Friday, 16 September 2011

Busy week (Lots of piccies!)

Wow it's been such a busy week getting ready for uni and shizz. There was the rushing around of getting supplies like towels and what not, and I haven't really got my clothes packed yet... Whoops.
I can't believe that I'm actually going to uni!
It's scary because I'll be so far away from home, but I'm pretty excited too. I'll be finally on my own looking after myself (which I'll probably do a really shit job of).

But yeah. This week was a really busy week arranging to meet people, so let's start with last Wednesday~
I went over to Amelie's house for a sleepover! We wanted to have a meet before I moved house  ^^ I got dolled up beforehand (which was utter chaos btw 'cause my mum dragged me to Morrisons an hour before I had to leave) and tried out doing loose curls, than headed off to her house~

Picture of us two in Forever21~

Then we got to her house and Eri met us there and we had a right ol' girly time browsing host websites, watching Visual Kei music, eating this om nom nom dinner, and she did my hair! It was so so pretty *__* I didn't want to take it down lololol - but it was like, half 12 at night. Here are some photos of my hair! ^^

Amelie starting to do my hair~

And the finished product! ^^ 

It's amazing, isn't it? It's a shame that my camera on my phone didn't pick up every detail ;__;

Then we headed off to bed ;D and watched this Japanese zombie film :P And the next morning we woke up at around half 12 o_O Wow... That's the latest I've been in bed :P But anyways, I had lots and lots of fun with Amelie & Eri! I'll miss them so so much when I go ;__; <33333333333333

And now for some more pictures of my hair & make before I went over to Amelie's ~

Also, Amelie is hosting a sales blog! Please check out her items <3 
She sells really cuuute clothes, and will also be selling some manga stuff soon too! ^^ 



  1. You hair looks even more pretty styles like this! Totally gyaru-ish! I wish I could have this kind of hairstyle everyday ç_ç

  2. Your hair looks great! :)


  3. such pretty photos!
    I love you hair up like that! :d it looks SO CLASSY! <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. What a fun girly time you had! :D

  5. You're outfit and hair looked real cute girly :)

  6. I love your hair it looks so gorgeous!
    I'm glad you got to meet before you headed off to uni. I really want to meet with you guys sometime soon!!

  7. You look hot!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

  8. @Oreri: Awh thanks doll! ^^ Zomg same o_O Would be so awhsum >_<" Takes ages though lololol :P

    Teli: Thanks doll! ^^

    @Riv: Uwaah, you're too kind >///< Thank yoou so much <3 Tehe~ Might try it out myself ^^

    @Sami: Aha Ikr? Was so awhsum >3<

    @Banny: Thank yoou so much ! :D

    @Bloomzy: Awh thanks doll! <3
    Yeppers indeedy~ Zomg me too! Would be great to meet yoou one day :D

    @Chococcuro: Awh thanks doll! ^^

  9. You look GORGEOUS with your hair all teased, really lovely.

    Loving the leopard print too ^_^.

  10. You girls look so cute!!! *o* I loved your outfits a lot!!!

  11. @Strawberry: Awh thank you so much lovely! :D Tehehehe~ Aah I luurve leopard print :P

    @Nenacho: Awh thanks so much doll! Tehehehe, yay! :D <3

  12. Aw you look so pretty, love your outfit !

  13. @May Ly: Thank you so much ! :D Tehe, if only I got a better shot of it ;_;

    @Monica: Zomg thank you so much doll! :D Tehehehe~ <3

  14. SO CUTE! Style my hair too <3 :DD

  15. @Marion: Awh thanks doll! ^^ Awh <3

  16. Beautiful hair! And I love your outfit too~ It's a shame you had to go to bed after having such great hair! That

  17. @Abbie: Awh thanks doll! ^^ Yeaah, it did suck ;__;


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