cooler because you're fed up of the heat? :P 

My recent buys~ I've been trying to spend less on clothes and shizzle to save up for the Delight Meet this Saturday! I really can't wait 'cause I'll get to see near enough everyone in Delight ^3^

I've finally got a new bikini! It's somewhat different to my old ones as this one is more grown-up (all of my other ones had polka dots or flowers lawls :P) so I'm in love with it ^3^
And I know that it's a bit hot but I really liked this cropped crochet jumper~ Even though it's summer I still worry on what to wear for the winter ;___;

Pour quelque raison mes photos ont un effet de flou o_O Je ne sais pas si c’était à cause du soleil mais je le trouve cool :3
Dans les derniers jours il faisait du soleil mais avec de pluie, mais hier il faisait beau. Il faisait chaud, il y avait plein du soleil avec un petit peu de brise ; un jour parfait pour d’été. Et avec mon petit ami c’était plus parfait ^3^
J’ai changer l’apparence de mon blog parce que je m’ennuyais avec l’autre :P Mais l’image est la même chose car je l’aime ^^
Je ne peux pas attendre pour le jour ou je commencerais mes vacances à étranger~ Alors, si j’avais arrêté d’écrire un blog dans un proche avenir, tu saurais la raison :P
J’essaye d’acheter moins de choses pour que je puisse avoir plus d’argent quand je rencontrai mes amis de Delight ^^Je suis très excitant >//<

Primark top, West One skirt, New look shoes and socks, Primark bag.

Now, onto the photos! ^^ Warning: Pic spam alert :P

That's all for now,
Lizzie <333


  1. here its raining all day :(

    i love your outfit, i wish i'm have that slim body too

    ow those bikini are so pretty
    btw are you wearing false lashes here??
    your lashes looks so pretty

  2. Awh dang, that really sucks ;____; Tbh we only had like, one or two days of complete sunshine but rain most of the time >_<"

    Awh thankies! ^^ Tehehe~

    Thank you so much :D 'tis now my fave ^^ And yeppers indeeedy I am ~


  4. Awwh I love your outfit ;3 cuuuuute~ <3
    and I think your hair really suits you :) haha it frames ur face nicelyy ^__^
    girrrrrrrl you look so inncoent >:3 haha <3

  5. @Amelie: Nyaa thank yoou so so so much doll! :D Tehehe, luurve yoou! <3 <3

    @Rivriv: Awh thanks doll! :D I'm glad yoou like it tehe~ <3
    It does? Thank yoou! I prefer my hair curled than straight lololol :P Mwahahaha indeedy ;D <3

  6. I love your oooutfit so much *_*
    I like your hair a lot too!

  7. Nice outfit ! & nice french :p
    But in french, to talk to several people ("...tu saurais la raison :P"), you must say "vous" ^^ > Vous saurez la raison.
    French is so hard haha, gambatte ne ! <3

  8. soo cute make up ne :D can i ask are you half jaoanese ..?

  9. さくらガール: Nyaa thanks doll! 'tis one of my faves tehe ^^ Thank yoou! :D

    May Ly: Thank you very much! I try my best tehe~
    Oooh really? Okidos! Shall keep that in mind ^^ Learn something new everyday :P Thank you very much for pointing it out~ ^^

    Emi Marie: Awh thanks doll! :D And nyuu, I'm half Chinese ^^

  10. You're so Pretty & I love your make up!

  11. Hi Dear! U look very lovely in ur photos!!!

    it’s knda getting super hot now ~~~ I def want a vacation too!!!~ ^^

    Is that a Hello Kitty carpet u hv there? super cute! I want ! <3

    thx 4 dropping by with a comment ^^ c u

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    *hosting giveaway*

  12. @Moeri: Awh thank you very much! I'm happy that you like it ^^

    @Hitomi: Awh thank you so much doll! Tehehe~
    Zomg really? I'm so jealous... It's definitely not feeling like summer over here ;__;
    Yeppers indeedy! Tehehe :D Got it for my birthday ^^ <3

  13. aweee u're so pretty! I love your hair. >.<~ the wavy look so beautiful ^^

  14. @Lina: Awh thanks so much doll! I'm glad you do ^^ Tehehe~ Yeah I luurved having my hair wavy too <3

  15. I love your socks and shoe. :)

  16. yooou look so pretty! I'd love to meet gyaru blogger :D


    btw i'm following you dear~ :)

  17. @Sia: Awh thank yoou! I still need to get used to wearing those shoes lawls :P

    @Doll Gal: Thanks doll!

    @Cominica: Awh really? Thanks so so much! :D Will follow yoou back ^^

  18. I love the lighting! That new bikini set is so cute!


  19. @Emy: Awh thanks doll! It was unintentional lawls :P Thank yooou! ^^ xxx

  20. Oi adorei seu blog estou seguindo. beijos :*

  21. so cool I love your outfit n.n

  22. @Grazielle: Okies, erm, I'm using Google Translate to help me with this :P But yeaah, thank yoou! ^^

    @Lizzy: Thanks so much doll! :D

  23. hi, hope this isn't weird, but when i saw ur blog and ur pics, it made me realize how much you look like my best friend.

    anyways, this is a really cute blog, definitely following =]


  24. @Ayue: Awh thanks so much! :D

    @Tita: Wowie really? Awhsum! Tehehe, nyuu that isn't weird at all ^^ Thank yoou! :D Will follow too ^^

  25. you're so pretty ! and i love the skirt from west one :)

  26. Hello :) Just came across your blog and following already! Just wondering where you got the bikini? Its sooo cute!

  27. @Pilvi: Awh thank you so much! Tehe, it's my favourite skirt ^^

    @Celinae: Awh thank you so much doll! I got it from Primark ^^


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