Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Diet Regime~

To all of those people who think being incredibly skinny is the most amazing thing ever, it really isn't. I've been ill for the past two weeks on-off, and I feel like hell. I had swollen glands, a cough, & a cold all at once. I have it for two or three days, recover, and then it bites me back in the ass two days later. Right now I'm "recovered" but I bet y'all that I'll be ill again. I feel like such a weakling...
Ever since I was a kid I get extremely ill because of the fact that I'm underweight. The thing is that I eat loads, but it's not putting anything on. Then a couple of months ago I was under a lot of stress because of exams and shizz so I lost half a stone, making me even more seriously underweight. Hopefully I've gained some of it back by eating bigger portions and what-not, but Idk...

So I did a lil' bit of research and have decided to carry out a lil' diet regime so that I could gain weight! I'm aiming to put on at least a stone and also gain a bit of muscle so that I don't look like a skeleton for the rest of my life OTL. I found this tumblog called Be Healthy, Be Happy <3 where they had loooads of useful hints on healthy eating and shizz~

And these are my goals:
* To try and drink more (water, ew)
* Eat lots of fruit & veg - make daily salad bowls
* Eat more meat and less junk
* To go to sleep earlier instead of staying up late on the computer
* To do other stuff that doesn't involve the internet

Hopefully I'll be able to meet my goals in becoming a healthier person ^^

Sorry that this blogpost is a bit "deep", but I just wanna get it off my chest seeing as I have been horribly ill for the past couple of days ;__; I've also forgotten my USB cable to connect my phone to the computer so will have to find another way to upload piccies >_>



  1. Definitely drink water and try to eat fruits like everyday for breakfast and snacks instead of junk :) Try to exersize at home too!

  2. Aw bby D: I hope you get better. I've had similar problems but I found the best way to combat sickness is to have a really good fibrous breakfast like a fry up or beans on toast to keep your energy up for the day.
    Seriously though, screw being healthy. Even my doctor told me that if I wanted to gain weight, I should eat junk food (on top of healthy stuff)

    Take snacks to college, I know you're not supposed to eat in class but your tutors may make exceptions for you.
    (they did for me cos I used to get a lot of dizzy spells back then, they stopped when I ate larger breakfasts lol)and cut down on exercise XD I compared my weight in term times and holiday periods and I would weigh half a stone less in term time than i did when I had holiday because of all the walking to and from college I did
    1) Big fatty breakfast every day
    2) Snack always. Screw being healthy
    3) Don't exercise

  3. Good luck getting healthy!

    I had a (male) friend who had health problems due to being underweight. It was very frustrating for him, although all his female friends were jealous!

  4. I think this is the most amazing post ever!!!
    You´re great <3

  5. @Banny: Oooh will do! I do lots of walking anyways, so that might be my exercise ;D

    @Emmie: Zomg that was so helpful! I don't know about the big breakfast, but I'll be sure to do everything else ^^ I still wanna be healthy though to boost my immune system~ But unhealthy enough to gain weight tehehe :P Might have those big brekkie's on the weekends or something ^^ Thank you so much :D <3

    @Bouncybrown: Thank yoou! I'll need it lawls :P
    Awh bless ;__; I hate being underweight OTL

    @Sparkling: Uwaah thank yoou! Glad you liked it <3

  6. I think working out is the best solution. A lot of girls I know cut corners by just... not eating... or eating so little JUST TO GET AROUND EXERCISING. I work out three times a week now and I didnt really lose a lot of weight but I lost a lot of fat :B

  7. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear you've been under the weather. :/ hopefully this latest 'up' is the start of an upward trend of health, eh? ;P

    Anyway, I had a friend like that back in HS-- she'd been thin/underweight since I can remember. She also ate HUGE portions to no avail. D: What helped her out was joining track and other sports. :] She eventually put on some muscle~. And last I saw, a bit of fat, too.

  8. yes good blog new diet regime. Slimming Diet program..

  9. @Mint: Yeah I think I might do some more exercising and shizz that helps build up some muscle or something? 'cause losing weight is the last thing I want to happen Lolololol :P Thanks for the tip! ^^

    @Noxin: Yeah it really sucks ;__; I really should take care of my body more >_<"
    Awh bless her! At least she's gaining a lil' bit though ^^

  10. oh my god I understand you so much, I'm in the same situation as you and all the viruses that pass, I am! It's so boring, I'm so skinny and I see all the girls around me who want to be skinny, I just think "give me some of your fat please" ahah

    I think trying to go see a nutritionist



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