Monday, 19 September 2011

My Goals & Inspirations

So I thought that I'd do a post today of my goals and inspirations... It's coming up to a year since I've heard of the Gyaru fashion, so I kinda need to refresh my mind to see where I have come from so far. That starts with, of course, my Gyaru improvement meme! (Wanna try it out? Click here)

I m p r o v e m e n t  M e m e

As you can see I've definitely made a difference since I've first started, although there are a few lil' things that I need to go over. My main one is my hair; I need to experiment more! Another are my coords - although I've improved a lot over the month - and my accessories. And, of course, circle lenses although mine still haven't arrived yet ;__;

M y  G o a l s 
We'll start off with what my goals were in March when I first started dressing properly as a Gal and tick off the ones I've achieved:

1. To be a good Gyaru 
2. To buy some false eyelashes from Dollywink or a similar Japanese brand ✓ 
3. To buy Liz Lisa & MA*RS clothes 
4. To join a particular Gyaru circle that I have in mind ;D 
5. To be able to dress as a Gyaru more than once a week every week  
6. To build up my Gyaru wardrobe 
7. To try out wearing circle lenses (although Idk if I'll like them lawls) 
8. To get better at applying makeup - especially with contouring 
9. To buy all the makeup I need to have good make 
10. To also buy some straighteners or a bigger iron for my curlers 

Wow, they are pretty much achieved! And what are my goals now?
♡ To be more interactive with other Gaijin Gyarus (especially ones in the UK)
♡ To improve on my hairstyling skills and buy more hair equipment
♡ Keep on improve as a gal
♡ Gain more followers and improve my blogging skills
♡ To gain some sponsors 
♡ To buy hot rollers & a new curling iron 
♡ Attend and organise more meets
♡ Try out more coords 
♡ Wear Circle Lenses

M y  T o p  M o d e l  I n s p i r a t i o n s


Chie & Chika

Kurumi Hanji

Sayoko Ozaki 

M y  G a i j i n  I n s p i r a t i o n s

Monica Tang

Cindy Tang



Also, Amelie is hosting a sales blog! Please check out her items <3 
She sells really cuuute clothes, and will also be selling some manga stuff soon too! ^^ 

And I think that's all for this post! I'm hoping to achieve these goals before Xmas tehehehehe :3 Gonna be exciting! 



  1. You came a long way girly <33 So pretty :3

  2. I hope you meet all of your goals!! :D ♥

  3. You look great now and I hope you can do it. No, you will do it <3

  4. Good luck in meeting all your goals. I know you can achieve them! :) You look lovely btw. :)

    You might be interested in my giveaway. Check it out in my blog. Thank you. :)


  5. Hehe, hope you like wearing circle lens, which one did you buy anyways?

  6. @Banny: Awh thank you so much doll <33 Tehehe~

    @Omnom Neko: Awh thanks doll! I hope so too :D <3

    @さくらガール: Awh thank you so much doll! You're very kind :D <3

    @Myrted: Thank you very much! I'm going to try my hardest tehe :)

    @Sia: I hope so too! I bought some Astigmatism ones ^^

  7. Good luck!
    BTW you look better than some of the gals you've posted here :)

  8. Awwwww thank you so much ;n; If you ever come to the Netherlands, I could do your hair for you? If there is time and if you want! xD

    And it's really cool to see the progress, I still remember your first post on E_G :p And good luck on achieving your goals! Maybe I should make some for myself as well! u_u

  9. @Banny: Awh thanks so much doll! ^^ <3

    @Onnom Neko: Thank yoou! I hope so too :D

    @Lila: Awh really? Thank you so much *__* I don't think I'm as good as they are lololol

    @Woxje: Zomgdsjfgbkfjsdbgkfbg really? That would be so amazing *__* Hopefully I can afford to go there one day, 'cause apparently it's really pretty ^^ And you're welcome doll! Tehehehe :D
    Wowie really? That's amaazing! Thank you so much :D And yesh, but I think you're an amazing gal already ^^

  10. you're still pretty from the start but you became way prettier now <3


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