Friday, 5 August 2011

♥ Blog Announcement ♥

Just a lil' announcement to say that there may be a few changes on this blog (I have already changed the layout a couple of weeks ago) such as my blogging style, my photo style, my picture quality... etc ^^ 'cause I really really wanna improve this blog :D What do you think I should write about more? I'd love to get some feedback! ^^

Edit: Just changed my layout again! :D 


  1. Ah they new layout is really cute!!

  2. Good luck with your changes :D

  3. @Emmie: Awh thankies! Although I changed it again lolol ;D

    @Sami: Thanks doll! :D Will do :D

  4. Ton blog est très beau ! :)

  5. Very cute layout! I like it. ^-^

  6. @May Ly: Merci infiniment! J'essaye mon mieux ^^

    @Lizzy: Awh yay! Thanks doll :D <3 <3

    @Bouncy: Thank yoou so so much! It's taking me a while to do lawls :P

    @Lolo: Nyaa thank yoou! :D

  7. I Love the New Layout! :) Your the Best Lizzie! I'm new in gyaru, Any tips? :) ????

  8. @Pam: Awh thanks doll! You're too kind <3 Of course! Just send me a lil' piccie of yourself and I'll see what I can do ^^ You could also post for advice on ^^

    @Tsuki: Awh you do? Thank yoou! ^^ <3

  9. I like the new look of your blog


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