Wednesday, 7 September 2011

General Discussion ~ Comparing yourself to others

I recently came across this site on tumblr called Boss Bitch Tips, and I have to say that it's such a confidence booster. They give you great tips on how to be a strong woman and I've spent nearly an hour on it lololol.
The one that really caught my eye was this one:

For as long as I can remember I've always been comparing myself to others. I felt that everyone I knew was much prettier, smarter, funnier than I am, and I went through some stages of depression and put myself down.   It's hard not to compare yourself to others, I know, but from what I've learnt it's not necessarily a good thing. Sure that girl you know might look prettier, but is her smile as beautiful as yours? Does she seem happier than you do? Everyone compares themselves to others, and hell maybe the person you're comparing yourself to might even think the same of you! ^^

So guys, stop comparing yourselves to others 'cause you're all beautiful! Trust me ^3^ Just listen to Lady Gaga's song "Born this Way" and it'll definitely give you a boost of confidence ^^


  1. Girl you are gorgeous! and you better know it ;D
    everyone is who they are for a reason - and they should love what they have ^__^

  2. Hello!
    Your comment is very important for us.It's hard to stop comparing ourselves to others.But we have to have a confidence in ourselves. Having confidence in ourselves gives us power,energy and more confidence.Confidence makes ladies more bright and beautiful.


  3. @Riv: Awh thank you so much doll! Means a lot :D
    Yeah exactly~ It's hard to think that way but I'm trying my best ^^

    @Anonymous: Thank you very much for your comment, was really appreciated :D And you're totally right; confidence really does give you power. Thank you so much ! ^^

  4. I like that tumblr as well!

    To be honest I still compare myself to other women sometimes. I try not to but when I see someone else looking gorgeous I always think to myself "why aren't I like that! What can I do to be like that!" Only now (maybe sometime this yr) have I gotten more confidence in myself.

  5. I absolutely hate it when others compare me with people that maybe or are better than me in certain areas but after reading this I can admit that I'm contradicting myself because I do it too - to myself and to others. I know its a habit and HONESTLY, I don't think I'll ever stop doing it.

    I used to go through loads of ulzzang and gyaru pictures. All of them are so gorgeous. It used to bring my confidence down seeing as I wasn't 'like them'.

    But now I see their pictures, I see it as inspiration. Sometimes pictures can be deceiving (photoshop, lighting, angles etc), I know this now.

    Most people would think that people that are concerned about their appearances are vain people, and they are (to different extents). But taking care of your appearance on the outside is also a skill, imo. I just like to admire the extents they go thorough to maintain their outer appearances (style, make-up, skin etc).

    "There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones." - Dream High

  6. @Osaka: It's really good isn't it? ^^
    Yeah so do I really... But I'm guessing that women generally tend to compare themselves to others when they're already beautiful! I'm trying my best not to do that, but then the occasional thought slips in like, "Wow why can't I look like her?". It's great that you've gotten more confident in yourself though :D

    @Juri: Omigawsh that must be a horrible feeling! I'd hate that if that had happened to me ;___;

    Tbh I never fail to feel like an idiot whenever I look at Gyaru pictures, because I did the same thing as you did; I kept feeling down because I thought that I would never look like that. But yesh, they are great for an inspiration! ^^

    I totally agree with you! People used to think that I was really vain just because I cared about how I looked when I step out of the house... But now I just relax and do whatever I want :P High five to that!

  7. Surely if you're trying to be gyaru then youre always comparing yourself to others? Everyone always does it like if you see someone with cool hair you want it, It's not a bad thing and everyone does it- its a way of finding out who you are

  8. @Anonymous: That's true actually >_> But what I mean in this blog is that people compare themselves to others in a bad way i.e. they compare themselves so much that they go do crazy things like going seriously underweight when they don't need too 'cause they're beautiful already ^^


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