Monday, 22 August 2011

♥ Trip to Brum ♥

Omigawsh I'm so so so sorry because this post is extremely late *hides away in shame*. Damn I really need to catch up with all of my posts o_e

But anyways, last Wednesday le boyf and I went to meet Amelie and Eri! It really was a last minute decision, as I messaged Amelie the night before saying that I wanna meet her and then we decided on meeting the next day! Meeting Eri was a bonus, 'cause she's so lovely to talk to! ^3^

Soooo I was up until 1am trying to think of an outfit to wear and what makeup to do. I was inspired by the likes of Monica Tang with this outfit, and it was my first time wearing my new acid washed jeans! I now am in love with them <3 They make every outfit look more exciting ^^
So all in all, I really really like Onee gal! ^^

New Look vest top, New Look sweater,
Reveal jeans, Brantano heels, Muse necklace,
Claire's earrings. 

Click more for more piccies and the like! ^^ (Yeppers, I'm starting to use the 'cut' thing! >:] )

So we all met around 1pm or something and then headed into the town. I DIDN'T BUY A SINGLE THING. Well, apart from a drink and some munchies from Mcdonalds that is :P It's 'cause I really need to save up, especially now because I'll be going down to Kent where it is uber expensive e_e Then we went around this Candy store and the people who worked there were wearing tops saying "Keep Calm and Candy On" as the shop was targeted by rioters ;__; Then we just had a lil' walk around... And then stayed at a park before we all headed off home! ^^

Amelie with her cute lil' mirror deco'd by Eri! Marie is her favourite character, and the decoing was amaazing! Eri is so good at it <3 It makes me wanna wish that I had those kinda skills lololol

And this is Eri! Her dress is SO PRETTY! 

And then there's me and the beautiful boyf <3




  1. You makeup always looks amazing :D and you are so thin!!! Skinny jeans are a difficult piece for me due to my chunky legs >.<

  2. i love your jeans and earrings you look so amazing.....

  3. You look amazing! I love your outfit! <3

  4. Hi! I blog current Japanese beauty secrets you may like, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  5. @Choccuro: Awh thank you so much sweet! You're too kind <3 Aha Ikr? :P I wanna fatten up a bit D: Awh dang, that sucks ;___; I bet your legs look fine <3

    @Camilla: Awh thank yoou! :D

    @さくらガール: Thank you so much sweet! <3

    @Lily: Cool!

  6. Awwh you all look super cute! ~ <3 <3

  7. I really love the jeans, they look very pretty on you.

  8. ogawd the jeans are hoooot!!
    the outfit is great, youre coords are really improving!

  9. Looking gorgeous!~ Glad you had fun with Amelie! ^^

  10. @Riv: Awh thank yoou so so much! <3 <3

    @Edith: Thank yoou! :D They're my fave ones now tehe ^^

    @Grace: Nyaa yayay! They are indeedy ;D
    Thank you so much :D I've been trying my best tehe ^^

    @みか☆ちゃん: Awh thank yoou! ^^

  11. Awesome post :D
    and your jeans are epic! Totally want them :O

  12. Great combination! Now that is what i am talking about! LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!

  13. @Sami: Awh thanks doll! Glad you like it :D
    Nyaa yay! They were for £30 on a special offer ;D

    @Lyn: Nyaa thank yoou! ^^

    @Ilse: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :D

  14. youre really pretty! i love your style a lot! and why your body is sooo niceeee T___T i envy you so much, will work out to achieve it! lol

  15. @Stella: Awh thank you so much doll! It means a lot to me ^^ <3

  16. You're so pretty ! Your make up turned out nice <3

  17. @Banny: Thankies! ^^ But I did the makeover on my sis, not myself lawls ;P


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