Monday, 26 September 2011

Get that Look: Mode

So for this week I decided to do a more mode-inspired coord, because I've been getting into Mode lately. It looks so classy, and great for a casual day! ^^

And now onto the similar clothes!
You could find these in any Western stores, but the shops I'm using from are from the UK (although I do think that they sell worldwide~ I know that New Look definitely does ^^)

Seen a look that you're interested in? Want it to be featured on "Get The Look"?  
Please leave a comment or contact me via twitter (3LizzieBee). Links to pictures would be perfect :D

(couldn't find one with sleeves ;__; But I'm sure you can get these from BHS or something ^^)

Please note that you don't have to buy these clothes in order to achieve this look that the gal has above. You could always buy cheaper & similar things elsewhere! ^^ I've just chosen the ones that look best for this look~



  1. Such a cute outfit!
    I really want to get a hat like that

  2. The outfit is really nice...

  3. i love lace tights but only the crochet type! they are so hard to find >:

  4. @Sami: Awh yay! I shall do more for yoou then :D

    @Banny: Ikr? And it's so simple too~ I might just try it out tehehehe ;D Me too! Looks so fluffy *__*

    @Nana: Yesh it is isn't it? :D

    @Mint: Same here! I can't seem to find them anywhere ;__; I think they might do it at New Look >_>

  5. I'm actually in love with those tights.

    Love the whole style/look in general, actually :]

  6. Love it!
    those shoes and tights <3 mmmmm >:3
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Love this look! The shoes esp. are so awesome! <3

  8. @Banny: Awh you are? Awhsum! They're pretty aren't they? ^^
    Me too :D I think I might just try it out tehe~

    @Riv: Awh yayayayay! That's brill :D
    Ikr? I want them lololol :P <3333333333333333

    @Jeongie: Me too! I totally agree :D <3

  9. I'm looking at all your pics below, and you are GORGEOUS!

    TE AMO,

  10. I actually really like this Mode outfit. Usually it's not my thing, but you're right - its really pretty and classy <3

    Let's see Lizzie in Mode? :D you are so gorgeous~

  11. @Sanity: Awh thanks so much! ^^

    @Emilie: You do? Awhsum! Me too ^^ But yeaah, that's the same with me~ I didn't really think I'd like Mode lawls :P
    Oooh I could try it out I suppose tehehehe ;D

  12. gorgeous outfit
    gonna try this someday

  13. Awh thanks! ^^ It'll be good if you tried it out :D

  14. So cool! I love Emoda so much! You totally should try this outfit out!


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