Thursday, 18 August 2011

♥ Last Fri-Thursday Night! ^^ ♥

So I'm REALLY behind on keeping this blog updated, seeing as my last post was of my Birthday and the post before that was one before I went on holiday D: So it's all gonna be a mess over the next couple of posts, but hopefully after that it'll be all fixed ^^

So what did I do last week and this week? Well, last Thursday I went out for the first time for drinking! We didn't go to a nightclub or anything but to this place called Wetherspoons which does amaaazing cocktails and Pitchers. The boyf got me the Blue Lagoon~

It's such a pretty colour *__*

And this is what I wore! ^^ Sorry for the crap quality, my camera went kaput and so I had to use my phone afterwards >_<"

Top/blouse from DreamV, Reveal shorts, Primark dollies,
Muse necklace.

Ooh, also, here's a piccie of my recent gets (including the ones from holiday in Spain). I forgot to do the rounded corners on it OTL

Aaand yesterday I went to meet Amelie & Eri! It was a last minute decision, but I was so happy to see them~ We didn't take many photos but yeaah, we had a good time! ^^ And I didn't buy anything apart from food o_O I'll do another post of my trip , just to spread everything out a lil' ^^

I just realised that I haven't updated my Gyaru Improvement Meme! So here it is ^^

Also, I GOT INTO UNI! Hell yeaaaah! I'm so so happy that I got the grades! :D Eeek! Need to save up for my new (currently non existant) home! ^^



  1. I am LOVING that outfit! Super cute <3
    and wow that drink colour is so so pretty ~(OwO)~
    I want ur legs (T___T) hahaa <3 <3 <3 <3
    I really need to get some more makeup posts up :'D

  2. Oh I like your shopping *_* very cool!

  3. Its amazing to see the improvement on you, that outfit is really cute! ^^,

  4. @Riv: Awh thank you so much! Stef bought me the top for my birthday tehe <3
    Awh thank you so much doll! :D <3 <3 <3 <3
    YESH YOU SHOULD! Do it now! :P

    @Donkuri: Awh thanks! ^^

    @Rox: Awh really? Thank you so so much! :D <3

  5. You're so pretty, your face is so V, ohoho, so jealous XD And I wish I had your legs T.T Congrats on getting into University of Kent!!!!! <3

  6. Babe! If you wear something contrasting like leopard prints would look better! Check out what i wore to suit black! I am a total sucker for fitting clothes though hahaha! my 2 cents!

    Check it out at :

  7. I like your outfit n.n its really pretty and your new clothes are pure LOVE YEAH <3 ahah n.n

  8. @Tiara: Nyaa thank you so so much doll! :D I'm so happy tehe <3

    @Ilse: I am wearing a leopard print top underneath lawls ;D

    @Thumbsup: Awh thanks! :D

    @Lizzy: Awh you're too kind sweet! My boyf got me my new top tehe :P <3

  9. oh! I meant wear leopard prints outside=x make it obvious. remember its about pointo!=D

  10. @Ilse: Ooh okies then ^^ What kinda stuff should I wear that's leopard print then? ^^


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