Monday, 12 September 2011

Get the Look: Dang she's a sexy chick

And now it's the second week of the "Get the Look" series! And this week we have this (as requested by River)

And now onto the similar clothes!
You could find these in any Western stores, but the shops I'm using from are from the UK (although I do think that they sell worldwide~ I know that New Look definitely does ^^)

Seen a look that you're interested in? Want it to be featured on "Get The Look"?  
Please leave a comment or contact me via twitter (3LizzieBee). Links to pictures would be perfect :D

You could gyaru-fy your shorts too! Here's a great post by Woxje on gyaru-fying your belt 

I couldn't find a necklace that matches... Sorry ;__;



  1. Love it! ~ (^__^) <3 <3 <3
    That top omg <3 haha

  2. This is so sexy!! The shoes are amazing *___*

  3. @Riv: Awh yay! I'm glad yoou do ^^ Thank you so much for requesting it :D
    Ikr? It's to die for <3

    @Emmie: Ahaha I thought yoou would tehehehe ;D <3

    @Nenacho: It is isn't it? I'd love to wear something like this *__*

  4. I really love the look, also that 'sexy chick' is 14 haha

  5. @Alex: Yay! :D Me too ^^ kdgjsbksdjgbfg what? o_O 14? o_O Jeez... D:

  6. I love the top. I just wish it was more of a tube top because I can't stand anything around my neck.

  7. the model is so pretty! *-* cant believe shes so young D: hahaha!
    i soooo want a lace cardigan D:
    and i love that top! =o

  8. awesome look dear! thanks for this post!

  9. @Chaudie: Ikr? It's amaazing! Awh bless ;__; Tbh I prefer things to hang around my neck lawls :P

    @Fern: She is! And I didn't know she was that young o_O Aah me too D:

    @さくらガール: You're welcome doll! ^^

    @Stella: Aha no problem sweet, my pleasure~

  10. I'm looking forward to reading your blog. The coordinate of the outfits and the model is quite good and sexy. But the model...14,junior high school student!? hahaha(-_-;).
    I want to come across her in Tokyo.


  11. @Anon: Awh that's really good to hear! ^^ Yeah it is isn't it? I'd love to wear stuff like that~ Ikr? I found it hard to believe myself D:
    Me too! ^^

    @Banny: Aah me too! :D <333


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