Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Clubbing! Woop woop! ^^

Righties, this is a continuation-whatsit from my last post! ^^

Yesh, it was the first time I went clubbing with my new friends from Uni~ And it was amazing! It really was a last minute decision 'cause my housemate wanted to go out 2 hours before we were going LOLOLOL. Oh dear. But aaah wells! I managed to try and do a simple-ish hairstyle~
Speaking of hairstyles, I've decided to bring back my weekly-gyaru-themes! 'cause I had so much fun with them and kinda miss them ;__; So let's just say that this is the first week ne~?

I wanted to try this hairstyle again~

Might have to learn how to backcomb properly, 'cause I think that was one of the main reasons it failed >_> And also because I can't do those flicks no matter how much advice I get D: I even tried searching on Youtube but I couldn't find any ;__; Anyone got any videos on how to do this hairstyle? ^^

Make-up wise, the lovely and gorgeous Amelie showed me how to improve so that my lashes show! ^^ So I tried this for my makeup, although with my Diamond Lashes 'cause that was what I was wearing during the day >_<" Next time I'll wear my new Jewerich ones so that I could show yoou guys ^3^

Warning: Shitty quality photos ahead.

And the flicks kinda died ;___; Sucks D:

DreamV top, Reveal shorts, homemade belt, 
Primark OTK socks

But yeah. I think I'm definitely going to attempt that hairstyle again because I really want to make it work ;__; and I'll try new makeup techniques for next week! ^^ Haven't really thought of a specific day to do it but I'll make sure I do it once a week ^^

That's all for now~



  1. Cute outfit and make up girl :)
    Your hair came out nice of course practice makes perfect (:
    I'm glad you had a fun time <3

  2. maybe you need to cut your hair and give it more layers? :P but other than that you've done a good job, you cant really expect your hair to look exactly like the models since your hair is longer than hers ~ which is a good thing because longer hair is awesomeeeeee lol!!
    i love your outfit and makeup btw :D

  3. The hair doesn't look bad at all.. you still look gorgeous and so gyaru! <3 I love the makeup as well! :)

  4. Your hair is so successful! It did not fail! Your outfit is so awesome!

  5. nice outfit (; and blog!!

    CMPang x

  6. I love your makeup here! :D Looks super pretty, especially how you contoured your nose! <3

  7. @Banny: Awh thanks girly! I did indeedy have loooads of fun :D Can't wait to go again ^^ Will definitely keep on practising :D <3

    @Gyaruru: Thank yooou! ^^

    @Riv: Awh thanks doll! Lubble <3 <3 <3 <3

    @Fern Li: Yeah I probably do to get this look >_> Awh thank you so much doll! Means a lot :D <3

    @BEBE: Thank yooou! Tehehehe~ <3 Thank you so much :D

    @Nana: Nyaa thank you so much! I'm glad you think so :D Ahaha I am in love with my top <3

    @Mai: Thank you so much! :D

    @Marion: Awh really? Thank you so much! I'm glad it showed up tehe~ Need to make it darker on the bottom of my nose though >_>

  8. You look very cute,
    totally rocking the hair style ;D


  9. Thank you always for your lovely comments!! *___*'s a pity the lashes are so long...

    ANyway your make up is amazing!! And I love how animal print looks on you!!

  10. You look sooooo pretty lady 8D

  11. @Dana: Thank you so much! I'm glad yoou like it ^^

    @Nenacho: Ahaaa no worries doll! You're welcome <3 But yeaah D: Aah wells! ^^
    Thank you so so much! I love it lololol :P

    @Xiaoqing: Thank you! :D

    @Ananya: Nyaaa thank you so much doll! ^3^

  12. Love your hair (and legs omggggg XD) <333

  13. Although the flicks died, you still look cute. ;D

  14. @Xixi: Awh thank you so much doll! :D <333

    @lovepirate: Aha tehe~ Thank yoou! :D

  15. You've improved much with your makeup, looks so beautiful~! ^3^ The belt is really d.i.a style ^0^

  16. Lizzie!! ^o^ I'm wearing Eyemazing 001 and Dolly Wink's number 1 in the corners!! ^o^

  17. @Wen: Awh thank you so much beautiful! You're too kind ^3^ Aha thank yoou :D

    @Nenacho: Oooh awesome! Thank you very much ^3^ I want more now lolol :P

    @Bloomzy: Nyaa thanks sweetie! ^3^


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