Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Autumn's approching on falling leaves

Eherm. Yeah anyways I thought that I may as well write a blog post and re-emerge back into the blogging world with a boom, but it's not really gonna be a boom just a... Well, whatever. Basically the "mini hiatus" thing was a huge fail so instead of going on one I might just blog less until I look good lololol.

As you all may know I've moved into a completely new area so I've been struggling a lil', but I'm much better now. I'm slowly getting used to cooking for myself and shizz, and also travelling a hell of a lot so (hopefully) this is making me more independent. I hated relying on my parents all of the time at home which is why as soon as I got here I started applying for jobs.

ANYWAYS. Enough of me rambling on about how pathetic I am with looking after myself, I'm going to show you some piccies! I took the lil' break as a way to improve as a gal and have bought quite a few newer products and did some more research~ I'm basically retracing my steps, and I want to try out new things too ^^

This coord was inspired by my previous post on the "Get the Look" series! ^^
BHS shirt, Primark belt, New Look vest, H&M skirt,
Reveal leggings, Dorothy Perkins heels.

As you can see, I did an amaazing plait in my hair *cough*boughtit*cough* ;D

Close up of my eye~ With my new lower lashes! ^^

I also saw this posted on G_V the other week:

To the person who posted this: Thank you so much. You really don't know how much this meant to me... Wow, I'm just so amazed that someone actually cared about me to write this <3 Thank you! And no, I am definitely not gonna' leave Gal :D Nothing will ever make me leave gal unless I get suddenly uber old lolololol.

Speaking of leaving Gyaru... I'm sad to announce that the amazing circle that I was in, Delight, has disbanded ;__; There were loads of happy memories that I have with Delight, including improving my look and meeting with other gals... But alas, it's over *sob*. A moments silence for Delight if you please~

More on my next post! Wanna see the belt I was working on? Then wait for my next post tehehehehe ;D

P.s I changed my layout. Again. Mwahahaha.


  1. Im always jealous of people who can match those bands to their hair :(

    You may want to get an eyelash curler, then you can press your natural top lashes into your falsies :)
    Many people woyld say use mascara too but I always fear it will like brush out the style of the false lash lol XD

    Im sad Delight disbanded but I am sure that you will all still meet up when you can :D
    I should get my bum along to a meet some time lol

  2. Awh bless! I'm so lucky that I found one~ Tehehe ^^
    ZOMG I can't believe I didn't curl my lashes! Damnit D: I tried mascara but never thought of curlers o_O Thank you so much! I'll remember to use them next time ^^

    Yeah me too ;__; But anyways, we'll all be friends and shizz tehe ^^ Zomg it would be amazing to meet yoou :D

  3. You look pretty as always!
    Love the outfit good luck with everything :)

  4. (OwO) Ohhh~ I love your new lashes heehee
    I also noticed you placed them in the center of your lower lash line ~ Maybe to experiment you could have them further out? (^3^) Idk, haha trying to think of some idea for you >w<
    One thing I do that helps bring out my eyes is apply a little bit of white eyeshadow to my brow bone :3
    That so sad Delight disbanded (T^T) and not so long after Majikko... D;
    I will still meet you one day girl! >:3
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. Although I was never in Delight I had wanted to join so it's sad that it has come to the end D:

    Those are really nice lashes, too; not over dramatic but still a nice effect.

    Love the outfit, and good luck with e'rything :]

  6. Haters are common, supporters are not - good for you kiddo :3
    Shame about delight, but keep up the good work!

  7. Glad you're blogging again :D

  8. Cute outfit!! I like this more mature style on you! Your hair is lovely too.

  9. wuaahh missed your blog entries :D FIGHTING haha
    I love your outfit ;3

  10. I like this outfit very much!! Those tights are amazing!! and the braid!! *______*

    Don't worry about Gyaru Secrets!! Everybody has someone who likes them and someone who hates them.. it's normal!! u__u

    It's a pity your circle is disbanded..

  11. @Riverrr: Thanks doll! <3
    Oooh okies, will try that out ^^ I'll do that as well as putting more mascara on to blend it in :D Oooh thank yoou!
    Yeah it is... Sucks :/ I think I might just relax a lil' and wait for the right time to come ~ ^^
    Yesh! Would be so awhsum to meet yoou :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    @Beann: Yeah it really sucks ;__; Aah wells...
    Thank you so much! I love them <3 I've ordered some new lashes though tehe~ Thank you :D

    @Loki: Aha yeah, that's true~ Thank you so much! I'll try my best :D

    @Bloomzy: Nyaa thank yoou! :D

    @Oreri: Oooh really? You do? Awhsum! :D Thank yoou~ <3

    @Sparkling Future: Awh thanks! ^^

    @Nenacho: Awh thank you so much! I'm glad yoou do~ You could try it out too tehe ^^
    Yeaah~ Aah wells, I'm okay ^^
    It really sucks~ But we're still friends and all which is good ^^

  12. @Banny: Thank you so much doll! You're too kind <3

  13. Thx for you comment, Lizzie chan ♥

    Always lovely !


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