Monday, 31 October 2011

Epicly-awhsum weekend with PM! ^^

Argh I really should update more! Used to do a post every two days... But that hasn't happened in a while OTL.
I'm trying to update this blog as much as I can 'cause it keeps track of my improvement and what I do tehe~ And plus I love blogging! ^^

ANYWAYS. Back to the weekend that just passed. On Sunday I went to the Pink Marble meet in London! It was my first time meeting the members of PM (apart from Amelie ofc) so was kinda nervous tehe >//< There were other gals there too, and two gyaruos! Was so awhsum! :3 We took some purikura but I looked shit in them ;__; So I'm gonna' show yoou the piccies I took instead :D 
I was supposed to have really curly hair as le boyf <3 bought me this 32mm curler but.. They died. Really quickly. Which sucked ;__; I'm going to make another post of my outfit and make so that this one isn't too crowded ^^

Yamii, Amelie, me, Alice & Katie! They were so lovely <3 I really want to meet them again ^3^

Amelie, Alice, Emmie, me, Katie & Dee! ^^

This had to be done ;D

... And then I stole Dee's wig lolololol. It's quite cute on me, ne~? :P

And I just had to upload this piccie of Emmie trying on the wig net! :P

Me and my boyf <3333333333

One last thing before I leave y'all with this epicly long post; Would you like me to carry on with the Get The Look series? Because I'm kinda at the point where Idk whether or not to take it seriously or just drop it. What do you think? ^^



  1. Haha such great pictures! You all look stunning and you really suit the wig hair style :O

    I totally think you should carry on with the Get The Look! Its something I always want to do but never bother haha and I love reading it :D

  2. @Sami Spoon: Awh thanks so much! Zomg really? Hmmm, interesting >_> I never really thought of getting a wig lololol :P
    Okies then, I think I'll carry on with it then ^^ I haven't done it for the past two weeks D: Feel so bad >_<"

  3. 1. OMG FOOOOOD <3 haha
    2. I've said this already but THOSE LENSES <3 so suit you!
    3. You and PM look like you had loads of fun :D

  4. @rivriv: N'aww you're so cute :P TEhehehe~ I'm glad that you like the lenses and shizz ^^ Yesh I had an amazing time :D

  5. woooow you look soooooo awesome really *O* <3<3<3<3<3


  7. You all Look gorg!! I love your outfit here too!

  8. @black-sui: Awh thank you so much sweetie ^3^ <33333333333333333

    @Kimiko_x: LOLOLOL I just hadda' add it on ;D

    @Lolo: Awh thank you very much! ^^

    @Nana: Nyaa thank yoou! ^^


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