Saturday, 24 September 2011

Autumn's itching closer

I've been feeling really depressed and uninspired lately, and it doesn't really help that it's so stressful living away from home. I have to buy my own food, cut down on spending (even if I do need it) and travel goodness knows how many times, back and forth between the town that I'm staying in and the place I need to go to.

Fortunately I'm settling in well with my landlady; she's so nice to me, and helps me out a lot and also teaches me how to do things like use the library, use the washing machine... She even walks me to town to show me the way ^^

I've made a couple of friends too, but I still feel kinda lonely... I need to arrange more meet ups with friends, but then that means money and it's not like I've got a job or anything... Sigh. I miss everyone back home so much, especially my boyfriend <3

So yeah, this is basically going to be a really depressing blog post :/ Sorry guys ;_;

I tried dolling up today but Idk, it's either because of my lazy mood or depressing mood that I feel as if I don't look Gal :/ Even though I do my normal makeup it's just... Yeah. Maybe I should just stick with doing the more dramatic eye make until my lenses arrive (which is about another month). Talking about things missing I seem to have left most of my clothes and lashes at home. Damn.
And my lower lashes don't show up either fml. But, tbh, they were the ones that I first wore when I first bought lower lashes so I weren't expecting anything magical with them.

Covered my lips as they're chapped ;_;

New top/jumper from QS, shorts from Reveal, 
belt from random chinese shop, Tammy leggings, 
Brantano heels.

So I bought a new jumper from this bargain shop and it inspired me to try out Mode Gal~ I'm starting to really like it o_O So I might try out Mode more often... It's kinda easy to do their coords too ^^

I suppose that's all for now~



  1. (T_______T) Get happy soon girl! Got to stay positive!
    Cute clothes ;D bargain shops FTW! <3 <3 <3

  2. Hope you'll feel better soon!! I can understand I was in the same case when I moved from home 1month ago..u_u but now it's fine ^^
    I think you will need time to be used to your new town
    Btw I like your coordination <3

  3. :/ happens these days a lot /-\'
    But seriously u get prettier day by day, not that u were not, but now you're just waaaaaaay too gorgeous ;-;

  4. @Riv: Awh thanks doll <3 Just going through a stage, and stressing a hell of a lot >_<" Aha yeah! Shame that there wasn't anything else that I fancied in it :/ <3 <3 <3

    @Ama: Awh thank yoou! I really hope so ^^ Okies then. Well I'm sure I'll be able to settle in and find a job soon :)
    Thank you so much doll! <3

    @Mel: Yeah, and it really sucks ;__;
    Uwaah, really? *__* Thanks so much ! You're too kind >///< <3

  5. I hope you feel better <3
    I'm sure everything will get better soon!
    You look very pretty and you're outfit is cute!

  6. @Banny: Thanks doll <3 Idk... Just feel kinda annoyed 'cause of being stressed and shizz >_<" Thank you so much! :D You're too kind <3


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