Thursday, 22 September 2011

Gyaru Valentines

Gyaru Valentines is a new-ish community on livejournal that spreads the love of the Gyaru fashion. Much like the infamous Gyaru Secrets, Gyaru Valentines posts up pictures from anonymous people, but the huge difference is that these are nice secrets.
How did this idea start? Well a couple of weeks back there was a post on Gyaru secrets saying that a "Gyaru Valentines" should be created to spread the love. At first I thought it would be a dating site or something because of the name, but after it was made it kinda proved that I was wrong. So Gyaru Valentines was made, and each week there are more and more posts on it.

Picture of the website

So how does it all work? 
On the bottom right hand corner of each post there is a "leave a comment button". When you click on this it'll direct you to a new page. Now you have the option of either posting anonymously, with your lj account, or any other blogging account that you use. Then you just copy and paste the link of your secret in here, press "send", and you're done!

But how do I made Valentines?
You would first need to find a picture of the Gaijin Gyaru - or anything that you love that's Gyaru related - and upload it onto MS Paint or whatever software you'll use. You then write what you love about it etc and then upload it onto sites such as tinypic . Once it's uploaded on there you copy & paste the link of that picture and paste it into the comment.

An example of a Valentines on G_V's latest post.

How often are the posts posted? When do I submit Valentines?
The mods often uploads a new post every Monday~ So anytime before Monday is good, although the mods often post later in the day on Monday (not like G_S where they are expected to post at 12am on Sunday).

What if I get posted on there?
Well that's a really good thing if you do! :D Just comment on it saying thank you ^^ (And maybe spread the love too?)

Anyways, to sum up this post I have to say that G_V is an excellent idea. There is so much hate & gossip on G_S that it's a really nice change. Kudos to whoever who made it! 
The only problem is that it hasn't got enough love atm ;__; So please, share your love of Gyaru and post on there! :D



  1. g_v really is a good idea. :) It's sad that it isn't as popular as g_s. :S

  2. Haha I love your comment about it sounding like a dating site, there is a Lolita Valentines too :)

  3. It's a very nice idea!! I think we need some love in this world!! *__*

  4. oo nice idea!! I've never really got into live journal communities...I should give it a try haha

  5. This is a really nice idea! I am sick and tired of hate blogs!

  6. I think gyaru valentines is a great idea. There is so much hate today that we forget to compliment each other ^^

  7. @lovepirate: Yeaah I think the same~ It's a shame really, but I think it'll grow ^^ It's only started recently so who knows what will happen :D

    @Sami: HAhahaha well I thought it was lawls :P Oooh there is? Awhsum! ^^

    @Nenacho: Ikr? I think it's a brill idea ^^ Yesh we do! ^^

    @Chococcuro: I agree! I think it's a great idea ^^ Yesh you should! :D

    @Nana: Aha well thanks the mods for it~ ^^ Me too ;__;

    @Maria: Me too! I completely agree with yoou ^^

  8. I love it, it's a realy good idea!!

  9. I think it's a really nice idea!! ^-^
    Im going to check it! =)

  10. @Moeri: Yeaah it is! I wish I knew the creator so that I could pat them on the back D:

    @Ama: You totally should! I love that site ^^


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