Sunday, 11 September 2011

Review - ES A023 lower lashes

I haven't done a review in ages so today I'll be reviewing the ES A023 lashes from KKCenterhk.

I've heard/seen many people buy lashes from kkcenterhk, mainly due to its cheap prices. These were 10 pairs for the price of $7.78 USD and totally reusable! They remind me of the Dollywink lashes~

I received them exactly 7 working days after I ordered them, quick or what?! I mean, normally when I order things online from places like Hong Kong they take aages... So was pretty pleased with these ^^ Not that I wasn't impatient waiting for them to arrive lololol, but I was desperate for some lower lashes.

These are currently gonna' be my everyday lower lashes as they are perfect for the 'natural' look, and far better than my old ones lawls :P As much as I love my Diamond Lash ones I could finally wear a pair without having to use eyeliner to make it look good lolololol. You could also go for a more dramatic look with these lashes by using eyeliner & eyeshadow too~
Please ignore the crappiness of my eyebrows >_<"

The only problem that I have with these is that the lash band appears to be very thin, so it might be fragile... But they seem strong enough so far! And it makes life easier that they're clear 'cause then they'll seem almost invisible on ^^

They even have instructions on the back in different languages on how you can apply them! Pretty cool huh?

Delivery & Packaging 
Ease of putting on 

Anyways, I'd totally recommend these to everyone because not only are they cheap but they would last quite a while as well! And it's so much better buying a pack of ten of these babies than a pack of two of Dollywink~ If you're interested in these pairs, here's the link to buy them: ES A023 from KKcenterHK

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  1. I like the natural look of these lashes, but they're not for me just because they look too natural. XD I think they look really nice on you though!

  2. Yeaah they are very natural tbh~ Buut I like them 'cause these were my first natural-ish pair lawls :P Awh thanks doll! ^^ <3

  3. Looks good.( o u o )b Can't wait for my lashes to arrive that I bought on Ebay. ^ ^

  4. I think you need the pinch them a little closer to your water line in the inner corners :)
    But they are lovely lashes! Thanks for the review

  5. I think they look really nice on you! :D
    You suit the natural styles - unlike me :P haha~ cute! <3 <3 <3

  6. @Sia: Awh thank yoou ! ^^ Aha, ebay is pretty awhsum :P

    @Onnom: Oooh awhsum! I quite like them tehe ^^

    @Sami: Awh okies, will do that next time! Thanks for the advice :D <3 You're welcome! ^^

    @Riv: Awh thanks so much doll! <3
    Nyaaa bless <3 <3 <3 I prefer dramatic styles ;D

  7. Love those lashes! :)

    You look anime.


  8. They looks so natural on you)thanks for review)

  9. @Teli: Thank you so much! :D And wowie, I do? Thanks! ^^

    @Mitsuko: Aah no problem doll! ^^


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