Saturday, 23 July 2011

♥ Is it Autumn already or something? ♥

Yeppers, the weather has been pretty shitty recently -_- Eurgh, sooo annoying. It feels like autumn already and we're only in July! D:

Aherm, aaaanyways...
I've been meaning to post this aaaages ago but just got carried away with my post about the Delight meet last Saturday, so I might as well just post it now ;D

I tried doing a different hairstyle to my usual curls but it didn't turn out so well ;___; I wanted to do something like this:

And mine turned out like this:

All in all, this hairstyle didn't really go so well... I think I might just hunt down for some more tutorials on Youtube, but the people on there just make everything look so easy D: djgfbkfgdkj. Sucks bum. I think I might need to invest in some new straighteners AND curlers at the same time ;___; Sigh, Gyaru is so so expensive... What curlers & straighteners do you gals use? ^^

J’ai essayé de faire un style différent pour mes cheveux mais avec les mauvaise résultats. Je pense que je dois trouver des tuts en ligne et acheter un nouveau « straighters » et « curlers » :___ ; Quelques sortes de « straighteners » et « curlers » tu as utilisé ? 

So that was a piccie of a couple of days ago... Now for more recent photos! ^^

I wanted to try out a new technique for my lower lashes without drawing a line on the bottom, and this is how it turned out like~

Oh yes, I went to see the last Harry Potter film ever on Wednesday, and I cried a lil' at the end ;___; Poor poor Snape... Tbh I cried more at the end of the book than the film lawls :P

Primark top and blouse, New Look Jeans, Claire's Necklace, Primark flats
Can you please help me improve this look? I think it's a lil' boring :/

Ooh also, I've completely revamped my blog! I've changed the layout, header image, messed around with some new icons for the side... And also added new pages! Tehehe ^^

J’ai essayé un nouveau style pour mes faux cils aussi quand je suis allee au cinema avec mon petit copain pour regarder Harry Potter ! J’ai mis à pleurer un peu à la fin, mais plus dans la fin du livre :P
Aussi, j’ai changé l’apparence de mon blog tehe~ Je prefere ce look-ci et j’ai ajouté plus de pages ^^  

That's all for now,
Lizzie <333


  1. Soo prettyy~~ *0*
    I use Phihips SalonCurl Ceramic! I don't really remember its diameter... It's for classic curls, and works veeery well!

  2. @Wen: Awh thank yoou so much doll *__*
    Oooh awesome! Thank you very much :D Shall keep that in mind ^^

  3. You are just too cute (^__^)
    >w< I love your eyes!

  4. I love your eyes *u* So kawaii!
    I use my Vidal Sassoon 1 inch curler :D
    It curls pretty well!

  5. @Rivriv: Nyaa thank yoou so so much doll! :D Tehehehe <3
    Nyaa yay! Glad yoou do :D

    @Marion: Awh really? Thank you so much! :D
    Ooh I've heard of that brand~ Thank you! ^^

  6. well, you could open the blouse, and then rock a longer, chunkier necklace, i would also wear a different colored top for underneath because blouse and top look too similar colorwise. I"d go with black or white instead, always works.
    And your legs are so nice, you could definitely go with tighter jeans, because as of right now top and bottom both look kinda loose. When actually a loose top goes better with a tight bottom.
    well just my 2 cents, i enjoy giving outfit advice way too much xD

  7. Your eye make up is so cute! *o* and I think your hair turned out so nice!! >__< I think I love it much more than the pic's one!!

    I use a common flat iron for curling!! ^o^

  8. woww i love your blog pretty ♥ !

  9. Tu as un visage angelique :) j'aime beaucoup les traits delicats de ton visage. Quelles sont les lentilles que tu portes?

  10. Oh tu parles français ? Tu es super jolie ^^
    moi aussi quand j'ai vu harry potter j'ai moins pleuré que pour le livre ^^

  11. I love your lower lashes n.n!

  12. @Grace: Zomg thank you so so much! Wowie, you're really good at giving advice o_O I've already begun searching for the things you told me to wear tehe ;D Thank you so so much! <3

    @Nenacho: Awh thank yoou doll! Aha, I don't think it did lawls :P
    Ooh you do? Hmm, might just get some straighteners then ;D

    @Derya: Awh thanks! ^^ <3

    @Isa: Aah merci infiniment! Je dois porter les lunettes alors j'ai seulement porter les lentilles clairs ^^ Je n'ai pas porter les "circle lenses", ils sont mes yeux natureux (sp?)~

    @Tommy: Oui! Merci infiniment ^^
    Aaah je pense que le livre est plus genial que le film :P

    @Lizzy: Awh thanks doll! :D

  13. You're so pretty!! About your hair, would probably stay the way that you want if you don't put your fringe on side, like in the picture. Then you could curl your hair terminations :)


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