Wednesday, 14 September 2011

OraOra Gal & One Lovely Blog Award

Hey guys! How're you all today?
Sorry that I haven't really been dolling up recently... I generally felt shit lawls :P What happened was that for the past week I've been going to bed late but getting woken up extremely early (like, 8am) because of my sis going to school. Doesn't really help that my immune system is crap as crap can be and on Friday I had to get up extremely early to enroll at uni at 9am (which was, btw, 3 hours from home >_<"). But yeah, I really aught to do more exercises and shizz :/ 
Buuut on Sunday I had an excuse to doll up; I was going out with le boyf on a date in what seems like forever. We went to this a lovely pub (pretty decently priced too! <3) I wanted to go for the Oraora gal look as it had been catching my eye lately ^^ 

Top from a random chinese shop, Reveal shorts, Brantano

I wanted to achieve this hairstyle here: 
And it went quite well, although mine curled more at the ends >_<" Does anyone have any idea on how to achieve this look? ^^ I tried doing the ends and then backcombing, but it didn't go so well ;__; 

I received the "One Lovely Blog" award from the MayMoeri & Oreri~ They are French bloggers & really sweet! Please check out their blog ^^
ANYWAYS all blog awards have lil' rules and these are mine:

1. Link back to the person that gave the award (done!)
2. Write seven random facts about yourself
3. Nominate 15 lovely bloggers

So onto the random facts...
♡ I am an incredibly lazy person and it annoys me a hell of a lot. Especially when I want/need to get some work done.
♡ I am in love with a special someone <3
♡ I'm actually REALLY shy... Although I tend not to show it very much in front of others
♡ I'm awkward and very sensitive at times
♡ I love being able to speak and write in French but I'm way to lazy to do any blog posts in it (sorry guys!)
♡ I am a ninja
♡ I want to be a better artist & designer.

And my lovely bloggers!


  1. I love this "darker" look on you! :D
    and I really like ur hair aswell ^___^
    and ahhhhhh I've been nominated xD haha

  2. I have to say, you are one of my beginning gyaru inspirations :) You look wonderful!

  3. you're so gorgeous! <33
    Also to get flippy ends, use a straightener and go over it a few times and then spray with hard hold hair spray, that usually works ;o;

  4. Your outfit is really cute :)
    For your hair, use a skinny straightener and curl the ends upwards a little and of course hair spray <3

  5. You look pretty ^^
    For the hair~ straighten it very very well! It must look dead dead straight! then try backcombing layer by layer, first layer to start is around the end of your ear lobe and then just grab layers after that and keep backcombing. and hairspray each section as you go along. Then gently comb your hair down until you get the desired volume. And then get your straightener and create little flicks at the ends of your hair, you can tell that not all of her ends are flicked out. Then you grab a bit wax and define your flicks. =D Hope i helped!

  6. awww thank you honey! your top is so interesting - I love it! I thought it was 2-in-1 *O*
    I hope you manage to get your sleep pattern back soon ;__; I know how horrible that can be T-T xxxx

  7. You look lovely but I'm going to agree with Fern. For that hairstyle you need your hair to be deaaadd straight and teased on the top to give it more of a shape and then flick out some of the very ends and then define them. Only some of them should be flicked out or you almost end up looking like an early Brea Van-Der-Camp from Desperate Housewives.

    Also, if you like Oraora style then a big tip is to use two pairs of lashes on the top to create more volume. Honestly it works. It was one of the best tips I ever got for working the Ora-ora style and tsuyome styles.

  8. @Riv: Awh thanks doll! I really like dark makeup too tehe~ Awh thank yooou :D Didn't turn out so well though ;___;
    Yesh yoou have indeedy ;D

    @Lyn: Zomg really? Wowie, thank yoou so so much *___* <3

    @Mel: Awh you're too kind! ^3^

    @Mandy: Thanks doll! <3
    Oooh okies, thank yoou very much ^^

    @Banny: Yeaah I did that, but it curled too much ;__; Will try better next time! Thanks ^^

    @Fern: Wowie, thank yoou so so much! I'll definitely do that <3 'cause I really like this hairstyle o_O Thank yoou! :D When I next do it, I'll be sure to show yoou ^^

    @Emilie: Awh you're welcome doll! You deserve it <3 Thank yoou ^^ It is a 2 in 1 tehehehe ;D
    Yeaah it really sucks ;___; Slowly getting there though! ^^ xxxx

    @Strawberry: Okies then! I guess I didn't straighten it enough OTL, will try better next time! ^^ Okies, shall I just do the layers at the bottom slightly flicked then? ^^
    Oooh okies then, I thought that they had really dramatic lashes lololol :P Thank yoou! ^^

    @Yumii: Thanks doll! ^^

  9. You have a great blog here! I'm so glad I found it!

    I love this eye makeup on you. It really brings out your eyes and makes you look beauitful!

    Wishing you all the best with your blog,

  10. Baawww thanks for the blog award<3
    The problem with the hairstyle you tried to do is that it was using a sujimori technique so maybe look up some vids on how to do that and see if it helps?

  11. @Voe: Awh thank you very much! :D
    I'm glad that you like this kinda eye make~ Tehe, thank yoou! ^^

    @Marie: Awh you're welcome sweet <3
    Oooh okies then! I didn't know that's what it was called lawls :P Will have a lookie on youtube ;D Thank yoou ! <3

  12. The hair is nice. I guess plenty of backcombing and hairspray would do least that's how the gals in the hair set places used to do it. I personally think they had some super amazing hairspray no one else knows about haha

    Thanks so much for the award!!

  13. Yeaah~ I need to do more backcombing lawls :P I suck at it D:
    You're welcome doll! ^^

  14. I ended up trying this style too xD ne, Lizzie, good choice!

  15. @Daniela: Awh you did? Awhsum! :D


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