Thursday, 14 July 2011

♥ New Gyaru themes! n_n~ Short notice ♥

I really miss doing a weekly challenge, so I've decided to bring it back but with slight changes ^^ First of all, it wouldn't be a weekly thing but more of a whenever-I-feel-like-it thing ;D Aaaand my "themes" will be of the different subcultures of Gyaru! n_n

I've already done some like sweet rokku, but I'm gonna do them again to make them even better! It'll also help boost my confidence as well tehe :P

So here are the different subcultures of Gyaru:
♡ Gyaru-kei (Mode, rokku, Amekaji, Bohemian, Saike, haady)
♡ Kogyaru
♡ Manba & Banba (Idk if I'll do this 'cause... They're scary lawls :P)
♡ Himegyaru
♡  Hime kaji
♡ Oraora
♡ Oneegyaru
♡ Shiro Gyaru
♡ Agejo
♡ Tsuyome
♡ B-gal

That's all for now! ^^
Lizzie <333


  1. OMG I am already an Oneegyaru haha when I dress like gyaru...
    I feel old xD

  2. @Shinibana: Awh thankies! :D I got a bit bored doing the same things all the time lawls :P

    @Sparkling Future: Oooh really? Awhsum! You could give me some tips then tehehe ;D

  3. ooo~ Sounds like fun, I think I might try this in the future just for fun. o w o

  4. OoOOooOooo that definitely sounds interesting : D

  5. @Sia: Awh thanks doll! :D Aha yeah, you totally should! ^^

    @나니 : Why thank yooou! ^^

  6. ahaha I want to see this so much!!! It sounds funny!!! ^o^

  7. @Nena: Awh thanks so much for your support! <3 Tehehe, shall try my best ^^

    @Doll: Nyaa thanks doll! :D Shall try my best tehe ^^

  8. What a great idea! :D ♥ Can't wait x33

  9. @Wen: Awh thanks doll! Can't wait to start it tehe~ <3


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