Wednesday, 10 August 2011

♥ Outfit Post: I Love Rock & Roll ♥

Don't ask about the title... I couldn't think of anything else.
So yeah, another outfit post! This was an outfit that I wore before I went on my holiday but never really got the time to upload it OTL
I'll be doing more and more of these kinda posts from now on ^^ 

H&M sweater, West One top, Reveal leggings, 
Brantano heels, Claire's choker & BHS necklace.



  1. the accesiors are nice and your outfit too
    It definitely suits you :)

  2. The Rock look really suits you! ^^ x

  3. So cool~! Ahah every style looks awesome on you *0*

  4. @Donkri: Ooh thank yoou! :D

    @Ryu: Awh really? Thanks so much! I'm trying to improve on my accessories tehe ^^

    @Alex: Awh yay! Thank you so much! :D I luurve dressing rokku ^^

    @Wen: Nyaa thanks doll! *_* Which one do you think suits me best? ^^

  5. Damn you and your pretty-ness! >w<
    <3 <3 <3 <3
    love'n this look on you ;D x x x

  6. I love your punk style here :D

  7. Cool coordinate!! Your earrings are so nice~

  8. I love this style!!! You totally rock it!! *___* And that necklace is something to die for!!! *O*

  9. Wow the gothic/rokku style looks really good on you ~ ^^ You look fierce !

  10. I really llike your leggings. @o@

  11. wuau you look great! I really like your outfit i love the rock syle haha n.n <3

  12. looks beautiful ^^

  13. @Riv: Uwaah, you are too kind Riv-san! >////< Lubble <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxx

    @Cominica: Awh thank you ! :D

    @Eri: Nyaa thanks doll! Tehehehe, they're the only pair I have that are black :P

    @Nenacho: Awh you do? Awhsum! I luurve it too :D Awh thank yoou! ^^

    @Tommy: Merci infiniment! Tehehe~ ^^

    @Sia: Awh thanks! :D They're my fave pair <3

    @Lizzy: Nyaa thank you so much doll! I love it too :D <3

    @Yuuki: Thank yoou! ^^

  14. aawee I love your hair! did you blow dry your hair everyday? <3 <3

    and, Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

  15. @Lina: Awh thanks! And no, I don't. That would kill my hair D: <3 <3

  16. wow its hard to believe your 17 you look older but in a good way hehe your so pretty *o* i love your outfit its very gyaru rokku lol <3

  17. @Miku: Awh thank yoou! :D I just turned 18 recently tehe~ Awh thank you so much ! :D <3

  18. Thanks you very much ! =)

    OMG how gorgeous you are *ç* ! marry me ! ahaha <3

  19. @Doku: De rien! ^^
    Merci infiniment! Tu es trop sympa~ ^^


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