Saturday, 6 August 2011

♥ Outfit Post: Floral Dreams ♥

Miss Selfridge dress, Forever 21 belt, Primark satchel, New Look sandals.

I have some outfit posts of the ones I wore on holiday. Tbh I would've preferred wearing this outfit with cream OTK socks and high heels but it was too hot for that ;___;
I know that I've worn this outfit before, but I'm going to post a lil' outfit post of it anyways :) I wore this outfit last time here  ♥

J’ai beaucoup d’images de mes tenues que j’ai porté pendant mes vacances. Je préfère porter les chaussettes clairs et les chaussures (high heeled ?) mais c’était très chaud pour ca ;__ ; 
Je sais que j’ai déjà porter ce tenue ici mais c’est un de mes favoris ^^ 



  1. Cute co-ord ~ ♥
    I like how you rounded the edges of your photos ^^

  2. @さくらガール: Nyaa thanks doll! :D <3

    @Juri: Thank you so much <3 Ooh you do? Awesome! Will continue doing them then :D

  3. You're so cute with this dress. <3

  4. Aww that dress is so lovely~~<3 Floral style suits you! And I love this new layout btw^^ <:

  5. OMG that dress is so cute!! *___* And you've got such a nice pair of legs!! *_________*

  6. The dress is soo pretty :D So is your whole outfit ^^

  7. So cute! I love the dress
    Je ne savais pas que vous avez parlé le français. Je vous aime même plus!

  8. @Astralys: Thank you so much! :D <3

    @Wen: Awh thanks doll! IT's one of my favourites tehe ^^ It does? Thank you! I might just wear them more then tehe ;D Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :)

    @Nenacho: AWH THANK YOOU! Tehe. They're now covered in bites so I have to cover them up ;___;

    @Christina: Awh thank you so much doll! :D

    @Marion: You do? Thank yoou! :D I love it too ^^

    @Alejandra: Awh thank yoou so much! <3

    @Lolo: Awh thanks! :D
    Tehe, je l'ai etudie au college pour 7 ans ^^

  9. cute outfit,you are pretty ^^


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