Sunday, 28 August 2011

♥ Advertising ♥

I've now created some banners for my blog and also for the lovely comm Gyaru Valentines! They deserve more readers and the like, for it is such a lovely idea <3

So please advertise them - *cough* and also mine *cough*- at the side of your blog, or on a blogroll page etc. ^^ You could either save the pictures then link it to me or you could just copy & paste this :

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

Want to be advertised?
Please have a banner at the ready,  no bigger than width=176 height= 96
Send me the link to the banner and also your blog

1. Just give me the link to your blog by posting on this post or on my fb page
2. And you've also gotta advertise my blog too ! ^^

♥ Amazing Followers & Petty Bitches ♥

First off, I'd like to say thank you so much for the 200+ followers! I was so surprised that I've got this far in less than a year. Thank you thank you thank you ^3^ Maybe when I hit 300 followers I could hold a giveaway? ;D

It's going to be hell over the next couple of weeks so I won't be blogging much... As many of you would've seen in a couple of posts back, I'm moving from home. Not gonna specify where but it's over 3 hours away from my hometown ;__; I probably won't be able to get onto the internet very soon but I'll try my best ^^ But, of course, things like finding a job down there and knowing my way round is hell of a lot more important *cough*

I had some pathetic bitch comment on my tumblr today after I posted asking for advice on improving:

Oh yeah I totally need to get a life 'cause I'm just feeling so *dead* at the moment. I mean, I am just *so pathetic* that I'm a walking corpse and you are so right I really do look shit blah blah blah....
 Eurgh, be more original next time, 'kay? ;D


Monday, 22 August 2011

♥ Trip to Brum ♥

Omigawsh I'm so so so sorry because this post is extremely late *hides away in shame*. Damn I really need to catch up with all of my posts o_e

But anyways, last Wednesday le boyf and I went to meet Amelie and Eri! It really was a last minute decision, as I messaged Amelie the night before saying that I wanna meet her and then we decided on meeting the next day! Meeting Eri was a bonus, 'cause she's so lovely to talk to! ^3^

Soooo I was up until 1am trying to think of an outfit to wear and what makeup to do. I was inspired by the likes of Monica Tang with this outfit, and it was my first time wearing my new acid washed jeans! I now am in love with them <3 They make every outfit look more exciting ^^
So all in all, I really really like Onee gal! ^^

New Look vest top, New Look sweater,
Reveal jeans, Brantano heels, Muse necklace,
Claire's earrings. 

Click more for more piccies and the like! ^^ (Yeppers, I'm starting to use the 'cut' thing! >:] )


Sunday, 21 August 2011

♥ August Giveaways! ^^ ♥

Wow, I should really post more giveaways on here... But I'm too lazy lololol.
So I thought that I'd group some giveaways in one post rather than spamming y'all with millions of tiny posts :P

Amelie's Giveaway

Click here for more info

Instant Mint's Giveaway
Click here for more info

Bloomzy's giveaway
Click here for more info 

Click here for more info 


Thursday, 18 August 2011

♥ Last Fri-Thursday Night! ^^ ♥

So I'm REALLY behind on keeping this blog updated, seeing as my last post was of my Birthday and the post before that was one before I went on holiday D: So it's all gonna be a mess over the next couple of posts, but hopefully after that it'll be all fixed ^^

So what did I do last week and this week? Well, last Thursday I went out for the first time for drinking! We didn't go to a nightclub or anything but to this place called Wetherspoons which does amaaazing cocktails and Pitchers. The boyf got me the Blue Lagoon~

It's such a pretty colour *__*

And this is what I wore! ^^ Sorry for the crap quality, my camera went kaput and so I had to use my phone afterwards >_<"


Sunday, 14 August 2011

♥ Outfit Post: Birthday Outfit ♥

What I wore on my birthday! ^^
I had an amaazing day, as you know from a couple of posts back. Just thought that I'd post some outfit shots and face shots~
I need to focus more on posting long posts and also my outfits. I need to improve as a Gyaru! ;___; I feel so crappy compared to you beautiful people on here ;___; 

Je suis désolée à cause du fait que je n’ai pas “post” très fréquente en français, mais j’essayerai plus dur pour les prochains articles ! 

Ici il y a des photos de mes habits de mon anniversaire !  
Je focaliserai plus sur les articles plus longs et mes habits aussi. Je dois améliorer ! >_<


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

♥ Outfit Post: I Love Rock & Roll ♥

Don't ask about the title... I couldn't think of anything else.
So yeah, another outfit post! This was an outfit that I wore before I went on my holiday but never really got the time to upload it OTL
I'll be doing more and more of these kinda posts from now on ^^ 

H&M sweater, West One top, Reveal leggings, 
Brantano heels, Claire's choker & BHS necklace.


Saturday, 6 August 2011

♥ Outfit Post: Floral Dreams ♥

Miss Selfridge dress, Forever 21 belt, Primark satchel, New Look sandals.

I have some outfit posts of the ones I wore on holiday. Tbh I would've preferred wearing this outfit with cream OTK socks and high heels but it was too hot for that ;___;
I know that I've worn this outfit before, but I'm going to post a lil' outfit post of it anyways :) I wore this outfit last time here  ♥

J’ai beaucoup d’images de mes tenues que j’ai porté pendant mes vacances. Je préfère porter les chaussettes clairs et les chaussures (high heeled ?) mais c’était très chaud pour ca ;__ ; 
Je sais que j’ai déjà porter ce tenue ici mais c’est un de mes favoris ^^ 


Friday, 5 August 2011

♥ Blog Announcement ♥

Just a lil' announcement to say that there may be a few changes on this blog (I have already changed the layout a couple of weeks ago) such as my blogging style, my photo style, my picture quality... etc ^^ 'cause I really really wanna improve this blog :D What do you think I should write about more? I'd love to get some feedback! ^^

Edit: Just changed my layout again! :D 
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